5 Exercises for Bigger Chest

5 Exercises To Help You Get A Bigger Chest In No Time

When it comes to upper body workouts, there are so many exercises that people would suggest and vouch for. However, don’t get overwhelmed, by selecting just four to five workouts you can totally unleash the capacity for building muscles in your chest. 

It is no surprise that men with bigger chests look impressive, and that is very much a proven scientific fact. Research published in Plos One showed that both women’s and men’s views of the optimal male body contained a robust, wide chest measurement that produces an overall V-shaped physique.

Obviously, your genetics do play a crucial part in building larger chests coupled with effective workouts but that isn’t the only consideration as biology will not result in a wider chest alone, you have to have the right chest training combination to reach that goal. 

Why do you need a Bigger Chest? 

A solid chest also assists you in daily activities because these pec muscles give your shoulders and arms more strength. A healthy chest supports the back muscles directly. A strong chest helps maintain equilibrium in the upper body, which ultimately strengthens your stance and keeps you planted. 

You need a form of the upper-body stance that comes from strong muscles in the chest. Growing a well-built and strong chest makes you look healthy and athletic. The harder the muscles of the abdomen, the stronger the upper body. The easiest way to get the bulk of the chest is to use heavy pushing motions together with bodyweight workouts. These are the five strongest men’s workouts that will help you get your chest chiseled and wider. 

Ponderous repping would not help anyone. If you desire to have a bigger chest, you need to have a smart workout schedule in your gym. For certain gym members, chest conditioning begins and finishes with a bench press. Or, if the barbells are not heavy, press-ups. Now, all of these are excellent workouts, but for a genuinely pecs-tacular chest, you will need to expand your fitness arsenal. 

So keep reading to find a fitness schedule that involves a range of chest movements that will shape your muscles from various angles. Follow it to the core, and in no time can you be the proud owner of a bigger, better chest. You are going to be training four days a week on a monthly schedule, but not all of it is going to be chest practice. There is no use in carving a perfect chest if the rest of the body can not hold pace along.

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Before you get to the actual workout, it is important to warm-up

It is important that you take the time to prepare your body before you start with the workout sessions. It will not only help you do your best when tackling lifts, it will also significantly decrease a few of the muscle aches that you would rather experience the following day. That is not a small thing, because the doms chest does not seem to be fun whatsoever. 

Bigger Chest
Bigger Chest

It is not just the chest that you are going to work on in the sessions below, so your warm-up needs to prepare your whole body. That implies running on the treadmill for 5 minutes of slow jogging would not do that, since the muscles you are about to use will not warm up properly.

Begin with this quick gym warm-up routine which includes 7 dynamic stretches, which reach the entire body, and then go to workout-oriented warm-ups. These may also be the same movements, with so little weight (if any), as you do during your workout. This would make your body accustomed to movement routines, and as you gain weight, it will make your related muscles burn. Now, that you are done with the warm-up routine, you must be wondering how to get a bigger chest? 

Top Exercises To Help You Get A Bigger Chest

Here are 5 best exercises for bigger chest 

1. Wide Push-ups

The only distinction is the position of your hand, otherwise, it is performed just like a traditional push-up. It is a perfect workout to strengthen the upper body’s strength. You use your body mass to develop your chest muscles. Perform 14-20 reps each and repeat it to complete three sets. The longer you hold your paws, the more productive and difficult it is for your chest. This method strains your chest muscles so that as your shape begins to slide, your knees dropdown.

2. Declined Push-ups

This variation of push-up is a tougher variant of the traditional push-up. The challenge is enhanced by putting your feet even higher than your hands. The exercise is directed at the top region of the chest. Do three sets of 17 repetitions each. The further your foot lifts up, the tougher the pushup is, and this tends to target the top pecs.    

Bigger Chest
Bigger Chest

3. Inclined Dumbbell Flyes

The tilt of the upper chest is granted greater significance and the shoulders are therefore strengthened. People tend to choose this rather than the dumbbell flat bench, so it avoids the error of bending behind with this dumbbell chest exercise. Perform a couple of sets of 10-12 representative sets each.

4. Dumbbell Press- Flat Bench

For its usefulness, the flat bench stump press is an absolute favorite. The stumps permit a wider range of motion and enable many of the muscles which stabilize. It must be mentioned that dumbbells are perhaps more difficult to manage rather than a barbell therefore it assists in strengthening the lower pecs. Perform a couple of sets of 10-12 reps each. This can be achieved both in tilting and a decline position. Try pushing your head down to the bench and raising your hips.

5. Bench Press

The press performed on the bench builds the muscle commonly known as pec major. In the triceps, shoulders, and chest, it also builds strength. It is definitely one of those workouts you should not skip in order to strengthen your chest. Perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions each time. Do not push back your head onto the bench. Do not overlap your lower back and raise the hips off the bench.

These are some of the few exercises  that can easily help you to grow a bigger chest. Hope it helps!

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