Make Your Muscles Look Bigger

Follow These 5 Tips To Make Your Muscles Look Bigger In No Time

How do you make your muscles look bigger? Simple. You do exercises that target those muscles and make them bigger. The trouble is that many people exercise for the wrong reasons – they do it to look better in front of the mirror or to stay in shape.

For example, it’s easy to get carried away doing what everyone thinks is a good exercise when in reality it’s not. Focus on breathing exercises that level the heart and lungs out before you even begin working out to make your muscles look bigger.You’ll find hundreds of bodyweight exercises online but if you want results you need special equipment and techniques. To build muscle you have to use weights that are heavy enough and chosen carefully so that their impact on your body can be significant. 

This article explains five exercise areas where you can do the most damage while still maintaining good form. Pain is inevitable during any exercise so make sure you prepare properly before beginning with a proper warm-up.

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Tips to Make Your Muscles Look Bigger

Here are five key tips to make your muscles look bigger:

1. Boost your shoulders 

Preparing your delts and traps will add the necessary width across the top and make your muscles look bigger. Particularly in case you’re a taller person, the width will be a significant champion component to direct whether that is no joke or “large”. Putting hamburgers on your shoulders and neck is a decent spot to begin. 

Key exercises

> DB Clean 

> Barbell Z Press 

2. Work on your upper back 

Jawline ups, columns, and pulldowns need to turn into your new closest companions. Set seat press and biceps twists aside for later and center around adding width to your chest area. 

A wide upper back will merely affect your essence more than an overtrained chest will, likewise because all the back preparation will open up your shoulders and improve the act. You’ll look more extensive because you’re standing taller and more open. 

Key exercises 

> Bentover Rows 

> Overhead Squats 

3. Cut down on stomach fat 

Eating perfect and tightening at the abdomen is an extraordinary method to emphasize the V-tighten and generally “X” state of the body. Besides, the fit look won’t just be restricted to the waistline, rather the entire body, making your muscles look more characterized and eventually more noticeable. Go low carb for half a month and notice the distinctions. 

4. Train your legs regularly

Getting a decent shape of your legs won’t just urge the whole body to develop as well, yet it will finish an “X” shape. Rounding out some pants and taking care of the business of glutes will stylishly pass on substantially more physicality than somebody who simply has some muscle on the chest area alone. 

Make Your Muscles Look Bigger
Make Your Muscles Look Bigger

Key exercises 

> Rear Leg Elevated Split Squat 

> Romanian Deadlift 

5. Dress right 

Try not to dress that is unreasonably loose. Garments that highlight a more modest waistline will bring out width in shoulders. To the extent colors go, lighter tones and flat stripes can go far to draw the eyes towards the body’s most stretched out focuses. Fitted attire works, yet don’t go excessively fitted. Too close will invalidate the point and the dream will be lost. 

Diet to highlight the muscles

Training to develop bigger muscles can seem like a never-ending process. But with the right diet, supplements, and workout regimen, it can be much easier to achieve your goals. Muscle hypertrophy requires that your muscle cells are continually being replenished. 

This replenishment can take place in two main ways—the first is an increase in your body’s energy system which uses fat for fuel, and the second is an increase in protein synthesis within your muscle cells themselves. Either way, the goal is for your muscle cells to look as big as possible without adding any extra bulk to your frame.

A study supports that multiple larger meals can increase muscle growth. If not, 6 smaller meals a day may help you stay strong. Eating big meals is a proven way to make muscles grow. More specifically, eating large quantities of food in a short period (multiple larger meals) can result in larger muscle tissues. 

Don’t go over the top. You might feel as though you need to eat constantly to get big muscles, but this is not true. Try to eat around 6-8 small meals at regular intervals to make your muscles look bigger eventually.

If you’re starting and don’t want to bulk up, eating lots of small meals may be your best bet. Or, if you already exercise regularly and want to make sure your muscles stay strong, try eating smaller meals followed by larger ones throughout the day.

Eating whole, healthy foods and exercising regularly is the best way to increase your muscle size. If you’re not ready to gain weight, eating smaller meals throughout the day will help you maintain your natural body weight.

If you are training your body for Hypertrophy (increase in the size of cells), you can increase the amount of food you eat over time. However, if you simply want to maintain a good physique, you should continue eating 3-4 meals a day while increasing the portion size in each meal.

Eating regularly is a proven habit of people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important for those who are trying to build muscle. But already active people who are trying to build muscle on top of that also need to eat often.


Getting large is a gradual process, yet applying these subtle strategies will speed it up, and make that cycle marginally more agreeable as you get results. There’s no alternate way for the genuine article, so continue to try sincerely and procure the advantages for your work.

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