Penis Stretching Exercises

Want Bigger Penis? 4 Penis Stretching Exercises To Try

Have you ever thought about using one of several methods or items that promise penis enlargement through advertisements today? The very first thing you must understand is that a normal penis really exists among most men who believe they have a small dick. Secondly, most reports of penis expansion are unfounded. So is it really that important to have a huge sized penis? For years the men all over the world have been troubled with this question. Men still ask if their length is right for healthy sex life. A larger penis not just makes you more confident, but is vital for better sex life. A new research on whether the length of the penis matters to women was carried out on the popular porn website Pornhub. 

In contrast to men, women prefer to look for the word ‘big dick’ as per the report. Let us all agree that almost all men wish for a huge penis. A lot of men use cream and lotion of all kinds to grow one to two centimeters. Certain techniques and items can injure your penis. The expansion of your penis means the use of your hands or an instrument to raise your penis length or height. There are indications that stretching will increase your length, but typically the effects are limited. They can also be temporary in some situations.

Some people would say that you have as much control over the length and girth of your penis as your hamstrings and you can stretch or strengthen your penis just like you do with your muscles. Some online blogs claim that the length and stiffness of the penis can be apparently increased. Others sell vacuum pumps that make it swell and fill with blood which is a method used to help treat erection problems. 

Penis Exercises to Get A Bigger Penis

Some exercise devices including penis extensions and hangers which use weights and gravity for penis stretching are also available. Consequently, you seem to be on the right website to check for methods to increase the size of your cock. A penis extension is not as complicated as you imagine. Without such pricey (and mostly inefficient) creams or lotions, you could increase the size of your favorite body part. Penis extension research is minimal. None of the experiments undertaken has suggested any procedure as an efficient means of continually stretching the penis. But it could be possible to briefly increase scale. 

In a 2010 study, men using the Andropenis stretching system saw an improvement in size and expanded everyday use. During the course of four months, researchers used the system 6 hours a day. The subjects saw an increase in the length of their penis between 1.8 to 3.1 cm. So, although there is not much evidence to substantiate the same, some studies have indicated that certain exercises can indeed increase the length of your penis marginally. 

And yes, you could also do it at the comfort of your home! Yeah, you read it correctly.   Exercises are available to improve and enlarge the erections. Learn about the best workouts that you can do to raise your penis size in the privacy of your house.

Now if you are wondering how to get a bigger penis, here are some of the best penis exercises

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1. Penis Stretching

An extension is among the most common ways to extend the size of your penis. Five minutes is all you need to do this exercise. 

How to do this: 

  • Right behind your head grasp your penis. Do not hold it overly tightly or too loose.
  • Now stretch it down to your knees. There should be no significant pressure, irritation and you would feel a stretching in the shaft.
  • Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds in that spot. Return the penis to its initial position and bring it up to your bowels. Keep it in that position for 20 to 30 seconds more.
  • Then pull your penis in the left and right direction. Hold your penis for about 20 to 30 seconds in the extended position. Take it to its initial state and rest.
Penis Stretching Exercises
Penis Stretching Exercises

2. Rotating Stretch

That is quite similar to the normal stretching exercise explained above but has a little twist. It would take five minutes to do this workout. How to do this: grab your penis just under its head and firmly pull it outwards. Stretching in the shaft can be sensed, but ideally, no discomfort or pain should be felt. Then move the penis circularly, hold the grip and stretch. Using the right hand tilt it in the opposite direction and then use the left hand to rotate it clockwise. This should take about 30 seconds for a single rotation. Make at least three rotations in each direction.

3. Jelqing

Jelqing is a technique some men use to naturally maximize the size of their penis. It includes transferring your blood to and extending the head of your penis using a hand-over-hand rotational movement. It is called “milking” occasionally. A reasonably healthy workout, but, if you do it too many times or vigorously, it can produce discomfort, inflammation or development of scar tissue. 

How to do this: 

  • Make absolutely sure to start with a partly erect penis and use a lubricant such as petroleum jelly or baby oil.
  • Begin by holding the thumb and index finger to the penis in the middle.
  • Shift your hand slowly up while keeping up the pressure.
  • Stop your hand right under the head of your penis completing a jelq.

4. Kegel Exercise

Kegel can allow you to consistently get a bigger, longer-lasting erection by stepping up the blood supply to your penis. This takes about 30 minutes. First of all, the PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle would need to be identified. You may understand this by restricting urine flow. The muscle that prevents it is the PC muscle. Keep the muscle contracted and release for about five seconds. Take a pause and repeat the process as often as you would like. To see a difference in your construction, you need to do it for about 30 minutes per day.

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