Best Summer Styles for Men

7 Summer Styles Rules All Men Should Follow To Feel Easy Breezy

Summer has officially begun! And, with the temperatures rising during these months, there are several summer-style rules all men should follow. Here is our complete guide on 7 Summer Style Rules All Men Should Follow.

Looking sharp this season can be challenging, especially with the sweltering heat making you regret all your fashion choices. Of course, layering still isn’t an option, and the best way to stay cool is to dress in lighter fabrics. But, in some cases, that doesn’t seem to be possible.

If you are confused about what to wear during the summer months, don’t worry, you are not the only one!

7 Summer Style Rules All Men Should Follow

Read on to discover our complete guide on men’s summer style, including the statement years: men summer style 2015 and men summer style 2016!

1. Bring out the cool summer shorts

Summer is synonymous with shorts season. Thus, this is the time when you should bring out the cool shorts! Summer shorts and a basic t-shirt should be the g-to outfit for men during the sweltering months. To prevent yourself from breaking into a sweat, choose light fabrics that are comfortable and will allow your skin to breathe. The best fabrics for summer shorts are denim and linen. 

Summer Style Rules
Summer Style Rules

Summer shorts are easy to style and can be worn for a variety of different casual occasions. Just pair these shorts with your favorite t-shirt and a pair of classic vans, and you will be good to go! 

2. Invest in pastel colors

Black men summer style should always include pastel colors. Most summer fabrics, such as linen and cotton come in beautiful pastel shades that are soothing to the eye. Even though bright colors seem more fun to wear, you should avoid them during the hot months.

Instead, go for light or muted pastel shades in pink, faded yellow, mint, sky blue, etc. Darker fabrics should be avoided as they tend to absorb more heat and make you feel warmer. Instead, cool pastel colors allow your skin to breathe, make you feel cool and comfortable, and look amazing when worn with shorts. 

3. Roll up your sleeves

One of the most essential summer style rules all men should follow is to roll up their sleeves. Even though summer shorts and pastel t-shirts are the summer staple, they can’t be worn to formal or work-related occasions. This is when button-down shirts will come to your rescue. But, you can’t wear a button-down in summer and not roll up your sleeves. Rolling up your sleeves may be tricky but once you know how to do it right, there is nothing stopping you!

The best way to roll up the sleeves of a button-down is to follow the Italian method of the double-foldover style. This looks sleek and also prevents it from coming undone. 

4. Switch to flannel shirts

Even if you want to, you can’t wear a flannel shirt all the time. The flannel shirt was the ultimate men summer style 2016 trend, and now it is time to bring it back. For days you don’t feel like dressing in shorts and t-shirts, try a flannel shirt.

Flannel shirts are bright, but not too overpowering. This makes it perfect for the summers. They are also super versatile and easy to style. Just pair a flannel shirt with some chinos, and throw on your favourite pair of converse!

Summer Style Rules
Summer Style Rules

5. Chinos

One of the best summer-style rules all men should follow is to wear chinos for pants. The summer season can be too hot for wearing jeans or other kinds of trousers. But, chinos are perfect! 

All summer wardrobes should have a mix of chinos and sweatpants. 2 to 3 pairs of chinos in different colors are great options for a black man’s summer style wardrobe. When buying chinos, pick colors like beige, olive-green, navy blue, etc. These are versatile colors that look good with almost everything! 

6. Hawaiin Shirts

What’s not to love about Hawaiin Shirts? They are comfy, casual, and not to forget, extremely stylish. Hawaiin Shirts were a big thing in men’s summer style 2015, and thankfully, it is back. But the men’s summer style 2016 shirts were on fleek and trendy!

Hawaiin shirts are great for summer barbecues and night pool parties. They add fresh bursts of color to your otherwise boring outfit and make you stand out in a crowd full of people. When picking Hawaiin shirts, don’t limit yourself. Choose any colors and prints as you like and make it fun! 

Another advantage of Hawaiin shirts is that they can be paired with almost anything. Wear them with shorts, jeans, chinos, as a beach cover-up. There is so much you can do! And, if you are feeling especially adventurous, you can style them with sweatpants or joggers too!

7. Don’t forget your footwear

Another important summer style rule all men should follow is always paying attention to footwear. Summer footwear is a big part of the summer wardrobe. A selection of summer footwear should range from casual to business casual. 

Try to wear closed shoes to protect your feet. Shoes like oxfords, vans, converse, crocs, espadrilles are quite popular and make for the perfect summer shoes. The canvas material is espadrilles allowing your feet to breathe and make for a comfortable choice in summer footwear. 

Summer Style Rules
Summer Style Rules

These were all the summer-style rules all men should follow. Remember to keep it casual, and comfortable over style. Fashion trends may come and go, but once you find your style, no one can stop you from vibing all day long!

And, never forget your sunglasses! 

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