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6 Signs That You Have Found THE One

Have you ever asked a couple how they met their long-term partner or how they knew they had found the one? We are pretty sure you got responses like, “ I just felt like I found the one” and “Something just clicked” and a couple of other cliche stuff like this. On one hand, it is really lucky of them to have found their forever-partner, but the answers are not exactly helpful for you if you are trying to find the one for yourself. Hence, we got you covered.  Choosing a long-term partner can be a daunting task but below are a few signs that you have found the one. These are the indicators of a healthy future relationship that you will share with your forever-person and we couldn’t be happier to help you.

Signs that You’ve Sound the One

Here are some of the best signs that you can know you have find the right one partner for you:

You Have Found THE One
You Have Found THE One

1. You and your partner love spending time together, but respect and encourage each other to have some privacy

Several matchmakers, over the years, have discovered that potential partners aren’t the ones who constantly nag you over going out with your friends or spending some time apart from them. Rather, they consider this as a necessity in a relationship and think that it is absolutely understandable and necessary that you maintain a personal life outside the bubble of their relationship and consequently spend sufficient time together to keep the bond strong. Although, the former comes naturally if your partner is a trust-worthy, loyal person and is loaded with the right amount of all the good qualities.

2. You care about each other’s opinions

Believe us, when we say this, this sign can be a deal-breaker in some long-term commitments. Be it a conversation on politics, your favorite movie star, or a big financial investment, a person who is willing to be with you in the long term, know that your opinion matters as much as theirs. They understand that it is a two-way relationship and cannot run happily with one person’s thoughts dominating the others. So, if your potential partner is considerate of your opinions and does not laugh them away or doesn’t pay heed, you most probably are getting lucky.

3. There is an instant feeling of familiarity

 Though the concept of a soulmate, and knowing a person forever might seem like a cheesy one, trust us, it is true. A lot of people with healthy long-term relationships have over the years said that they had felt a sense of familiarity and closeness with their partners, or felt as if they had known them for a long-time.

Psychologists say that people tend to get this feeling when your partner and you share an unparalleled comfort zone with each other and care so much about each other, that you start feeling as if they have been there forever. Hence, after a certain point of time, their smell, their sense of touch, their way of speech, language etc. become recognizable and soothing for you.

4.  You become vulnerable around them

Our vulnerabilities are those soft-spots we keep hidden for years in order to avoid getting hurt. A person who is worth your time and constant effort will tread steadily with you and will respect your vulnerable points, so as to not hurt them. You know you have become vulnerable around a person, if you share your secrets and past with them, you are not afraid of telling them the instances where someone broke your heart or a moment where you got extremely hurt. 

You Have Found THE One
You Have Found THE One

And they, they listen to you carefully, they hear you, they try to read you and go beyond the words that you are speaking and understand what you are really feeling. They carefully handle the information you entrusted them with and they are trustworthy and will keep your soft spaces safe from the world around you. So, if your potential-partner displays these qualities, know that you have gotten a keeper.

5. They’re affectionate, and not always for sex

Affection is the small ‘touches of love’ and it isn’t always sex. A small pat on the shoulder, a surprise hug from behind, a small squeeze on the hand when you’re feeling anxious, all are small caring touches of affection. A person who intends to spend a lifetime with you is not afraid of showing affection towards you and tends to naturally develop these habits over the course of time. Being openly able to express positive actions and feelings around each other without getting awkward is a great decisive factor in the longevity and strength of a relationship. Remember, a faithful partner isn’t afraid of displaying affection in a non-sexual way.

6.  You have an easy-going relationship

You must’ve often found couples saying that their relationship is such hard work. But want to know the truth, it must be the opposite, a relationship is formed with a person you share feelings with and it must come easy to you. You must be able to enjoy each other’s company easily without being burdened by the overwhelming nature of it. The effort in a strong relationship comes naturally to you and your partner and you do not have to force the relationship. If you have found the-one, bumpy signs and rough times seem easy with them by your side as they hold you stronger and be with you throughout.

When you find the one for yourself, the relationship flows and you thrive in each other’s company. You let the other person know you are there, and even if you are faced with rough times and sometimes fight over trivial matters, know that you and your relationship is worth a lot more than the trivial fight. If you partner and you encounter the above-listed feeling and emotions with each other it is likely that you’ve met the one. 

These signs that you’ve met the one for you are just an indicator, know that the one for you will be special and unique in all of their ways and you will share a love of your life and thrive in each other’s company. If these happen, know that you’ve met the one for you.

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