17 meditation apps for men

17 Meditation Apps For Men Who Want To Stay Calm

Meditation may have been in practice for thousands of years, it has become so popular across the world a few decades ago. Habitual meditation may lessen anxiety, decrease stress, and recover sleep, according to the National Institute of Health of America. That all sounds amazing, but starting can be hard—or even taxing for some. It’s ordinary to worry about how long or when you should meditate. Meditation has somewhat of a learning curve, but fortunately, there are some clever apps out there to assist you to get started on your mindfulness journey. 

17 Meditation Apps For Men

Here are some meditation apps for men can help you get started with your practice:

1. Headspace


One of the most identifiable Meditation Apps for men, Headspace presents hundreds of guided lessons to aid you to sleep, focus, or feel more rejuvenated. People who like more physical activities will be fond of move mode, which contains short workouts varying from yoga to light cardio.

Cost: $5.83 to $12.99 per month

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

2. Calm

This app is excellent for beginners and people who are short of time. Guided sessions begin at just three minutes, but there are longer options, also. Even better, you can opt to focus on the areas you wish to work on most, like gratitude, anxiety, or self-esteem.


Cost: Free, in-app purchases

3. Aura

Aura presents personalized meditation based on whatever mood you choose. There are furthermore calming music, stories, and life coaching sessions accessible.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

4. Insight Timer

Perform with a few of the most famous teachers and musicians in the world, including Tara Brach, Ph.D., creator of Insight Meditation Community of Washington; Gil Fronsdal, Ph.D. at Stanford University; and Moby.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

5. Smiling Mind

Mindfulness is an integral part of Mediation for men that works, and this free app aspires to help you be present. It was built up by a psychologist to treat depression, develop sleep, lower stress, and boost focus. Utilize it alone or before you meditate.

Cost: Free
find it: Apple Store and Google Play

6. Simple Habit

No problem if you don’t have time to meditate? Simple Habit asserts to be the meditation app for busy people. Recordings are short and will be able to be practiced even while traveling. There’s a lesson to progress in nearly every portion of your life, including love and sex.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

7. 10% Happier

Based on the well-liked book by journalist Dan Harris, the app is cogged towards people who are doubtful of meditation. Sessions are offered in a straightforward and entertaining approach. Fresh content is released weekly, so there’s constantly something new to look further to.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

8. Journey

If you boom off real-time classes, Journey might be one of the Best Meditation Apps of 2021, for amazing relaxation benefits. They present live meditations all over the day, so it feels like you’re functioning with a teacher IRL.

Cost: $19.99 per month

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

9. Glo

Glo is pricey, but it’s little more than just a meditation app. You’ll also hit upon yoga and pilates to suit a multiplicity of experience levels—all taught by excellent instructors. The tutoring rivals in-person classes, according to some reviewers. 

Cost: $22.99 per month

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

10. Sattva

Saatva is one of the Best mindfulness apps to keep calm during a crisis, based on Rig Vedic principles. Additional to guided meditations, you can enjoy sacred Sanskrit chants, mantras, and music. Analyze your progress by using the mood tracker before and post meditations.

Cost: 12.99 per month

11. Inscape

Inscape is one of the well-liked Meditation Apps for men based in New York City, where meditation professionals provide guided lessons in mindfulness. But fortunately for the rest of the world, you can now experience it from across the world on this super easy-to-use app. Standard aspects contain guided meditations, breathing exercises, and goal setting, but non-standard aspects contain playlists aimed at modern causes of stress (dating trouble, for instance).

Price: Free to try, $59.99/year

12. Waking Up

The Waking Up is the creation of neuroscientist, thinker, author, and podcaster Sam Harris, and its growth took years, to the point that longtime fans of his were growing rigorously eager The result, nonetheless, was well worth the wait: the Waking Up app provides solemn knowledge on meditation and its association to brain function, coming not only from Sam’s learning background in neuroscience but his years of knowledge studying meditation practice in his youth. Look forward to a fluent, and thorough approach to the practice of meditation.

13. The Tapping Solution

For someone who desires to meditate in theory, the Tapping Solution is the best app. It constructs meditation around a different method called tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT), which mixes factors of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and acupressure with the endeavor of reducing stress and anxiety, controlling PTSD, and more. The Tapping Solution’s library is as broad as many other apps on this list, wrapping the standard themes like lowering pressure about family, finances, politics, or work; sleep aid for insomnia or racing thoughts, and; negative feelings like rage, anxiety, grief, indignity, and more. 

Get it: $11/month or $47/year, iOS and Google Play

14. Shine

Shine was created by a Black woman and a half-Japanese woman who felt left out of conventional wellness practices. The app has supplementary things than just meditation and mindfulness exercises, but those are unquestionably a highlight. 

15. H*nest Meditation

Another innovative alternative, H*Next Meditation will be right up your path if you have trouble with the serene or positive vibes classically associated with meditation. Since the meditations are all about helping you cope up with the complexities in the world and enhance emotional fitness; it is presenting plenty of catharsis to anyone who is truly going through it right now. All the directed meditations are between two and 10 minutes long.

16. Sowlmate

This little but impressive LGBTQ+-focused self-care app has an exclusive library of multi day courses and rapid guided meditations you can do on the go, with fresh content released weekly. Some meditations are for wider mental health functions, such as relaxation, and others are explicit to a mixture of LGBTQ+ experiences, like dealing with family refusal or going through a breakup.

Get it: $15/month or $40/year, iOS

17. Smiling Mind

Developed by psychologists and lecturers, Smiling Mind is an outstanding free option if you want to expand a practice with the whole family. It has enthusiastic programs styled for adults, kids, and families (plus some professional alternatives for at work and in the classroom). Inside each demographic are more exact options, too, whether you’re looking for directed meditation exercises for anxiety, sleep, focus, relationships, sports performance, mindful eating, or more. 

Get it: Free, iOS and Google Play

We are living in hectic times. There is more doubt around dating and marriage than ever before, and the steady, lifelong careers of the past are gone, swapped by the performance economy, freelance work, and the continuous need to self-promote. Pointless to say, the anxiety can be crippling.

If you find yourself struggling to cope with your emotions, or getting misled in cycles of negative thinking, it’s the point to take a step back, breathe deeply, and give meditation an attempt. These Meditation Apps for men can help you flee from detrimental thought patterns and get control over your negative emotions, helping you to moderate alarming signs of depression or severe anxiety, and consequently better cope with life’s challenges.

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