Men's Tweed Suits

Channel An Ol English Sartorial Vibe: 5 Ways To Style Men’s Tweed Suits

There are only a few garments that have remained in fashion since the beginning of time till today and tweed is one of them. Owing to its undoubted thick and heavy fabric, the garment can withstand the right fit when the temperature plummets.  

Contrary to common perception, tweed is not a possession that should be boosted by old men alone. Due to its availability in different varieties such as overcoats, tweed suits, sports coats, and accessories, tweed can easily permeate your fashion style and elevate your entire look. 

The Ultimate Guide on Men's Tweed Suits

Here’s the ultimate guide on men’s tweed suits and how to style them:

Tweed: It’s meaning and origin

As mentioned earlier, tweed is generally characterized by its rugged, thick, and stiff fabric which is typically crafted from wool. It is woven through different colored threads which reflect the characteristic patterned look of the fabric, which can be divided into two types: small squares and vertical lines. 

The reason why tweed is so popular especially in the British and Scottish fashion arenas is partially due to its durable and moisture-resistant qualities. Initially, when tweed was made, it was meant for hunters, shooters, riders, and for the likes to don. In the contemporary era, tweed suits for men are generally worn on semi-formal to formal occasions. Interestingly, there are no tweed shorts, button-down shirts, or casual clothing garments.

Different Types of Tweed

There are three different types of tweed:

  • Harris Tweed
  • Donegal Tweed
  • Silk Tweed

1. Harris Tweed

Popular for its high-quality fabric, Harris Tweed is considered to be a high-end brand that is situated at only one place across the globe, that is, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. You may find other types of tweed elsewhere as well, but they would just be commonplace, carrying no pride in its high-quality woven fabric.  

Harris Tweed, is well, Harris Tweed because it is hand-woven by the crofters who reside on an island and weave it in a weaver’s shed on that island. 

2. Donegal Tweed 

Originated from the Donegal Country, Ireland, Donegal tweed is also a high-end tweed that boasts of its unique division of colors throughout the fabric through plain weaving. This does not imply that Donegal tweeds cannot be woven in common designs and patterns such as checkered and herringbone, they can, but they are largely popular for their colors. 

One of the major differentiating factors apart from its colors is the Donegal Tweed’s high quality which can be only made from the finest materials. Unlike other types of tweeds, this one is undoubtedly soft, more stylish, and comfortable. 

3. Silk tweed

Almost similar to Donegal Tweed, silk tweed’s exceptional delicateness can be credited to the raw silk from which it is made. The different variations of color are what draws similarity to Donegal Tweed. 

Different Patterns of Men’s Tweed Suits

There are two patterns of men's tweed suits:

1. Houndstooth

Houndstooth, with the concoction of high-end garments, can be easily found.

2. Herringbone

You might’ve come across this commonly worn pattern in menswear. Herringbone is generally found in tweed sports coats for men. 

How to Style Men’s Tweed Suits?

Here is a guide to style men's tweed suits:

1. Tweed suits

As mentioned previously, tweed being a thick and rugged fabric is best suited for cold temperatures and wet weather. Therefore, if you’re residing in a location where the temperatures are habituated to plummet, investing in three-piece tweed suits for men would be worth it.  

Apart from being the right fit for cold weather, men’s tweed suits should also be styled considering the occasion. As previously mentioned, tweeds are fit for semi-formal to formal occasions which include a business meeting, conferences with colleagues, etc. Investing in tweed suits for weddings will also not be a bad idea. 

For more casual occasions, you may want to dress down and opt for tweed paints and pair them with a sweater and complete the look with a layering such as a cardigan or a jacket. Don’t forget to style the look with Oxfords or Derby’s. 

2. Tweed vests

If you’re looking for a more versatile tweed option, then a tweed vest might be the right option for you. Also known as a tweed waistcoat, a tweed vest can be worn in casual as well as business settings.

If you’ve got the sartorial skills of pairing these vests with a three-piece tweed suit, button-down, chinos, or denim, you will rock anywhere you go; be it a date, a casual dinner with your friends or family, or a simple meet-cute. 

3. Tweed overcoats

Layering has increasingly become one of the most stylish ways to uplift your entire outfit. So, what better layer than a tweed overcoat that is warm, rugged, thick, not to mention stylish. If you’re into it, you can invest in a faded grey which is the most classic and versatile overcoat which can go with almost everything in your closet. 

On the other hand, if you want something that is a bit warm and matches a bright environment, you can go in the shades of brown and green. 

When it comes to length, a tweed overcoat should typically be from a mid-thigh to your knees. Make sure that it’s not too short and does not go beyond your knees. When you’ve got your layers right and matched with the right sort of garments, you will successfully achieve a chic and put-together look. 

4. Tweed sport coats

Believe it or not, men’s tweed sport coats are one of the most common tweed garments that can zest up your wardrobe and make it more interchangeable. Therefore, every man must own at least one tweed sport coat in this wardrobe.

If you’re bored with the basics, you can invest in some unique tweed sport coats which have elbow patches and other interesting details. You can pair them with button-down, chinos and complete the look with sneakers or loafers. Voila, your casual/business-casual look is ready. 

5. Tweed accessories

Apart from clothing garments, tweed fabric also abounds in a wide variety of accessories such as gloves, bags, hats, ties, wallets, etc. 

With this, we come to an end of this ultimate guide of men’s tweed suits. Hope you found it useful!