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7 Common Causes Of Left Testicular Pain

Let’s begin with one question, how severe is the pain? If it’s too severe you should probably rush to the hospital and shouldn’t be wasting time reading this article. And if you’re still reading this, we are going to assume that the pain is not too severe, or you are just building up knowledge for an unfortunate day. There can be several reasons why there is a pain in the scrotum, some more serious than others, and some more medically complicated than others. Though there is one less reason to worry which is that there is a solution for almost all of them. 

7 Causes Of Testicle Pain

Though let’s first discuss, why the left testicle is more vulnerable? Generally, one would assume that both your balls would hurt if there is testicular pain. But there is a reason why left testicle pain is more common than right testicular pain. This is because of the difference in the anatomy of the two testicles, with the left testicle having slightly greater blood flow than the right testicle, and thus makes it more vulnerable.

Testicle Pain
Testicle Pain

1. Varicoceles

If there is discomfort and dull pain in the scrotum or a feeling of heaviness or dragging in the scrotum, along with dilated veins that can be felt during self-examination, there is a possibility you have varicocele. In many cases, the symptoms aren’t very apparent and the pain might feel too little or even go unnoticed. It’s one of the less severe left testicle pain causes. It doesn’t usually affect the fertility of the individual. The left testicle pain treatment for this can vary depending on the severity of your pain and inflammation. The doctor can give you anti-inflammatories or even present you the option of carrying out a local surgery.

2. Orchitis

If your symptoms include pain and swelling of the scrotum or a change in the way they feel, it could be an inflammation caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Something like the mumps and chickenpox, or more like by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhoea or chlamydia might be the causes of your pain and inflammation. Treatment for this could be waiting for your mumps, etc. disease to subside or an anti-inflammatory drug. If the pain is too much to take and affecting your daily functions, taking a light painkiller might help. But of course, visiting the doctor would be the safest alternative.

3. Epididymitis

A more serious left testicle pain cause might be epididymitis. In this, the epididymis which are these coiled tubes that store sperms inside each testicle, are affected by a bacterial infection. This problem is more commonly caused by STDs like gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Testicle Pain
Testicle Pain

4. Spermatocele

For reasons unclear, the tube that carries the sperms develops a cyst-like structure which is filled with fluid, in the upper part of the testicles. The severity of the symptoms you show will depend on the size of the cyst. Small ones might go unnoticed on self-examination, but if large enough, they can cause severe testicular pain. This is possible on one or both the testicles. The affected testicle can feel heavy and may recommend surgery if the case is too severe.

5. Hydrocele

Usually caused by an injury or an infection, the layer of tissue just inside the scrotum and around the testicles might fill up with water or blood. This can cause swelling and pain the scrotum. Treatment for this is surgery which would drain out the liquid which has filled up around your balls. But regular self-examination must be carried out post-procedure as hydrocele is something that reoccurs.

6. Testicular torsion

A more serious medical condition and requires the instant medical procedure, testicular torsion is when the spermatic cord twists and ends up cutting the blood supply to the testicles. This can cause right or left testicle pain, depending on which one is affected. It can lead to loss of the affected testicle if not treated within less as six hours.

This is caused by a deformity where the testicles are not attached to the scrotum and may be able to twist freely. It will require surgery as a long term solution where the doctor will secure both the testicles to the scrotum. Though quite serious, this is a rare condition and affects a very small part of the population. 

7. Injury

When you get an injury, it is like that it will lead to left testicular pain. This is because the left testicle tends to hang lower than the right testicle because of the difference in their anatomies. The left testicle has more blood flowing in it and thus hangs lower. The trauma caused can depend on the severity of the shock suffered. Though mild pain might be bearable and be treated with simple testicle pain treatment like ice packs and some pain killers if more severe. 

However, if the pain is too much and has lasted beyond a couple of days, we recommend you visit a doctor and get it checked up and properly treated.  Often, trauma due to the injuries can lead to other complications, like the ones mentioned above. Here were some of the reasons for testicular pain, or specifically left testicle pain causes and left testicle pain treatment. Make sure you actually visit the doctor and keep in mind that this article isn’t written by a medical practitioner.

Even though any sudden pain in your scrotum will remind you of how sensitive this part of your body is, it is better to always keep in mind how vulnerable it is. Filled many nerve endings make the scrotum highly sensitive and receptive to any trauma. Not only the sense of touch, but the testicles also carry your contribution to a kid you might want to have in the future. 

It is essential to always remember to take care of your body and carry periodic self-examinations on yourself. If you haven’t been taught them at school, there’s always some video or guide available on the internet that can help you with that. Don’t do it only when there is left testicle pain. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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