Dress Like A Success Story: 7 Essential Business Casual Accessories For Men!

Ever heard about dressing for success or the Russian businessman dress code? This includes personal grooming, picking an outfit that speaks business, and the essential business casual accessories for men. Investors always pay attention to the details and so should you. Even the briefcase you carry is supposed to reflect your work ethic. 

Pulling together a well-rounded corporate image is important for the success of your business. Unfortunately, the most common style challenge that businessmen have is that they don’t know what to wear in a business casual workplace. Always keep in mind that to get big clients, your business has to appear successful. That means you have to appear successful. Luckily you have us! In this article, you will read about some essential business casual accessories for men. 

What is the Businessman Dress Code?

Before we get into the essential business casual accessories for men, let’s try to understand what we mean by the businessman dress code. The Russian businessman dress code or business casual is an ambiguously defined Western dress norm that is considered appropriate for businessmen and those in the corporate sector. This dress code usually involves casual wear mixed with smart components adopted from a white-collar workplace. 

When adhering to a dress code, remember that the only consistent thing about a businessman dress code is that it is constantly changing. 20 years ago Chinos were considered unacceptable in an office meeting, but today, you will see Chinos in every workplace. Keeping this in mind, let’s see how you can accessorize a businessman dress code. 

Business Casual Accessories for Men

Here are the details about the 7 best casual accessories for men

1. Briefcase and Portfolios

Briefcase and Portfolios
Briefcase and Portfolios

A briefcase was always considered super stylish and sophisticated. However, in the present corporate culture, portfolios or padfolios are preferred. When choosing a briefcase or a padfolio, pick one in a neutral color so that it complements all your work outfits. A briefcase or a portfolio should be as small as is practical for your needs. Pick a classic material like leather, suede, or leather-blend. And, if you don’t need a briefcase, there is no need to carry one just for show. But, never use a bookbag or backpack in place of a briefcase.

2. Belts

The business casual style encompasses a wide variety of formalities. And, except for the rare occasions where you are wearing suspenders, chances are you should always wear belts. Belts are one of the most overlooked business casual accessories for men. But, it not only adds to the utility but can also easily scale the formality of an outfit. Thus, belts are versatile and can take your outfit from business casual to business formal in a jiffy. 

Pick leather belts in shades of brown or black with a silver or golden buckle. Your belts should always compliment your businessman dress shoes. The elegance and simplicity of a belt will add charm to your work outfit.

3. Businessman dress shoes

While our clothes are a major part of how we present ourselves, our shoes are just as important. A man’s shoes say a lot about him. Therefore, shoes are one of the essential business casual accessories for men that you should nail.

Businessman dress shoes
Businessman dress shoes

Oxfords are a classic men’s shoe and also great for the workplace. Oxfords feature a low heel and a short back. This creates a neat and polished appearance. The shoelaces on Oxford have a closed lacing system which gives it a professional look. Oxfords are a reliable choice for every formal occasion, and every man should own a pair of businessman dress shoes like Oxfords. 

4. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a huge part of the Russian businessman dress code. They are a great way to add some color pizzaz to a business outfit. But, you should always keep your pocket squares simple. The most formal and statement pocket square is a plain white linen design. You can also work with pocket squares that incorporate colors and designs. A micro-pattern or small paisleys work well. Geometric designs look sharp too. Of course, how you fold your pocket square impacts the look and formality as well. 

5. Watches


Watches are one of the classic businessman casual accessories for men. We know that the utility of the watch is almost obsolete and debatable now, but it still makes for a great accessory. Many different styles of watches work well within the business casual aesthetic. However, one should avoid watches that are too chunky, bejeweled or have heavy metal bands. Instead, go for a sleek Rolex. 

6. Cufflinks

Next we have cufflinks. In the realm of men’s jewellery, cufflinks are a standout. Even though cufflinks tend to be a little formal, they can be toned down by choosing unique cufflink designs. Eagle claw cufflinks are organic and dynamic. Therefore, they are a perfect match for professional men in the workplace! But, if you are in the mood to experiment, you can try monkey’s fist knot designs too. 

7. Neckwear

The business casual attire may suggest that neckwear isn’t important, but, in reality, there is nothing classier than a tie. In fact, the hallmark of any business outfit is neckwear in exciting colors and intriguing textures. 

Darker neckwear is considered more formal while light neckwear gives a more casual and laid back look. Contratsung colors and unexpected combinations work well. We are talking about something in stripes or a mottled design. Quirky tie designs add visual interest which is important when you are dressing to impress. No matter what you do with your neckwear, avoid florals. Florals may be fashion-forward, but they are not made for the workplace. 

These were some of the essential business casual accessories for men in the workplace. 

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