Ultimate Why Question Worksheet on Google

32 Super Amusing Why Question Worksheet That People Enquire On Google

There is literally nobody on this planet who has not taken Google’s help to quench their curiosity. From silly to intelligent, rational to irrational, science to religion, everyone has asked a why question. This article is a simple yet interesting why question worksheet which enumerates some of the most asked why questions on Google. Let’s peek into the minds of the people!

The Ultimate Why Question Worksheet

Here is a list of question worksheet that people enquire on Google:

1. Why is my eye twitching?

Because you haven’t slept for days as you were busy Netlfix-ing and chilling.

2. Why are flamingos pink?

You are what you eat.

3. Why do dogs howl?

Dogs howl because they are not endowed with a purely human ability to make sentences and comprehend them.

4. Why is poop green?

Again, you are what you eat. Well, in this case, what you get is basically from what you’ve eaten. Apart from that, it’s typically from excess production of bile or food coloring.

5. Why is someone always lying?

When someone lies to themselves, they are going to lie to the whole world. (Touche)

6. Why does a raven look like a writing desk?

If you’ve seen or read Alice in Wonderland, then you know the answer to this riddle. Let’s say it together, ‘…both can produce a few notes, though they are very flat.’

7. Why should we hire you?

Because your company needs a person like me.

8. Why is the sky blue?

Admit it! No matter how hard your teacher tried to make you understand the reason for the sky being blue, your thickhead just couldn’t process it and you had to yield to the ultimate powers of Google. Well, you ain’t getting any answer here, mon ami!!

9. Why do I love you?

Umm..because you don’t have any other option.

10. Why am I always tired?

Probably from all the sleeping you’ve done. Jokes aside, if you always feel tired and sleepy all day, it is one of the underlying symptoms of depression. So, if you continue to feel apathetic, consult a doctor.

11. Why is there a leap day?

Just some inexplicable Earth-y things!

12. Why do men cheat?

If you’re talking about men in relationships, then just move on. He did what he did, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck upon him. (Preach!)

13. Why do dogs eat poop?

Dogs eat poop because they’re hungry. It’s not a joke. Eating their poop signifies that dogs are not getting sufficient nutrients from the food they’re given. So.give.your.dog.more.food. 

Ultimate Why Question Worksheet
Ultimate Why Question Worksheet

14. Why did I get married?

This is a super why question mark that even Google can’t answer. Dude, just get couple therapy.

15. Why is my period late?

Good news, a guest is coming to your house or not. It could be a false alarm.

16. Why do we yawn?

You’re probably bored and tired of hearing your maths teacher babbling something that’s just bouncer to you. If it is true, then your body needs more oxygen in the blood during this period.

17. Why do we dream?

Because they help us feel alive even when we’re sleeping.

18. Why am I so ugly?

You’re not. Period.

17. Why do you want to work here?

I don’t know, do I?

18. Why do people snore?

Don’t want to freak you out, but snoring can be an indication of a certain health problem, as it results from the air’s inability to move through the throat and nose. 

19. Why do I sweat so much?

Could be a medical condition or you’re just nervous. Don’t forget to carry deodorant and antiperspirant wherever you go.

20. Why do dogs lick?

It’s because they like you:)

21. Why is my internet so slow?

Reconsider your internet service plan or shift your location. 

22. Why do we fall?

You might want to pester Newton in his grave for the answers. He wouldn’t mind it.

23. Why am I always cold?

If you’re talking about the temperature of your body, then it’s probably because of inappropriate dressing or lack of proper food consumption. However, if you’re talking about the state of your heart, then you have some trauma issues to deal with (Kidding!)

24. Why do cats purr?

It’s their way of showcasing emotions. 

25. Why did Hitler hate Jews?

He was a racist.

26. Why do fools fall in love?

You’re a wise man to believe it (iykyk)

27. Why am I always hungry?

Because you’re consuming enough proteins, fibers, and fats that your body needs.

Ultimate Why Question Worksheet
Ultimate Why Question Worksheet

28. Why not lease it?

Yeah, why not?

29. Why do my nipples hurt?

Nipples turn sensitive generally during women’s period, pregnancy or the duration of pregnancy.

30. Why do cats knead?

If you have a cat and you observe them very carefully, then you must’ve known that cats do a forward and backward motion through their front paws. This motion is an indicator of the reminiscence of their kittenhood.

31. Why is the color of firetrucks red?

If you’ve paid attention to your science class, you’ll know that the red color has the highest wavelength. This means that it can travel the longest distances in the shortest time. This explains why the stop signal sign is red. 

32. Why do men have nipples?

Just one of the many inexplicable things!

This is the ultimate why question worksheet. Hope you found the exploration of some funny, quirky, and serious questions useful. These are some of the most-searched questions on Google and one wonders at the insatiable curiosity of humans.

Contributing to why question worksheet

Be that as it may, don’t let this curiosity die. No matter how silly, stupid and funny your question is, ask. You’ll never know the answer unless you ask questions. Why question everything, you may wonder. But when you question everything, you are questioning the value or the truth of everything. In this way, you question the accepted and conventional beliefs and create your own truth.