dress color for Dark Indian skin male

7 Amazing Dress Color For Dark Indian Skin Male Trending In 2022

Most men think that the hairstyle has the power to make or break an outfit. But, it may surprise you to know that the color of your skin and the tones in your outfit play a bigger role. Have you ever tried an outfit that looks great on the mannequin, but somehow falls short on you? It is probably because the shades of the outfit weren’t suiting your skin tone. It’s not just about aesthetics. Knowing what suits your skin tone can boost your confidence. Besides, manipulating a dress color for a dark Indian male can make others perceive you as a powerful fashionista! If you are curious about how do Indian men dress, we have resolved the mystery for you! Read on!

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7 Dress Color for Dark Indian Skin Male

Here are 7 amazing dress colors that every dark Indian skin male should try:

1. Mustard and White

Ever wondered how South Indian men dress in Mustard shades and look stunning? That is because darker skin tones flourish in earthy tones such as mustard, orange, red, etc. If you are worried that mustard might be over the top and too much, know that no color can make you appear darker than you are. So, to cut it short, the combination of a warm mustard color paired with neutrals such as white, grey, or beige will bring out the glow in your skin tone. Overall, making the look stunning! 

This color combination looks great in everything, but especially in ethnic wear. If you have an ethnic formal event to attend, pick a beautiful mustard kurta for yourself and style it with neutral-toned beige pants. For the shoes, keep them classy with beige kolapuris. And, of course, don’t feel shy to add pops of colors with accessories. 

2. Black and White

The black and white combination is evergreen and classic. No one can go wrong with it. This is the perfect dress color for formal occasions such as business parties, business casual events, weddings, etc. There is nothing that can replace the sanctity of the dapper black and white. 

To try out this combination, you can go for a classy suit for a badass boss look. And, if you would rather keep things simple, go for a plain white t-shirt and pair it with black jeans or black corduroy pants. To elevate the casual look, throw on a denim jacket and you will look like you are straight out of a fashion magazine. 

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3. Shades of Green

Algonquin Indian men dress colors are dominated by shades of green. Green is great for those who have melanin in their skin. It complicates the wheatish skin tones and gives a very earthy and delicate look. If your skin tone is on the darker side, start experimenting with shades of green such as olive green, sage, chartreuse, forest, hunter green, cyan, etc. However, green can be tricky to style. So, you need to be careful. For starters, you could pick a monochrome or tonal outfit in black and throw on a pair of a green jackets. Or you could tailor a green suit for yourself with a white undershirt. Suit yourself! 

4. Maroon and Black

With Indian men dress colors, the rule is to avoid visual contrast by going for two extremely different shades of colors. What you should do instead is gravitate towards a dark shade paired with black. The primary black sets the base for the outfit and a darker shade such as maroon brightens it up. This is an easy combination that will look gorgeous on anyone with extra melanin! 

5. Pink and Grey

Gone are the days we used to think that men shouldn’t wear pink. Society has progressed significantly, and so have our fashion choices. Typically, sorbet and pastel hues like peach, pink, coral, and so on, bring out a natural radiant glow on every skin tone. But, especially in darker skin tones. 

 Indian men dress
Indian men dress

Styling the color pink isn’t as tricky as you think. Anything goes with it. You can opt for an easy-breezy pink shirt with white linen pants, or you could layer a bright navy blue t-shirt inside a pink denim jacket. One of the best looks for pink is pairing it with shades of grey. Choose a light pink t-shirt and pair it with soft grey pants. For the shoes, keep it simple with white sneakers! 

6. Shades of Blue

Cool-toned colors are an absolute goldmine for Algonquin Indian men dress. On any given day, pairing shades of blue together will create the perfect outfit combination for an Indian man. Go for a classy pair of denim jeans with a lighter toned blue linen shirt and you will look magical!

7. Coral and Blue

If you gravitate towards beach or pool looks, the coral and blue combination is made for you. Pairing these colors together will make you look fresh and renewed! Besides, this color combination is perfect for any event: dinner with your friends, a first date, a wedding reception party, a cocktail event, etc. Wear navy blue trousers paired with a coral shirt or blazer. For the shoes, keep them clean with polished white sneakers. 

Colors To Avoid 

Now that we have covered all the bases regarding the perfect dress color for Dark Indian skin males, there are some colors that you should avoid. 

As we mentioned, the thumb rule for dressing appropriately for darker skin tones is to avoid visual contrast at all costs. You should avoid wearing dresses that are too bright, warm, or saturated-toned. Instead, try to go for lighter colors or earthy tones. The end goal here is to always try to blend the colors in your outfit with the tones in your skin complexion. This will pull any outfit together without coming off as outlandish.