Ways to Masturbate

10 Popular Ways You Can Masturbate To Enjoy Your "Me Time"

Perhaps the greatest philosopher of the time, Arthur Schopenhauer was right. A man enjoys ultimate freedoms when he is alone. Masturbation is, in fact, an art which you can master when you are alone. You can unravel your erogenous zones, relieve stress, improve sleep and obviously turn yourself on.

Masturbation is really helpful to know yourself and what moves turn you on. This little solo play also helps you whenever you are involved with someone in sexual intercourse. So, don’t hesitate or feel reluctant to know and feel yourself.

Just close the blinds, play a passionate song and don’t forget to latch the door. You don’t want your younger sibling rushing into the middle of your solo play to fix his toy car. Follow these different masturbation techniques, to master the art of masturbation.

10 Different Ways to Masturbate

Here are the different ways to masturbate

1. Create the Mood

You don’t want masturbation to end in an extremely ephemeral time. In order to make it more pleasurable and enjoyable, make sure you set some alone time for yourself where no one interrupts you. In order to create the mood, just turn down the lights, play your favourite erotic video, don’t be restless, stay relaxed and feel the moment.

2. Change your Positions

If you have been masturbating while sleeping on your back for a while, then make sure you don’t stick to that routine forever. Changing your position amidst your solo act helps to add some excitement. If you have been masturbating while sleeping, try to do the same while standing. Perhaps you can stand by the counter near the wall, or you can even do it when you are on all fours. The key here is to keep on switching the positions.  

3. Feel It

Unless you are really in a hurry or your parents have come home earlier than they said, masturbation is an art which needs to be felt. Take enough time to feel and explore things which make you feel good. Not only that, but take some time also to discover some of your erogenous zones.

4. Meet ‘The Stranger’

This is one of the most effective masturbation techniques, which is quite similar to switching positions. Switching hands while masturbating can inundate you with erotic passions and unimaginable ecstasy, which can lead to intense ejaculation.

Ways to Masturbate
Ways to Masturbate

For this one, try ‘the stranger’ technique. In this technique, you have to sit on your hand for a prolonged period of time until your hand goes numb. Not completely numb, but you lose a little bit of sensory touch and then use that hand to stroke your penis. This would give your numbed hand, a stranger’s hand, which helps in stimulating your penis. Another technique which works equally good as the stranger is, try holding your penis against the stomach and start stroking the underside of your shaft in different motions with your non-dominant hand.  

5. Change the speed and grip of stroking

Sometimes masturbating in just one way might make your act extremely boring which can prevent you from achieving the orgasm. Try different movements and strokes to make your act exciting and enjoyable. You can use a full-hand grip to palm and pull the head of your penis. You could also use the classic three-finger grip to rub your penis up and down. Bring some change in the stroking patterns and pace with which you stimulate the penis.

6. Shift Your Attention

More often than not, many men just focus on their penis while masturbating. In order to develop an indelible ecstatic experience, shift your attention to your testicles, shaft, or perineum (taint).It has been said that your testicles have as much amount of nerve endings as your penis. In order to achieve the orgasm, pull down on your balls and you’ll reach the climax within no time. Most importantly, don’t forget to also give your shaft some love. Stroke your entire shaft to help in intense ejaculation.

7. Don’t forget your G-spot

Have you been wondering whether men have a G-spot? The answer is yes, they do. Your G-spot is none other than your prostate. Hitting this region will help you achieve bliss which no other masturbation techniques can do. For this technique, stroke your finger in the inside or the outside of your anal opening. Next, insert your finger slowly to massage your prostate. Now, slowly and gradually, bring change in the pace and patterns of your strokes.

You can also use some of the sex toys such as an automatic stroker, Fleshlights, pocket strokers, prostate stimulators or even anal beads. A toy or two never hurt anybody.  

8. Edging

If you are not able to achieve orgasm or your solo play session has turned very boring, why don’t you try edging? This is one of the most powerful ways to masturbate, which helps in achieving a more explosive experience. In this technique, stroke your penis continuously in different motions with a different pace, until you reach the edge of ejaculation. When you reach that phase, stop right there. After a minute or two, begin to stroke again and slowly start to increase the speed until you are about to reach the climax. Next, stop again. Continue this process until when you finally lose control.

As you are abstaining your orgasm for a more pleasurable experience later, this technique of masturbation is also known as ‘orgasm control’.

9. Masturbate After a Workout Session

Did you know that after you work-out your body releases adrenaline and dopamine hormones, the ‘feel-good’ hormones, which make you feel horny? So, make sure to masturbate after your work-out sessions as your endorphins are high in amount and the muscles of your body, especially the pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed and stretched.  

Ways to Masturbate
Ways to Masturbate

10. Hips Don’t Lie

Shakira’s words, ‘I’m on tonight, hips don’t lie’, are not completely wrong in a sense. While you masturbate, make sure you let yourself go and move your hips in the motion. Moving the hips while masturbating can help you spike the intensity of your pleasure.

Therefore, when you masturbate the next time, move your hips in a circular or back-and-forth motion to achieve that ecstatic bliss which you can never forget, even if you want to!

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