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6 Fun Filled Whiskey Drinking Games: Drink Your Whiskey With A Twist

Drinking with friends is fun, however, drinking games are always a perfect way to rev up the party and spice things up a bit. These games further ensure that not a single person remains sober in the party, bringing to the party a whole new element. Whiskey drinking games could very well be a great ice-breaker, no matter if it is a night out with your college friends or a celebration with your coworkers. Keep reading if you are in the mood to spice things up a bit in your next celebration with these amazing party games with whiskey.

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6 Fun Filled Whisky Drinking Games

Here is our list of the best fun filled whiskey drinking games:

1. Drunk Jenga   

There are two forms of Drinking Jenga as of now and both versions equally enjoyable and fun. In the first variation, the players can only start the game only when everyone is drunk enough. Seeing your wasted pals struggling with the Jenga tiles is an entirely different level of fun. 

The second variation to play intoxicated Jenga is to actually make the room spin! Amazed? This is how you play it. Write a number and a drink’s name on the underside of random Jenga tiles before you start the game. Then, choose from one of India’s popular whisky brands. For instance, it says ‘Whisky 3’ when a player chooses that given tile, that player then needs to take a shot of whisky for the game to go on. The game gets funnier as it proceeds. Sounds kind of fun, does it? 

2. Never Have I Ever 

Never Have I Ever, is probably the most famous drinking competition after Beer Pong, but it definitely hasn’t got old with these years. The game is even more fun if you play it with new people or friends you don’t know very well. The gameplay is easy and there are lots of ways to get drunk and to hurtle out embarrassing secrets. 

Each player gets turns saying “Never Have I Ever…” followed by something they haven’t ever done before. For instance, if a player says, “Never Have I Ever… pushed a stranger in a swimming pool,” any person who has pushed a stranger in a swimming pool must have their drink, a sip, or a shot. Even, after getting drunk, do not go pushing random people in the swimming pool, all right? Although most people choose to play this drinking game with beers or vodka, even whiskey complements the game well. 

3. Most Likely 

Let us caution you, this game is impossible to win. Although if you are only looking for fun and an excuse to get drunk, then the game is most likely for you and your friends. This game’s rules are the easiest. You begin by choosing an utterly ludicrous behavior and everybody points to the individual at the party they feel is most likely to do it. Let’s suppose that everyone says, “Most likely to end up in a fistfight in a club,” and then everyone points to the guy they believe is most likely to do that. The individual with most of the fingers pointed at him must then take a shot. Everybody else drinks in the case of a draw! 

4. The Straight Face

This is now a game that not only helps you to assess how completely foolish and drunk you could be, but also provides the opportunity to get your friends wasted! What? How? Only wanting to make your mates laugh is what you have to achieve. Straight Face with your best friends will turn into a fantastic game for a night of revelry when you know their vulnerabilities and the stuff that is most likely to trigger their laughing fits. 

What you require is a notebook, however, if you want to go green, then perhaps a digital tablet, and plenty of liquor. Markdown the craziest stuff you can imagine and pass it over to the person beside you. They pass on the note if they continue to keep a straight face. They have got to take a sip or shot of whiskey if they fail to keep a straight face. 

5. Concentration

This is not the normal game of attention played with cards, it is played with liquor. The game aims to assess your peers’ general awareness and capacity to focus. Everyone is seated in a circle and one of the people says, “Concentration! Concentration!” Names of Lamborghini’s Cars! The person next to him says, “Aventador,” the next person shouts out another name, say, ‘Countach’ until someone fails to name a car or repeats it. Whoever loses, drinks has to take a sip or shot of whiskey. You can even play with city names of a country, brand names, names of footballers, cricketers, F1 drivers, etc.

Games with Whisky
Games with Whisky

6. Irish Snap

Make sure everyone is sitting around a table and is able to reach the Centre. Dish out all the cards so everyone has an even amount, but don’t look at your cards. Take it in turns to go round the circle placing a card in the Centre of the table. 

When it happens that the number you shouted matches the number on the card you placed down, the snap comes. The last person to do so has to drink, and take the cards from the pile in the middle. The game comes to an end with the end of one’s cards. The drunker you get, the harder it gets.

7. Piccolo

Yes, drinking games come in the form of applications today. If you are ever left short of the normal drinking game paraphernalia such as playing cards and other games mentioned above, Picolo is perfect. The game is free to download however only comes with the basic level-you have to subscribe and pay to download additional levels with our experience, after you have had a few drinks you will eventually do this. 

Everything you need to do is enter in the names of everyone, pick a category, and get rolling. The app shows you what it takes you to do! With Ring of Fire-style activities like rhyming and groups, or stuff like ‘People who have checked their phones in the last 5 minutes, drink’ or ‘Give out 2 sips if you have ever passed out in someone else’s house’.  

Party Games with Whisky
Party Games with Whisky

Things get a little more fun if you splash out and download other stages such as  ‘Caliente’, ‘Getting Wild’ and ‘would you rather’ along with activities such as ‘the floor is lava’,’ waterfall’. Just note, you charge your phone before the party, as using this app is one surefire way to kill your phone’s battery.

For these incredible drinking games, take a couple of bottles of whiskey, make the calls and get the party underway. Celebrate the way it was meant, drinking, smiling, and being surrounded by your loved ones.

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