10 Life Lessons To Teach Your Son As A Father!!

Important Life Lessons To Teach Your Son

Yesterday, we came across a social media post that said “Before you begin to impose regulations on your daughters, try teaching your sons how to behave”, and we cannot agree more. While all of us are very well aware of the growing number of brutalities on women, the way they are treated by certain people, it becomes imperative to teach some very important fundamental things to our sons. Young children grow to become the future of society, and we must raise well cultured and mannered sons today so that they could turn into respectable men tomorrow.

Father – A role model for every son

While everybody loves little kids, it is not easy to raise them. It is the responsibility of the highest order. It’s a mother who goes through excruciating pain and problems for an entire period of 9 months and brings a new life to Earth. However, it’s a father whose duty is to be the emotional anchor for both, the mother as well as the child. For a son, his father is the first man he comes to know of and he learns from him his habits, behavior, manners, and conduct. Therefore, a father is like his son’s tutor and it is the father’s responsibility to teach him all the good things and lessons that he wants him to carry on with, in his life.

Life Lessons That You Must Teach Your Son

Each human being learns certain things with time itself. We commit mistakes, we suffer due to them, and slowly and gradually we learn to differentiate between what’s good for us and what’s not. But, the seeds for important characters in every person are sown in his childhood, and hence, here we are to talk about some life lessons to teach your son, that he would keep with him throughout his life.

1. There is power in forgiveness: You would never become the smaller man if you forgive the other person. In fact, it would give you satisfaction and a feeling of kindness that would fill your heart. 

2. Everybody is equal: this is the most important thing to teach your son. The world will be a better place to live in if we start looking beyond the trifling differences of race, gender, caste, sex, color, occupation, economic status, etc.

3. Never abuse your privileges: The world we live in today is not completely egalitarian, and some people are more privileged than others. It is important to acknowledge your privilege and never to abuse it or use it against the ones who aren’t as privileged as you.

4. Raise your voice against the wrong: There will be times when you will witness things happening in front of your eyes, and you would know it is wrong. That is not the time to sit and ponder on taking an action; that is the time to act. 

Life Lesson
Life Lesson

If you see something wrong happening and you choose not to raise your voice against it, you’re as wrong as the perpetrator. So, learn to speak, even at times when you feel the world is against you.

5. Respect people: A basic dignity for any and everyone you talk to is important. Everybody deserves that amount of respect, and you must be mannered enough to provide them with that. The world needs kindness.

6. Accept your mistakes: Committing mistakes is the part and parcel of living your life. One of the best life lessons to teach your son is to accept the mistakes he commits and own up to them. When a child knows that committing mistakes is not a wrong thing per se, he will learn how to accept them and learn from them, rather than concealing them or lying about them.

7. Failure is a part of life: As and when children grow into teenagers and from teenagers to adults, their capacity to accept and learn from failure somehow keeps on diminishing. They start blaming it on themselves and keep punishing them for all the little failures they encounter in life. And this can prove to be very fatal and can manifest itself to the extent of self-loathing, depression, and a phobia of failing in life. 

One of the most crucial things to teach your son that is going to be with him for the rest of his life is the beauty of failures, and that there will be times you will win, and other times, you might lose as well. Success and failure is not the only thing to be concerned about, it’s the perseverance to keep trying that will eventually matter.

8. It’s okay to cry: An important thing to teach your son is that emotional vulnerability is not a gender trait. It is okay to get tired of your surroundings sometimes and cry it out. Crying doesn’t make anybody weak, and holding back emotions all the time doesn’t make anybody strong. Some people are naturally more emotional than others, and it’s okay to be one of them. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

9. Help him learn domestic duties: Household chores are not limited to women and girls, and it is definitely an important life lesson for your son. When a son sees his father cooking or helping his mother in domestic chores, it would make him understand that any work is not inherently masculine or feminine, and we must learn to do all of them. Hence, teach your son how to do things in the kitchen, how to iron clothes, or sew a shirt’s button. 

10. You are never alone: One very important thing your son must know is that you are always there for him, and he can always open up to you about anything and everything. You must remember to tell him you’re his friend, and you’ll be there, even when everybody else might have left.

We hope you teach your sons lessons that he would always cherish. We know how difficult it is to be a parent, but we know you are capable of it. You will teach your children the right things and they will turn out to be beautiful adults, just like you. 🙂