Types of Men's Necklaces

5 Classic Men’s Necklace Types That Are Making A Comback!

If you still think that accessorizing can make men look effeminate, then you’re certainly living in a different century. Men have been wearing necklaces for centuries and there is nothing less masculine or more effeminate about it. Be that as it may, men’s necklaces are a bit different from those of women. 

Men’s necklaces have a more simplistic design and do not adhere to ‘costume jewelry’ as women’s do. Not only that, but men’s jewelry is not the center of attention in the entire outfit. It just compliments the entire outfit. Resultantly, men’s necklaces are not too overwhelming or too showy; they are slightly rugged and rough around the edges. With the difference clear, one thing is still not certain: how do you wear men’s necklaces? If you’ve been wondering for quite some time now, here’s the ultimate guide for that. 

5 Most Classic Types of Men’s Necklaces

The classic types of men's necklaces are given below:

Style 1: Chains

Chains are the most classic style of men’s necklaces which have relatively flat loops that are designed very close to each other. The men’s necklace length, those that generally belong to this category, resembles a solid ribbon of metal that falls slightly below the collarbone. 

These chain necklaces are a statement on their own and have been worn by men for quite some time now. One of the best ways to pull off this necklace is to keep it modest and as simple as you can. Maybe you can keep the chain underneath your shirt, but visible enough for people to notice. However, the look of the necklace is, more often than not, enhanced by the quality of the metal used. So, make sure that you invest in a higher-quality product. Don’t go for cheaper alternatives for this one. 

Style 2: Chokers

For those who don’t know, chokers are basically thick and have a solid band covering the neck which doesn’t hang down. One of the popular styles of the choker is dog collars. If you’re into hippie or bohemian fashion, you can wear a choker with some leather or rope around your neck. Be that as it may, you have to be careful while choosing it. It should not be too flashy or over the board. Unlike the gold men’s necklace, metal chokers are relatively uncommon. So, make sure that you wear those that enhance the overall look which you find desirable. 

Style 3: Dog tags

Dog tags are the classic military-style men’s necklaces which are basically a specialized pendant but emanate a more tough-guy and rugged look. The basic dog tags involve a pair of tabs with a small ball chain that has text written on it. The real military tags have the name of the wearer emboldened on them including their medical information and rank. Sometimes, their religious preferences are also mentioned.

Types of Men’s Necklaces
Types of Men’s Necklaces

More often than not, the stylized version of these tags includes some text or an image with a raised design. The ball chain might also include something flashier. Although the military fashion style is cool and rugged, many people find it disrespectful to the actual servicemen and servicewomen as it is worn in normal usage, trivializing their cause. However, if you like this fashion style, then by all means go forward with it. But be prepared that not everyone’s going to like it. 

Style 4: Pendants

Men’s necklace pendant basically refers to a single ornament on a long chain or cord. These types of pendants are extremely common and versatile which will help you uplift your overall look. The shape of the ornament can range from a shaped jewel to a scroll case. However, if you do decide on this type, make sure that it’s small enough to give a modest and comfortable look. 

These pendants are to be worn outside casual shirts and t-shirts. However, if you’re wearing a shirt with a turn-down collar, make sure that you tuck it in. The best type of shirt is a V-neck shirt which shows enough of your chest. It will help you to show off the pendant on a short cord. 

Style 5: Religious Emblems

If you identify yourself with religious affiliations, then you might like different diamond men’s necklaces with religious emblems on them. More often than not, specific faiths or sects generally require and even encourage men to wear necklaces with religious emblems on them. 

For instance, Stars of David, Christian crosses, and other symbols are generally designed in a dangling pendant style. They are generally worn under the shirt, with a long chain that falls below the neckline. If you’re inclined to wear something like this, make sure that you keep it simple and modest. Don’t go for over-the-board styles with this one. These pieces should be generally stylish, quiet, and accent pieces that enhance your overall look.

These are some of the classic men’s necklace styles that will never run out of fashion. Hope you found this article helpful. There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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