7 Tips to Make Partner to Beg for Sex

Sex Tease: 7 Tips To Make Your Partner Beg For Sex

Jumping to anything is quite boring and bland. Creativity and adventure goes a long way and leaves a lasting impression, and sex is no exception. The more creative you get, wilder the sex will be. Moreover, you will be the master of the bed and the heart, too. Now the question arises how can you make the sex more frenzied, and the answer lies in the teasing sex. 

What is Teasing Sex?

In sexual terminology, teasing refers to a flirtatious way to have sex. It might include sexting before the intercourse, flirting with your partner to make them sexually aroused and many other interesting things. It entirely deviates from the norms of having sex that has been built up in our society. Teasing sex boosts up your energy levels greatly as compared the regular sex you have, and also increases playfulness and attraction towards your partner, hence increases the sexual tension in your bedroom more than ever.

Why you should give Sex Tease a try?

If you haven’t done sex before, you should at least give it a try. It brings you and your partner closer and builds up an emotional bond through the strong sexual bond. Yes, sex affects your personal life and the emotional bonds you have with your partner. Sex is greater than just mere penetration. Just like every other thing you work for betterment, you must also plan on creating different ways to have sex and seduce your partner in the bedroom. And everything is uphill from here!

How to Tease? Stop Wondering and Start Acting

To make the best out of the nights, you must leave no stone unturned. Do the best in seducing and alluring your partner with sex teasing so that they want you more. The teasing session, honestly opens up the honeymoon period of your relationship, if it has passed a long time back. 

Teasing Sex
Teasing Sex

So, without further delay let us get started on how to tease your partner into sex.

1. Teasing starts before you get into the bedroom 

Yes, that’s the catch. The real meaning of teasing is that you have to start teasing before without you engaging physically with your partner. And how is that possible? Here, have a look at some of the ideas. 

  • If you are outside your house, then you should have an intense kiss, or frequent touching so that both of you get turned on. But, of course you have to make sure that you don’t do any of this in a public place or maybe at those places where people are less or chances of getting caught are also less. You can do this while you take a taxi ride or in your car way back home.
  • If you are in the house, start sexting. Sexting will turn both of you and make you both want each other more. Seducing while sexting is cherry on the cake and will definitely pique the sexual interest. But the rules are that you have to keep your hands off him/her until you make them follow you to the bedroom. Just a bit here and there is enough for sexual arousal.

2. Start the game with touching gently

This is quite romantic that paves a way for sexual arousal. You just need to do everything gently, mildly with focus on your partner. Tease with talking dirty or you can skip the talking. Let her hold your fingers, run your hand through her hair, play with her dress, draw something on her skin while running your fingers around and pull her closer to you. 

3. Talk about your wildest fantasies

Talking about you wildest and your most-wanted fantasies can take your sex teasing to another level. It is really hot and a big turn on for your partner. You need to let go of all your fears and don’t have to worry about testing the waters. Experimenting is the best thing a couple can do together. 

4. A sex toy?

Teasing your partner with sex toys is a big chase for him/her. You can tease them with your vibrator from across the room and we bet, they will come running to you, won’t they? You can get them more excited than they’d ever been after they see you turned on! 

5. Ice cubes will make it hotter than before

No, we are not kidding, at all. Ice cubes will definitely up your sex teasing game, and it is not an exaggeration at all. Pick an ice cube and run it on your partner’s skin. Your partner will not only turn hot and on but also end up coming to your knees to beg for sex. Want to add some spice to that? Kiss the wet places for a start and stop. You can feel the heat, we bet. 

6. Touch and stimulate the non-sexual parts of your partner’s body

And what are they? You need to try and explore your partner’s weak points in terms of sexual arousal like some may find touching of ear lobes very enticing and others, their love handles. Sensitive areas like the scalp of the head can be surprisingly a big turn for all your lovers. It also releases dopamine and serotonin hormones that make you feel good and happy. Love handles and wrists also result in huge turn on. Caressing, kissing or just holding them can be sexually alluring. 

7. Blindfold her and make her fall into a sexual abyss

Blindfolding is the best way to play an adult hide and seek. Let her catch you and grab you but not be able to see you. Touch, fondle and kiss your partner without them being able to see or touch you. 

Teasing Sex
Teasing Sex

Drop melted chocolate or honey on her lips and lick it, and that will definitely send sexual shivers down their spine. Turning your partner into a dessert is sexually delicious and sexual teasing makes the water flow smoothly. 

When you want to engage in sexual intercourse, but in a creative way, you need to translate yourself into a language your lover wants to listen and understand. It is only then they are able to go with your flow and there is enough room for suspense and anticipation left. Thus, teasing sex becomes the best option for you to be that language. 

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