4 man bun styles

4 Best Man Bun Styles Men Must Try In 2022

As we move towards making everything genderless and making basic things like style, characteristics, colors, etc., inclusive of everyone, we have encountered myriads of opportunities not only for women but also for men. The latest trend of hairstyle that is quite famous among men is the man bun styles. The bun gives men quite exceptional and an aesthetic look. Moreover, this style suits everything. You want to style a bun over your formal suit or tuxedo for your office-party, go for it and you will be the Centre of attraction or do you want to make a bun style for your casual everyday look? The style will suit you more than any other style. 

What makes Man Bun more appealing and attractive?

The man bun style is the only hairstyle that has given liberty to men in tying their hair. For centuries, it is considered quite unacceptable and uncanny for men to tie their hair in a bun or a ponytail like most women do. Even when some men did it, it was perceived obnoxious by the majority. The man bun was quite common in ancient China, Japan and Korea. It was an everyday hairstyle of the common people and the kings. 

Years later to the contemporary era, we have seen the rise in the man bun style yet again making it a fashion statement all over the world. Fashion styles come and go, but it seems quite uncommon for the man bun style to fall because of the likeness and the confidence it has brought in men. Men with long hair have the greatest advantage, for now, they can add a simple yet chic hairstyle with any of their outfit, which earlier they couldn’t. Men with short hair are not very far as they now have an opportunity to let their hair grow for the style so beautiful and classy. 

Hair to Consider for Man Bun Style

Men must look for two kinds of a haircut before they start styling for a bun. What kind of look they are wanting most of the time? A casual look or a messy look? Or sometimes formal and other timed casual? All this depends on the kind of haircut you have. The haircuts are then divided into two kinds: 

  • The undercut
  • The normal long hair with any cut. The length should at least be more than 10 inches.

Bun on an undercut means that the hair on the top and the middle will be long and left (sometimes trimmed a little) while the hair on the lower sides and the back will either be faded or completely shaved away. If you choose for a faded undercut in which a light growth of hair is left all over the back and slides, it will be the first step to style man bun with fade. Usually, people with chiselled or a long face opt for an undercut, but everyone set their own rules and go according to that rulebook. 

A bun with an undercut gives a versatile look with any outfit you wear: formal or informal. But if you like being shabby and messy most of the time, you’ll get bored with the undercut within a few days as it gives a neat look. Those of you can go for a normal buns style on long hair that can be styled neatly and formally at formal events and can become messy and casual when you want it. 

Types Of Man Bun Styles

Here are the 4 best man bun styles that you must try in 2022:

  • The full bun 
Man Bun Styles
Man Bun Styles

A full man bun consists of all your hair gathered and tied in a small knot at the top of the head.. A full man bun can be done with any length of hair given the hair are equally cut. If you have long hair with the cut then you can wear the man bun with more style. It takes no effort and gives you a neat look. 

  • Low man bun 
Man Bun Styles
Man Bun Styles

A low man bun is nothing but just a lazy version of the high full man bun. The hair is gathered and tied in a bun but the only difference being in the position. This bun sits on the lower back of the head. 

  • The knot on the top bun 
Man Bun Styles
Man Bun Styles

Unlike the full man bun, in a top knot bun, the hair (on the down)  left are either shaved as in undercut style giving you a man bun with a fade or left loose, which will give you a half-bun style. The upper long hair is taken and tied into a high knot tied. The positioning of the knot will be either similar to the full bun or higher. 

  • Little pineapple on the top
Man Bun Styles
Man Bun Styles

Gather a small amount of hair and tie it in a knot so that the bun is a size of a small crazy ball or a pea. The bun resembles the crown of the pineapple, hence the name, the pineapple bun. 

A Small and a Quick Man Bun Guide 

After all the styles that you can try for buns the major three things that constitute its beauty are the bun’s size, knot’s positioning and the length or the style of the hair on the side. All this depends on the style you want to create. Want to go for a top knot bun? The position of the bun should be high. Planning for a full man bun? The length of the hair must be long enough to make the best out of the bun. If you want short man bun then look for the length and positioning of the bun. 

Also, the length of the hair must at least be 10-12 inches long to get a proper bun and it will take a time period of approximately 12-18 months to get that length. The time period can vary depending on how fast or slow the hair growth is. A man bun can also reduce hair loss, but if you make it tightly it break your hair resulting in hair loss. Buns are still trendy as ever and you can try them out in other different ways like making a braid out of it, wearing two buns on each side or show it off with a beard.