Want Your Erection To Impress Your Woman? Read This ASAP!

Having a problem getting harder erections? We are here to help you out. There are a lot of ways that can help you get a harder erection; taking supplements, medications, improving your diet accordingly can all be good options. 

How to Get Harder Erection?

Listed below are 12 tips that can help you get harder erection naturally. Have a look!

1. Maintain your diet

According to studies, eating healthy food and maintaining a balanced diet can actually help in maintaining your erectile function. Heart health and penile health are linked in a way such that the factors that increase the risk of heart diseases can also increase the chances of erectile dysfunction, like obesity or blood pressure. Hence, a diet that is good for the heart is also good for your penile health. Your diet must include a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, and low amounts of sugar or dairy products. Foods with great content of sodium, saturated fat, or excessive alcohol must be avoided. (Mediterranean diet)

2. Exercise regularly

Lack of any physical activity can harm your erectile function. Exercise increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body, including the penis, which in turn can improve your body’s sexual responses. Aerobic exercise helps you maintain erections by building your body’s nitric oxide. Running can also prove to be of help.

3. Reduce the intake of alcohol

Research proves that excessive consumption of alcohol can lower the body’s sexual responses, which can if continued over a long period of time, even lead to erectile dysfunction.

4. Try a cock ring

A cock ring is an O-shaped tool that you can fit around your penis and it helps keep blood in the shaft.  It also helps in preventing erectile dysfunction and venous leakage. 4 types of cock rings are available: adjustable rings, stretchy rings, vibrating rings, and solid rings. You can do your own research on cock rings if you plan on buying one for yourself, and choose according to what you prefer.

5. Quit smoking

Harder Erection
Harder Erection

Smoking is an established cause of impotence in men, and evidence also proves that excessive smoking affects your erections. Excessive smoking can damage your blood vessels, and even the penile tissue itself, which would make the penis less elastic and would prevent it from stretching.  This can be a good reason to throw off those cigarettes if you are having much trouble in getting and staying hard.

6. Cut down on that sugar intake

Diabetes affects your penis greatly. It accelerates the process of arterial disease and slows the transmissions of stimuli throughout your body.  According to a study, men who are bad at controlling their sugar levels have 70 per cent more erection problems than those who control it well. So, cut down on the extra sugar, get your blood sugar levels checked regularly, and look for ways to reduce your sugar levels.

7. Get your testosterone levels checked

Low testosterone levels indirectly affect your erectile function making it difficult for you to get hard. If you witness an abrupt change in your sex drive, it might be the time to visit a doctor and consult him regarding your testosterone levels. If they are lower than normal, your doctor would know how to help you out.

8. Sleep well

When you sleep every night, your penis has around three to four-hour-long erections. You might have even noticed it at times when you get up and you feel like you are hard.  These erections recharge your penis, making the flow of oxygenated blood more proper and smooth in that area. The more erections you have at night, the better it is for your penis and your overall penal health. Your erectile tissues ought to become more flexible, which in turn, makes it easier to get a harder erection naturally. 

9. Try medications

If natural remedies do not help you out, you may go in for ED medications like Viagra and Cialis. But you need to visit your doctor first and buy these only if he approves of it. Many wellness brands prescribe ED medications these days and they deliver them straight to your doors. So, once you know what works for you, you can easily get your medications online!

10. Walking helps

The connection might sound absurd to you, but walking more actually helps erectile functioning. Researchers have found that men who walk just 2 miles a day had half the rate of erection problems of more sedentary men.

Walking helps in Erection
Walking helps in Erection

Deposits that clog or stiffen penile arteries can also create problems in getting harder erections. The linings of your blood vessels are made more flexible if you walk more and exercise regularly. Twenty minutes of a jog every day can be helpful for you. 

11. Communicate to partners

If there is no health problem and you are doing all things right, but the problem persists, there is a possibility of some underlying emotional or psychological cause that is affecting your sexual performance.  

Communicate to partners
Communicate to partners

Anxiety, stress, traumatic previous sexual encounters can all lead to this, and the best way to come out of it is communicating to sexual partners. Talking about your issues and opening up to a person might relieve you of some stress and help in improving your erectile function. Visiting a sex therapist, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy are other methods that might help if you are going through some emotional or psychological turmoil.

12. Reduce stress

Stress can severely affect the male reproductive system and might lead to impotence, erectile dysfunction, and other major problems in men.  If you can manage the stress in your life well, you also know how to get a harder erection. Try mindfulness techniques like yoga or meditation, try taking out some time from your schedule for doing something that you love, talk to friends, get regular physical activity, etc.

Erectile dysfunction can be controlled and maintained. Following some simple steps and making some dietary and lifestyle changes can help you get a harder erection. Professional advice can help if your problem persists. In some cases, the need is to understand if there is some underlying problem that is creating the stress in your mind and the need is to treat that problem. We hope these tips help you, and you may go for professional help if you feel your problem is severe or persists even after following a healthy lifestyle and doing everything as required.

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