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How To Create The Perfect Bachelor's Pad? 31 Home Items Every Guy Should Have!

Home is where the heart and comfort is

Elvis Presley was right when he sang “Home is where the heart is”, but even that tender heart deserves a beautiful space. True, that feelings attached to a place make it liveable, but what makes it comfortable, beautiful, and makes people turn and gawk in admiration are the home items you bring to adorn your place. Just like your clothes, the space you live in and how you live in says a lot about you. The contents of your home paint a picture of you and it is up to you to make sure that you’re not portrayed as slovenly.

Home Items
Home Items

Home Items 100% Free of Hassle

It’s a tale of the past when you had to scurry from one home item store to another in search of products of your liking. A multitude of e-commerce sites provides an array of products ranging from furniture to electronics, which might not be available in your neighborhood store. The advent of new technologies and the recent internet boom which paved the way for the world to shift online has transformed searching for home items from a cumbersome task to something that requires just a few leisurely clicks on your choice of device. 

31 Home Items That Will Transform Your Living Space 

It’s everyone’s dream to have a home, a living space that is not only comfortable but also turns heads and gets everyone hyped. This list of our 31 must-have home items will be your ultimate guide for making your place the home of your dreams.

1. Bookshelf

Wit, wisdom, and world, the three words that are closely associated with books. Those paperbacks are a source of wisdom, hone your wit and help you travel the world without even stepping out of your living room. These bearers of knowledge don’t deserve to be put in cartons and stuffed away. They deserve a proper bookshelf which will not only keep all your books together but also enhance the look of your place. You can get a bookshelf easily from your local store and if it doesn’t have the product your eyes are eager for, you always have the option to hop on to the internet wagon.

2. Modern work desk

The pandemic brought your work to your home, and this work from home items mode is here to stay. It is high time you bring home a proper set-up that will make all those zoom calls and google meet sessions feel a lot professional.

3. Work chair

Sitting at your desk for long hours can prove to be detrimental to your back, you need a proper work chair to go with that work desk of yours. Moreover, working is not fun when you have to compromise with comfort.

4. Architect lamp

If your wish is not to have bad eyesight you need to have your working area properly lit and that is exactly where the architect lamp comes to the rescue.

5. Microwave

There will be days when after long working hours you don’t find yourself in a mood to cook a meal, all you wish to do is eat something warm and retire to your bed. A microwave in your kitchen is just the perfect solution to your problem. You can easily reheat your food from the fridge without much hassle. It can also prove to be a great savior during your midnight cravings.

6. Set of knives

Reheating food from the fridge is no alternative to cooking a fresh meal. And for all your cooking experiments you need a proper set of knives, each of which has a definite role to play in your cooking expeditions. These even might come in handy if time demands self-defense.

7. Tableware and cutlery

You need a good set of tableware and cutlery to do justice to all your cooking – a set which you have not received as a housewarming gift.

8. Dining table

You have cooked a delicious meal, you have the proper tableware to do justice to your cooking, but then everything can’t be eaten on your bed. You need a dining table to serve that delicious meal, a place where you can enjoy the hard work done by you at cooking.

9. Coffee maker

Your alarm jolts you out of your sleep, but what wakes you up? A good cup of coffee. What makes those regular sunsets feel like moments directly from a romantic movie? A good cup of coffee with your loved one. What makes those winter mornings survivable? A good warm cup of coffee. What soothes that headache you got from work? A good cup of coffee. All these reasons and many more to have a coffee maker in your kitchen.

10. Coffee table

A perfect place for everything, from eating your snacks to doing work, except coffee.

11. Couch

You want your guests to feel comfortable at your place, and the bedroom isn’t meant for everyone. The only solution to this quest for comfort is getting a snug couch. And just to give you another reason to get one, no other place is as cozy as a couch to get an afternoon nap.

12. Quality sleep set up

For your body to function properly and for you to not turn grumpy every morning, you should possess a quality sleep setup. A comfortable mattress, breathable bed sheets, one that doesn’t tend to trap heat, and a few comfy pillows are all you need to have that sleep that will keep you going and keep you from becoming Mr. Grumpy.

