List of Best Travel Podcasts

10 Best Travel Podcasts That Will Help You Travel While At Home!

Since last year most of us have been living and traveling vicariously, be it through Instagram posts, books, movies, or even the best travel podcasts. And, if you’re like us, wanderlusts at heart, tuning into travel podcasts is the best way to unwind. This article is about 10 Best Travel Podcasts.

Podcasts have exploded into popularity in the last few years, thanks to Spotify. More than 56 percent of Americans tune into podcasts every day. If you come to think of it, podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the world, listen to people’s experiences, come across helpful tips, and even relax after a long day. 

And, with the summer travel season close by, there is no harm in researching your next trip. To learn more about places you want to travel, top travel podcasts are a great way to do so. They can be a source of advice, inspiration, entertainment, and also escapism when you need it. The best part? They’re free!

On that note, here are the best travel podcasts 2021 that you should stream right now!

10 Best Travel Podcasts in 2021

Here is a list of the best travel podcasts:

1. Armchair Explorer

Available on: Spotify

One of the top travel podcasts among vicarious travelers, Aaron Miller’s podcast, Armchair Explorer engages with the kind of travel that we would only see on a documentary or read about. A window to life beyond lockdown, host Aaron Miller engages in conversation with popular figures in the world of travel and exploration. 

From adventure tourism to scientific discovery, you will find every niche of travel in this podcast. One of the recent guests on the Armchair Explorer was Rebecca Stephens, the first English woman to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents. A break from reality, the Armchair Explorer is not one of your ordinary travel podcasts. 

2. Chronicles Abroad

Available on: Spotify 

One of the best travel podcasts of 2021, Chronicles Abroad is hosted by Frantzce Lys and Nubia Younge. This podcast highlights the experiences of people living abroad, including the experiences of the hosts. These are stories about people who took risks to fulfill their dreams of being location independent. Check out the episode with a couple Yan and Lee who couldn’t find jobs in America, so decided to get jobs overseas!

3. The TravelPulse Podcast

Available on: Spotify

Hosted by Executive Editor Eric Bowman, The TravelPulse Podcast is a fresh break from our sad reality. This is one of the best travel podcasts that brings you insightful knowledge on trending travel topics. A highly informative podcast, you will learn about the travel industry, the future of guided trips, the best tips for online booking, do’s and don’ts of travel, etc! 

4. Women on the Road

Available on: Apple Podcasts or Simplecast

A refreshing perspective, Women on the Road is a biweekly travel podcast hosted by Laura Hughes. In each episode, Laura Hughes interviews fearless women who have embraced the nomadic lifestyle. If you tune in to this podcast, you can listen to these women share their experiences, talk about their unique lifestyles, and some of their biggest struggles, etc. An episode you should look out for is the one with the adventure wedding photographer, Abbie Hearne. 

5. Van Life with Tom Green

Available on: Spotify

One of the top travel podcasts, Van Life with Tom Green is hosted by none other than the epic comedian Tom Green. When COVID-19 interrupted the normalcy of his life, he packed his life into the back of a Boho camper van and started driving through the United States. Van Life with Tom Green touches upon the experiences of living out of a van in the middle of a pandemic and visiting U.S. spots. 

A unique take on a travel podcast, Van Life with Tom Green is intriguing and creative. Tom Green also engages in conversation with fellow van campers and even a man who purchased a ghost town! 

6. Black Women Travel Podcast

Available on: Spotify

One of the best things about podcasts and the 21st century is that everyone’s voices are heard. And, no one is stifled by gatekeepers. Hosted by Wanda Duncan, the Black Women Travel Podcast offers a platform for all women of color and backgrounds to tell their stories. 

One of the best podcasts in 2021, Wanda Duncan also delves into social issues while talking about the nomad life. Social issues related to travel, such as identity and the power of travel as a healing force are recurrent topics on this travel podcast. 

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7. Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg

Available on: Spotify

Next on the list, we have, Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg. Hosted by Peter Greenberg, an Emmy-winning reporter, and front-line travel news journalist, this travel podcast takes place from a new location every week. A quirky podcast, this one provides its fans with the information they won’t find elsewhere.

8. The World Nomads

Available on: Stitcher and Apple Podcasts

The go-to podcast for travelers, the World Nomads is for those who want to listen to testimonials and real-life stories about the most incredible destinations in the world. However, during the pandemic, there has been a shift in perspective on the World Nomads. Instead of sharing travel stories, they are now sharing the thoughts of travelers who shape the future of the travel industry. Nonetheless, the World Nomads offers a unique take on traveling in the 21st century. 

9. Escape Routes

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

A relatively recent podcast, Escape Routes is one of the best travel podcasts from Conde Nast Traveller. This travel podcast features short 20 minutes episodes, each exploring a part of the world. Some of the most memorable episodes have been the ones in Tulum, Mexico, Ubud, and Bali. Each episode is hosted by one of the magazine writers, or editors, therefore, providing a new perspective each time. 

10. Indie Travel Podcasts

Available on: Apple Podcasts

Last but not least, we have one of the best travel podcasts, which also happens to be one of the oldest podcasts. Started in 2006 by full-time travelers Craig and Linda Martin, the Indie Travel Podcast features stories about things they have learned on the road, practical advice, conversations with strangers and fellow travelers, etc. 

The Indie Travel Podcast also features some of the best and practical travel tips such as what to pack, how to eat healthy on the road, etc!