funny essay titles

34 Funny Essay Titles That Will Certainly Make Your Submission Stand Out!

Believe it or not, grading essays is one of the most boring parts of the teaching job and the brunt has to be borne by the scared teachers. No matter how much hard work you’ve put into researching the topic and crafting an essay, at the end of the day, there is one teacher who has to divide her attention among over fifty students in the class and read their essays. It is indeed an exhausting and boring task Here is one top secret you need to experiment with funny essay titles and quirky content. 

If you really like your teacher and want to stand out from the crowd you can do something different this time. Instead of writing the same old type essays which are only different in their titles and the content, why not write something humorous? Your teacher will surely get a good laugh and who knows if it’s really good, it might even render you more marks. Not only your teacher, but you’ll also have fun crafting the essay even if it takes a bit of hard work. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. So, why not go forward with it? This article contains some funny essay titles that you can start with, along with some tips enlightening on the nitty-gritty of writing humorous essays. 

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34 Extremely Funny Essay Titles

  1. Why am I an expert in gaming only and nothing else?
  2. What is so intriguing about watching funny cat videos?
  3. Why do some people don’t love their last names?
  4. Explain the process of teaching your grandparents the nitty-gritty of technology
  5. What is your dog really thinking?
  6. Where is the other lost sock?
  7. Do you still love Barbie?
  8. What would happen if chickens ruled the world?
  9. Mistakes my parents made (you can include your name as well, jk 🙂
  10. How to get your parents to give you money?
  11. Why do I love email spam?
  12. If you had the choice to be a character from your favorite cartoon, which one would it be?
  13. Express your love (hatred) for your sibling
  14. Do you deserve to receive an award for your laziness skill?
  15. What do you secretly think in your mind when your mother is scolding you?
  16. How to annoy your parents and get them to give you whatever you want?
  17. Did you tan yourself just too much like Ross? If yes, what were you thinking?
  18. Do you really like sports? Or are you pretending?
  19. Are you guilty of secretly listening to the songs perceived as the worst?
  20. Cats v/s dogs: Decide the final winner
  21. After five years, which job do you think you should get considering your present situation?
  22. If your sibling was to be the villain of a serial or movie, who would they be?
  23. Explain your Google History
  24. Which kind of person do you imagine yourself to be after inebriating yourself?
  25. Explain one of your pet-peeves
  26. Are the customers always right?
  27. Do you love when your computer freezes up?
  28. Do you secretly love to annoy your teacher during online teaching?
  29. What is the most embarrassing thing that you ever did or happened to you?
  30. What are the funniest lies you ever told to someone elder to you for escaping a situation? Did they believe it?
  31. Were you secretly jealous of your best friend?
  32. Would you call yourself funny? Explain giving examples
  33. Have you told your sibling that she was adopted? If yes, what was their reaction?
  34. What is the one secret about your life that you never told anyone?

These are some of the most interesting and funny essay topics that you can try while writing a funny essay for the first time. With that said, below mentioned are a few tips to make your essay more humorous. 

funny essay titles
funny essay titles

4 Tips to Include Humor Along With Funny Essay Titles

  • While giving examples in your answer, don’t stick to the conventional ways or incidents. You can go over the top and exaggerate a bit in such a way that it extracts laughter from the one who’s reading. They may not be able to crack in the first go. Therefore, you’ll have to practice it several times before you get the knack for it.
  • Write something ridiculous. Don’t be afraid of writing something bizarre or ridiculous. Once you venture into that world, you’ll be able to come up with something funny eventually.
  • Focus on ‘what should not be done: Instead of following the conventions and trying to come up with something humorous with that, go with something that you shouldn’t do. This will help you hone your imagination skills and make you funnier.
  • Make use of transition words: Use words such as moreover, above all, nevertheless, however, etc.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind while writing funny essays. Be that as it may, you might get all the information you need but it’s difficult to turn a serious argumentative essay into a funny one. So how do you do it?

To achieve this feat, you need to understand that humor generally emerges between the liminal space of expectations and reality. By writing examples in your essay which shows the ridiculous side of reality,  you can portray your point from a different point of view. This way your essay turns out to be sarcastic as you’re not deliberately trying to be funny but you’re being funny by showcasing a situation that you may or may not have experienced. 

You can practice this by editing and re-editing the essay a plethora of times before you get your punch line. You can also ask your friends or your family members to read it and get their feedback. If you want, you can search Google for funny essay examples for the funny essay titles that you have decided for yourself. Hope you found this article helpful. Best of luck with your funny adventure!

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