Myths of Anal Sex

Want To Try Something Different In Bed? 4 Anal Sex Myths You Should Know About!

There is a lot of misinformation about anal sex, and a lot of it spreads around like wildfire. Some people have even believed that anal sex is harmful or exploitative to women. I want to set the record straight: anal sex is not harmful, and it is NOT exploitative. 

It can be extremely pleasurable for both partners (and if you’re male, it might even be more pleasurable for you). Some people have undergone extensive anal sex training and have found that it enhances their enjoyment of sex significantly. 

It can even lead to new heights in the bedroom! Anal sex is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about — it’s just another element of human sexuality just like any other.

List of Anal Sex Myths

Here are the anal sex myths you must know about:

1. It is only for the pleasure of the male partner

The truth is that anal sex is just as pleasurable for both genders. Some believe that it’s only for men because they feel it’s more important to their identity, but this isn’t the case. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you have to dominate women or be abusive towards them. 

Anal Sex Myths
Anal Sex Myths

It doesn’t mean you get to have special treatment. Anal sex has the same value for women as it does men, and just like with other forms of sex it depends on the person and how close they are.

2. It is really painful

The truth about anal sex is that it’s not all that pleasurable for the person receiving it. Most people find the experience either incredibly painful or painful and slightly pleasurable. However, there are a rare few who enjoy it immensely and find it to be one of the most pleasurable experiences they have ever had. 

It is important to realize that there is a difference between experiencing pain and necessarily liking or liking something extremely much. Pain can be easily ignored in favor of something else; this is why people who are homophobic always claim that such sex is painful.

3. It doesn’t require a condom

The myth that anal sex is safe when used with a condom has led to an increase in people having this act done for financial gain. It is important to understand that false information when rumors are prevalent and because of the widespread nature of social media, it is nearly impossible to altogether clear up misinformation once it has been started. 

Anal Sex Myths
Anal Sex Myths

Anal sex can be as pleasurable for both partners as vaginal intercourse but can carry a greater risk of pregnancy and disease if both partners have had recent sexual partners or if they have had recent exposure to blood or other body fluids such as from a needle stick or other illegal drug use.

4. Pain overcomes the pleasure

The anus is a sexually sensitive tissue that can be stretched and contracted as you engage in sexual activity. The G-spot is located inside the anus behind the anal Wall, a muscular barrier that acts as a natural barrier to prevent sperm from reaching the other sex organ. 

With proper technique, anal sex increase in sexual pleasure and overall satisfaction. As with any other sexual activity, herbs and oils can aid in stretching the anus for enhanced sensations or relief from discomfort.

Truths About Anal Sex You Must Remember

Here are some truths about anal sex:

1. Convey, Communicate

Speak with your partner previously, during, and after the session. By conversing with your partner, you’re ready to control what feels better and what doesn’t. It’ll likewise make it simpler to talk about what sort of security to utilize and what your HIV or potentially STD status is. This brings a cheerful, peaceful, sexy time into the equation. 

Anal Sex Myths
Anal Sex Myths

2. Use protection 

Regardless of whether you’re having anal sex with somebody of the other gender, or the same sex, assurance is as yet significant in forestalling the spread of sexually sent diseases. HIV, HPV, and numerous other STIs can in any case be sent through anal sex. 

The Centers for Disease Control delivered an anal sex outline where they stress that anal sex is the most noteworthy danger sexual conduct for HIV transmission. Make sure to utilize a condom for entrance and a dental dam for oral. It might sound senseless, however, it’ll pay off over the long haul. 

3. Keep it clean 

This one, can’t be pressured enough… don’t put the penis or fingers inside the vagina or mouth after it has been inside the rear-end. This spreads STIs, yet it can spread fecal microscopic organisms that can prompt risky, and threatening diseases inside the mouth and vagina. So before proceeding onward to another session, shower, or if nothing else, wipe down with a cleanser and water. 

4. Move slowly… and Use lube 

The rear-end doesn’t extend in a similar way the vagina does, so go slowly. Use your fingers or your mouth to warm up. Take as much time as necessary, and not all things need to happen across the board at night. 

Anal sex can be a cycle, what is important is that everybody included feels great and safe. Utilize a great deal of lube, and go slowly. Take it at the speed you need to because at that point it’ll end with climaxes for everybody. 

To study how to have safe sex, in any of its structures, converse with your PCP or your nearby clinic. You can likewise counsel online sites like Planned Parenthood. Anal sex can be a fun, intriguing, wild, and pleasurable experience if both the partners are available to talk, keeping it consensual and going slowly. Three cheers for great and fun anal sex.

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