Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Make Your Walks Fun: 7 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Walking is one of the healthiest exercises which aid in strengthening your bones and muscles and also catalyze your digestion process. According to studies, walking approximately for three hours per week can plummet the risk of heart diseases by 30 percent. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. However, it only becomes an enjoyable activity when one wears the right shoes. With wrong shoes, a step or two is also difficult. When it comes to walking or doing any sort of activity with legs, one needs to wear the most comfortable walking shoes.

Walking Shoes For Men
Walking Shoes For Men

Features of Most Comfortable Walking Shoes 

There are various features and factors that you should consider while buying walking shoes for men. For instance, you need to consider your foot needs, that is, do you have flat feet or do you have high arches? Not only that, but you also need to consider the aesthetic qualities and appearance of the shoes you are willing to buy.

If you are suffering from overpronation, plantar fasciitis, or high arches, it is advised to opt for barefoot-style or minimal shoes, as they strengthen your foot muscles. This statement is backed by various research studies. It says that when you have strong foot muscles, it helps in controlling overpronation or a flat foot and also reduces the stress to the plantar fascia.

On the contrary, if you have high arches, you should look for walking shoes that have a lot of cushion in the heels and midsole. A good outsole with stability and good support with the ground will also help you.

With that said, the most comfortable walking shoes for men also provide a great fit. Now, a great fit is determined by how much room you have to comfortably move your toes in the toe box. Additionally, if your body sweats buckets, you can look for shoes that have removable insoles. The removable insoles can be easily thrown in the laundry and dried, especially after a rainy day.

Apart from these features, shoes can provide comfort when they have a mesh upper as it ensures breathability. Having said that, it is extremely important to change your shoes after every regular interval to ensure consistent comfort. However, how will you know that it’s time to change your walking shoes? The walking shoes, on average, should be replaced every 500 miles. You will come to know that it’s time to replace when there is a breakdown in the cushion and the structure of the shoes also changes a bit.

You also need to replace your shoes with more comfortable ones if you feel extra soreness in your shins, calves, or your feet. Taking all these features into consideration, the below-mentioned are some of the most comfortable walking shoes for men which cover a variety of needs and preferences. They are easily available on sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

List of Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Below is the list of most comfortable walking shoes for men:

1. Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra sneakers

Considered to be the best slip-on walking shoes, these Evolution Ultra sneakers are the best-fitting and most comfortable shoes you can ever wear. It is best for those who prefer lightweight and highly cushioned materials. Its slip-on style is extremely convenient for people who are just too lazy to bend over and tie their laces.

2. Sketchers Men Go Walk 5 Sneakers

If you are into a profession that demands you to stand for the entirety of a day, then you might as well just do it without whining while wearing these Go Walk 5 sneakers. These shoes are extremely lightweight and provide soft cushioning which helps you to stand or walk all day without any sort of discomfort or pain.

3. Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Sneakers

If you have high arches, then Hoka Challenger ATR 6 sneakers are certainly the best for fulfilling your needs. With comfortable cushioning in the heel and midsole, these shoes are perfect for walking your dog out on a bright sunny day. Super comfortable and soft, these shoes are all that your feet need. What more could you possibly ask for?

4. New Balance 577 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoes

Hoka Challengers were the best for high arches, but what about low arches? Well, the New Balance 577 V1 Hook and Loop walking some shave got your feet covered. Its hoop and loop closures make these walking shoes easy to slip and walk comfortably. With a 4.5 star rating and 12000 reviews on Amazon, these walking shoes are a top-rated pick. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Xero Shoes Prio Running and Fitness Shoes

If purchasing walking shoes seems like a waste of money to you then you might as well invest in multipurpose fitness shoes. These multipurpose fitness shoes are none other than the best Xero Prio Running and Fitness shoes which are designed in a barefoot style. One of the most important perks of barefoot-style shoes is its guarantee of minimum wear-and-tear, due to its minimalistic structure and less cushion. As a result, you don’t have to replace shoes often once you invest in Prio Running shoes.

6. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking shoes

With more than 13, 000 reviews and an average 4.5-star rating, the Rockport walking shoes are the perfect fit for a smart-casual style. They are indubitably comfortable, heavy, sturdy, and indeed, ‘exceeding all expectations!’

7. Wonesion Breathable Walking shoes

Now, if you want the benefits of the perfect walking shoes under your budget, then you might be quite interested in the Wonesion Breathable walking shoes. Apart from its inexpensive appeal, it also offers 15 color varieties, so you don’t have to worry if you’re picky. With this one, you can never go wrong.

These are some of the most comfortable walking shoes for men that will certainly never go out of trend. You will find them on popular sites like Amazon. Hurry before it runs out of stock!

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