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5 Simple Ways To Create Your Own Pair Of Funky Distress Jeans

Ripped jeans have been in fashion for quite some years now. In addition to being trendy, they are also relaxing and comfortable.  Despite our love for distressed jeans, our moms hardly approve of it, and all of us have heard the same dialogues and lectures on how we’re wasting a lot more money on a pair of jeans that are made of a lesser amount of cloth! We are here to save you from all those lectures and give out ways by which you can distress jeans yourselves, at your homes. 


Make a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. Paint the jeans with bleach water, through a brush. Paint most of the area on the knees to give it a faded effect. Leave it overnight or see according to the amount of fade you want on your jeans. If you want the entire piece of clothing to have just the same faded effect, you can even soak your jeans in the water and bleach mixture. This step is to fade the overall color of your jeans. But if you are satisfied with the original color of your jeans, there is absolutely no need to perform this step.

How To Distress Jeans At Home?

Now that you are done with this, we are going to talk about different ways you can distress your jeans, using different materials, at your homes.

Method 1: How to distress jeans using sandpaper

Materials required: Sandpaper, scissors, a chopping board


  • Place the chopping board beneath the part that you want to rip.
  • Extricate up the fibres on the target areas using the sandpaper.
  • Do not make a very big tear right at the start. Start with a small point and rip it slowly using your fingers.
  • Do it a little above the knees, where you want the distress.
Distress Jeans At Home
Distress Jeans At Home

Method 2: Distressing jeans using iron (putting patches)

Patched jeans are in fashion, and it is quite easy to put patches on your jeans yourself. Material required: iron, an iron-on patch, scrap texture


  • Heat the jeans for around 30 seconds using the iron, at the place where you want the patch.
  • Spread some t-shirt or cloth over the jeans, to avoid burning the patch.
  • Iron around the patch for around 90 seconds, keeping the jeans on a hard surface, turning the jeans back to front.
  • Cool for some minutes and check if all the sides are secure.
  • You can repair any of your old denim using this technique.
  • Your jeans are ready with patches. Wear it around pairing them with jackets and t-shirts.

Method 3: Fraying the hems of the jeans

Fraying the hems of the jeans is another easy method that you might want to adopt to distress your jeans. Material required: scissors, iron, chalk, a tweezer


  • Iron your jeans properly and draw the part you need to fray gently using the chalk.
  • Cutover that drawn line gradually using the texture scissors.
  • Use the tweezer and pull at the flat strings on the horizontal and vertical threading that will appear after you cut in a line in the above step.
  • Use the tweezers to achieve the amount and depth of distress you want in your jeans.
  • Pair these with good shoes (probably, huge sneakers) and a pair of socks, and you are good to go with your frayed jeans!

Method 4: Adding splatters to your jeans

Material required: a pair of gloves, a container, paint, newspapers


  • For adding splatters to your jeans, lighter shades would work the best. SO, it would be better if you use the water and bleach mixture to fade the color of your jeans (as described above in the article).
  • Grab your gloves and spread your jeans in the newspapers. Choose a color that you wish to paint on your jeans.
  • Clench your hand and try flicking the paint on the jeans. Flick further away if you want a lot of small spots on your jeans.
  • Splattered jeans would suit perfectly with not-so-showy top wear, like a sweatshirt or a white Oxford shirt maybe.

Method 5: How to distress jeans using bleach

Using bleach to distress your jeans is, to be honest, quite high on the difficulty scale. Let’s learn how to do it. Material required: newspapers or any old papers, gloves, dye, paintbrush, a container


  • Spread out the papers on a hard, firm surface.
  • Dip your jeans once in the sink, because the bleach would work better if the jeans are a little soggy rather than completely dry.
  • Take the container and pour the low solution bleach into it, and dunk one of the denim patches into the container first, and make sure that the result is similar to what you plan to achieve.
  • If you want to bleach your jeans completely, dunk it into the container and leave it for 20 minutes. You may move it around using your fingers and hands so that the bleach gets soaked well.
  • If you do not want to bleach your jeans totally and want a more subtle look, you may use the paintbrush to achieve the desired results.
  • Lay the jeans for 5 minutes and then flush them off in the sink, followed by a wash in the clothes washer without any cleanser and any other garments in the washer.
  • Let it dry, and voila, your bleached jeans are ready to wear!
  • Pair it up with sneakers and a tee or a sweatshirt to enhance its look. You can also try wearing it with other types of top-wear as per your choice.
Distress Jeans At Home
Distress Jeans At Home

We hope these ways to distress jeans are easy and viable enough for you to try them at home and make your own distressed jeans, just the way you like it, and without spending a hefty sum on it (this is gonna impress your moms). These are some easiest, different and most-wanted styles that you can make at your home. So, what are you waiting for? Now grab a pair and go try these out giving a new look to your style and your jeans. 

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