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6 Popular Ways For Men To Get Facial Hair Faster!

Facial hair, be it moustache, beard, or elsewhere, is considered a symbol of masculinity and pride by most people in society. Young boys are often very eager to grow their beards and moustache as fast as possible, and middle-aged men give ample of their time and money to maintain their beards as luscious and attractive as ever.

While for some men, facial hair isn’t that big of a problem, and they get loads of them right from their early years, owing to their genes or hormones, some men do face problems in getting their facial hair. We are here to help out anybody who experiences any sorts of problems with facial hair and any delay in hair growth. Before discussing any ways on how to grow facial hair, you must also know the reasons as to why your facial growth.

How to Get Facial Hair Faster?

Here are the some 6 popular ways for men to get facial hair faster and easily:

1. Exfoliate your skin

Removal of dead skin cells from the body boosts the growth of facial hair very fast. You should not forget to wash your face daily and use a face scrubber at least once or twice a week. The scrub would work better if you use the appropriate scrub for your skin type, oily, sensitive, or dry. It would help in clearing out the facial skin, renewing the dead cells under that area, hence promoting hair growth.

2. Balanced diet

A balanced diet has been stressed upon so much and for so many reasons, that by now, you must have understood how your diet regulates the entire functioning of your body. Vitamins like B6 and B12, proteins, etc. are highly essential for hair growth, be it facial hair or hair on any other part of your body.  

Facial Hair
Facial Hair

If you want to get facial hair faster, naturally and without spending a lot of money on some treatment, etc., exfoliation, diet, improving your sleep, reducing your stress are your go-to methods and also the most easily doable ones on the list on ‘How to get facial hair faster’.

3. Medical assistance for facial hair growth

There are a lot of medical treatments as well as drugs available in the market that claim to tremendously boost your facial hair growth. However, some men start taking medicines without consulting any professional first or without any prescription. This is where we would stop you. 

If you are really concerned about your slow facial hair growth and want to go in for some treatment, the best option would be to consult a doctor first and get and advice on what would be the best option for you. There are drugs like finasteride that boost up your facial hair growth, by limiting a hormone in your body named dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Some people find Latisse (which is a beauty product for the eyebrows) to be effective for beard and moustache growth.

4. Testosterone therapy

Severely slow or fast hair growth is most of the time directly linked to the hormonal balance in your body. If you visit a doctor, they will get you done with a simple blood test and tell you about your hormone deficiencies, if any. This can be one of the best options for you, because you are under professional guidance, and they will probably give you gels or some medicines to take for your hair growth problem. After the therapy, the entire process generally speeds up real quick and you get facial hair quite faster and even better.

5. Some natural treatments

Natural products can be used for many things, and surprisingly, they work extremely well. Here are some natural products and oils you can try to get your facial hair faster:

Facial Hair
Facial Hair
  • Minoxidil:

Minoxidil or Rogaine is a type of foam that you can easily get from a nearby pharmacy. All you need to do is rub it on your face, and leave it for around 4 hours. This stimulates your hair follicles, enabling your facial hair to grow faster. Remember to not use a lot of it, and go by the instructions for dosage given on the packing of the product. However, be careful of any side effects and consult your doctor immediately if such a case arises.

  • Oils: 

Coconut, almond, eucalyptus, and other oils can be a good choice for promoting your facial hair growth. Take some drops and apply it on your face and massage it into your skin. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off. Also, dilute the oil before applying it, 4:1 water and oil could be an appropriate mixture.

Also, do not stop using these oils after you see a good response in your hair growth. These must be applied continuously for the best results.

  • Amla oil and mustard leaves:

Make a mixture of 60 mL amla oil and 45 mL mustard leaves.  Make a paste and massage it on your skin just like oil. Wash it off after 20 minutes. 

  • Cinnamon and lime juice:

Make a paste of around 30 mL of lime juice and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon. Go by the same way, and massage it into your skin, washing it off after 20 minutes. However, lime juice might irritate some, so remove it soon after if it itches too much.  

6. Groom your facial hair to look fuller

Your facial hair can be made to look voluminous and fuller, just like the hair on your scalp. Regular trimming and grooming, basically taking care of your facial hair, is the one thing that is definitely going to yield good results. Styling facial hair in the perfect way can actually even conceal poor hair growth. For this, going to a professional would be the best option. 

These are some ways to speed up your facial hair growth. Apart from this, it is very essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle, get a good amount of sleep and cut down on unhealthy habits like smoking, etc. Keeping the above-mentioned points and advice in mind, it is also quite necessary to understand your routine, your body and its growth, too, and inculcate in your routine accordingly. We hope this helps you to get facial hair faster. 

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