13. Extra sheets

It is recommended to change your bed sheets regularly to prevent exposure to fungi and bacteria and also get rid of sweat, and dirt. That seems like a pretty good reason to have some extra sheets at home.

14. Laundry basket

You don’t want all your dirty and sweaty clothes strewn all over your place. A laundry basket is a proper place for all your dirty clothes.

15. Tool kit

What if a fuse blows around midnight or a tap stops working at an hour when it’s almost impossible to conjure a plumber? You need to step up. All you need is a YouTube video teaching you the hows and a proper toolkit to serve you.

16. Towel-set

If you intend to not make your bathroom look like the shabby one you had in your boys’ hostel it is recommended to have a matching set of towels. Moreover, you need multiple towels for multiple purposes.

17. Soap and toothbrush containers

Your bathroom deserves to be as organized as the rest of your home. If that reason is not enough, you want to save yourself from scrubbing the soap residue off your bathroom countertop.

18. Steamer or Iron press

Why would you wear wrinkled clothes? No one likes them anyway. Get yourself a steamer or iron press and get rid of those wrinkles from your favorite clothes.

19. Grooming kit

A clean look is never out of fashion. Get a proper grooming kit and keep yourself as tidy as your home.

20. Body mirror

You are all groomed and wearing clothes without wrinkles, all set to go out, but you need to check how you are looking. A small mirror doesn’t do justice to all the effort you have put into getting ready, a body mirror is a perfect way to take a dip into the waters of self-adoration.

21. Shoe rack

You have a great collection of shoes, but you don’t want your sneakers to be mingling with your oxfords or loafers. You need to have a shoe rack to keep your precious shoe collection organized and ready to choose from.

22. Good quality television

After working all week, you certainly want to catch up on the shows that are rife in memes on your weekends. Get yourself a T.V. that does justice to all those action sequences, so that you don’t have to watch dragons fly in darkness.

23. Bean bags

You have endured enough in the real world outside; find some time for yourself, sit back, unwind yourself and relax.

24. Minibar

It’s a weekend, you have called over a few friends to your place and a small party is going on, but you suddenly realize you don’t have booze and you have to rush out. Well, to avoid any such hassle it is recommended to have a minibar set up at your place.

25. Proper glassware

So, you have the drinks ready, but you surely aren’t going to serve beer in coffee mugs and wine in glasses meant for water. Every man deserves well-designed glassware to serve a variety of purposes. That’s another thing off your must-have home items list.

26. Speaker

Sometimes it’s necessary to scream your feelings out, and there is no better way to blast off your buried emotions than to play a suitable song for the occasion on your speaker.

27. Something that smells good

You don’t want your place to smell like you do when you don’t take a shower for too long. Go for some good fragrance candles or incense sticks to keep your place smelling like spring.

28. Different lamps and lights

Won’t you get bored if all parts of your home were lighted in a similar monotonous manner? Your minibar or dining space doesn’t need as much bright light as your work desk does, choose the right lamps for the right place. A pendant light over your dining table or a floor lamp by the side of your couch sets the right mood.

29. Welcome mat

Don’t make your aversion for guests known to them. A welcome mat at your door might just be the right thing to keep your guests from knowing about the dislike you harbor.

30. Armchair

You have paid for your home, and so you are the king of the place. And a king deserves a throne of his own. Get yourself a clean, comfortable one with a slightly tilted back which belongs only to you and no one else.

31. Mop and vacuum cleaner

What’s the point of having a beautiful place and decorating it if you can’t keep it clean? Incense sticks and fragrances are good for keeping the place fresh, but to keep it tidy and hygiene friendly you need to clean it regularly.

There you have the ultimate must-have home items list. Venture out to your neighborhood home items store or take out your phone and start ticking off products from your new home items checklist. Fill that space between those brick walls not only with love but things that make people drop their jaws and gape with wonder.

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