Benefits Of Cutting Sugar

8 Reasons To Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

Sugar is considered to be one of the sweetest and delicious foods that everybody has craved once in their lifetime. People who have a sweet tooth always look for some of the other ways to increase their intake of sugar. So, let us have a look at benefits of cutting out sugar.

However, sugar might not seem that sweet when it manifests itself after some years. Newsflash: sugar is dangerous for your body. Now, this might come off as a cold exaggeration to people who have a sweet tooth, but it is certainly not an overstatement. It is a fact. Moreover, there are a plethora of benefits of cutting out sugar in your life. 

You might be wondering why we need to eliminate sugar in our lives. Here is the answer to your why:

According to the National Institutes Of Health, it is estimated that 15 of the calories are gained by the presence of sugar alone. Apart from an increase in calorie intake which is in itself harmful and dangerous for your health, sugar can also be the reason for acquiring certain chronic diseases in the future, such as obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, increase in bad cholesterol levels, increase in inflammation and even lead to fatty liver disease.

Therefore, by replacing the sugar-rich diet options with other healthy dietary elements on your plate, you can reduce the risk of acquiring diabetes.

8 Benefits Of Cutting Out Sugar

Here are some benefits of cutting out sugar. 

1. Escalates The Process Of Weight Loss

Once you cut out sugar from your life or even reduce it significantly, you will notice a drastic change in your weight, as the calorie intake will be significantly reduced. More often than not, fruits and foods which contain sugar are often consumed to provide the body with enough energy. However, if your consumption is more than your usage, you are bound to store fat in your body.

Not only that, if you keep on eating sugary foods, your body will crave more. A perfect example of this is a bar of chocolate. If you eat one piece of chocolate, you will crave more throughout the day.  

Instead of keeping sugary foods as your energy source, keep fiber-rich and low carbs as your sources for nourishing your body and energizing it.

2. Maintains Your Energy And Mood Levels

When you consume something high in sugar, the glucose levels in your body spike up which lifts your mood and alertness. However, when insulin is released into your body to break down that sugar, your mood will again go low and even lower.

This can lead to extreme fluctuations in your mood; from happy to moody within no time. Instead of using sugary foods for energy, you can consume foods like broccoli and other vegetables which will help you to feel energized and also stabilize your moods.

3. Improves The Quality Of Your Teeth

When you consume more sugar, you will bid adieus to your shiny bright white teeth later. What happens is when you consume sugar, the bacteria in your mouth thrive on it. Slowly, this bacteria multiplies within no time and degrades the enamel of your tooth. This invites more gum diseases and cavities.

Not only that, but sugar can also increase the risk of diabetes, as mentioned earlier, which leads to an increase in the growth of oral bacteria.

4. Get A Clear Skin

This is one of the most important benefits of not eating sugar. When your body is constantly going through ups and downs in the mood as well as sugar levels, it experiences internal stress which can make your skin look more dull and dead.

Due to an increase in the amount of sugar in your body, water will be sucked out of your cells and it will even dehydrate your skin.

The best way to deal with this is to drink gallons of water throughout the day and consume nourishing foods which will help you look more rejuvenated and refreshed.

5. Improvement In Mental Health

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, first of all, you need to consult a professional therapist. Not only that, but you also need to cut down on your sugar as it is believed to aggravate the symptoms.

According to research, if your intake of sugar is more, you will face difficulty in dealing with stress and consequently, suffer from the symptoms of anxiety. Due to the constant fluctuations of blood sugar levels in the body, the hormone BDNF is suppressed which increases the symptoms of depression.

If you reduce sugar intake, you will be able to deal with these mental health issues more effectively and your ability to deal with stress will improve.

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6. Improves The Process Of Digestion

Sugar is not that easy to digest. If it is not digested entirely, it will create inflammation in the linings of your digestive walls as it is not broken down into other nutrients except glucose. Improvements in the digestion process are one of the most effective benefits of eliminating sugar.

7. Protects Your Heart

The undigested sugar is easily converted into triglycerides or fatty acids which can change your blood markers rapidly. It can increase the chances of heart disease, stroke, and even cholesterol levels as mentioned earlier.

8. Hones Your Brain Faculties

According to research conducted by UCLA, it was revealed that a high sugar diet can cause damage to your cognitive abilities such as memory and learning. It can also hinder the communication process between your brain cells.

 Benefits Of Cutting Sugar
 Benefits Of Cutting Sugar

If you consume more sugar, your brain will not be able to think clearly. Therefore, it is better to replace a high sugar diet with more salmon, tuna, nuts, seeds, and even healthy oils.

These are some of the unmistakable benefits of cutting out sugar in your life. However, sugar is also included in carbohydrates such as white flour, white pasta, and even white rice. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce that as well and switch to whole grain options.

Not only carbohydrates, but it is also necessary to avoid sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda, sweet tea, fruit juices, and even other cold drinks. You can replace them with herbal tea without any sugar or just some mineral water.  

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