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10 Winter Fashion Essentials Every Man Should Have!

Winter is almost here, at least in most parts of the world it is. And we thought it was time for us to help you out with ten basic fashion pieces that we consider are winter essentials for men. Of course, there is no way that we will be able to cover them all, but let us know what we have missed out on and what you would include in men’s winter fashion essentials.

Winter Fashion Essentials Every Man Should Have

Here are the some 10 trending winter essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe:

1. Turtleneck


A turtleneck is one of the most basic winter clothing that a man must own. With the variety of fabric, they are available, you can suit it according to how low the temperatures get in your city. And, since most of them are monochromatic, they work very well for color blocking your style. You can also wear them with and without a jacket. Moreover, since turtlenecks are well accepted as a gender-neutral piece of fashion, you can share or match them with your lady friends as well. Turtlenecks are a must for men’s winter fashion wardrobe.  

2. Suede jacket

Suede jacket
Suede jacket

Suede jackets look extremely lavish and can turn your basic black jeans and black tee into a super put together outfit. These also form one of the winter essentials for men. To add to that, they keep you warm! An amazing thing would be if you could find something with fleece on the inside. But a negative is that they are quite high maintenance. Because of the texture of the fabric, it gets dirty quite easily. If you generally are a careful person, this should not be a problem at all. The one thing you can do is brush it periodically and your jackets shall last you years.

3. Puffer jacket 

If you are looking for something that’s low maintenance, we would recommend you puffer jackets. Not only are they extremely good at blocking out the cold wind, but are also super easy to handle and great for regular use. And unlike suede jackets, puffer jackets are all-weather and can handle snow and water well. 

4. Oversized hoodie

Another piece of clothing that you will never regret buying, and probably already have a good number of them, are the hoodies. These jackets almost end up functioning like tees in winters. You can wear them as they are; and if the weather is a little more on the chillier side, you can wear your puffer jacket on top and create a casual, effortless and cohesive outfit for yourself. 

We say cohesive because most people opt for black or a dark shade of puffer jackets and so it becomes easy to pair them up with any hoodie jacket. But you can of course choose the colors and designs you want, and make your own unique combination. But beware of the fashion police!

5. Beanie

Beanies can be considered essential for all of us, especially for those bad hair days. But they are even more important in winters as it then becomes acceptable to wear them at all times because that’s when they begin to serve their actual purpose. So why not go all out with them? 

6. Scarf

Finding a good woolen scarf is important for not only keeping you warm and cosy but also to add a bit of color and texture to your outfit in winters. This makes it a winter essential for men. A scarf will also make you look more mature. And if you can color coordinate your scarf with your beanie on a completely black ensemble, *chef’s kisses*.

7. Colorful socks

Winter outfits often tend to have muted tones and darker shades. If you want to add a pop of color but a beanie or a scarf are not your style, we suggest you go for a pair of funky socks. They will add that splash of color you’re looking for.

8. Jumper or sweater

What is winter fashion without a good knitted jumper? On days you would like to go with something brighter, you can opt for a well fitted lighter color jumper. They are functional and do not necessarily require you to pair them with a jacket or anything else. A simple trouser or jeans would suffice. But if the weather around you gets colder, you can wear them with warm innerwear. 

And if you want to change up the look of your jumper a bit, we suggest you wear it on top of a collared shirt, which will also create a semi-formal look. A jumper with a looser fitting would be better for this style because it will allow you to wear more layers on the inside.

9. Printed shirts and tees

Printed shirts and tees
Printed shirts and tees

This might seem unusual, but hey hear us out. Winters are all about layering, and there are a lot of ways you can have fun and try to mix and match patterns in your ensemble. Since patterned bottoms can sometimes be a dicey option, a patterned shirt is usually not a problem. Pair a colorful shirt with plain jeans or trousers and you look great. And then add on a bunch of different types of jackets and see what suits you the best. This fashion piece becomes essential for men, not just for the winters but for summers too.

10. Cardigans

This winter fashion essential is one of the more sophisticated items on this list. It goes well with both – tees and formal shirts. Made of wool, these provide the wearer with the warmth one needs in winters. Moreover, cardigans are of great use when you’re trying to layer your clothes; it helps because it not bulky at all and doesn’t hinder your movement too. 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there was no way we could cover all winter essentials for men. Depending upon where you live and what degree of cold you can handle, winter fashion differs for all and so does their personal winter fashion essentials. There is so much scope to experiment and try on things and you can  come up with your own fashion essentials list too! 

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