purple cabbage benefits

8 Purple Cabbage Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed!

In this fast-growing world, taking care of one’s body and mind has become extremely essential. This can be only achieved through the food we consume and the kind of lifestyle that we adopt. One of the best foods that we can consume for gaining a high amount of nutrition and vitamins is purple cabbage.

Purple cabbage is similar to green cabbage in terms of its taste. There are numerous purple cabbage benefits such as an increase in bone strength and a healthy heart. Moreover, it also helps in reducing inflammation and may reduce the risk of acquiring cancer. Therefore, before any further adieus, let’s dive straight into the benefits of purple cabbage for men.

8 Amazing Purple Cabbage Benefits for Men

These are the 8 amazing benefits of purple cabbage for men as under:

purple cabbage benefits
purple cabbage benefits

1. Highly nutritious content

Purple cabbage contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. And guess what? It is also low in calories, that is, it contains only 28 grams of calories. In addition to this, it contains the necessary proteins, carbs, fiber, vitamins, potassium, and riboflavin. It is also a great storehouse of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and zinc.

2. Great source of antioxidants

Due to its high content of antioxidants and other essential chemicals, purple cabbage aids in cellular damage. The antioxidants of purple cabbage include vitamin C and carotenoids, even more than green cabbage.

According to research, purple cabbage contains a 4.5 times higher amount of antioxidants than green cabbage. In addition to this, purple cabbage is also a great source of sulforaphane, a sulfur-rich chemical, which helps in strengthening your heart and also help you combat cancer, with its anti-cancer properties.

3. Helps in reducing inflammation

Due to the presence of sulforaphane in purple cabbage, as mentioned earlier, purple cabbage is known to reduce any type of inflammation in the body, which could lead to other diseases. Moreover, the inflammation can also be reduced drastically if the leaves of the cabbage are applied topically.

For instance, if a person is suffering from arthritis, and if he wraps his knees with the cabbage leaves at least once a day, experiences less pain within four weeks. Not only inflammation, but cabbage helps in reducing any pain, swelling and also ensures healthy blood flow in the body.

4. Supports heart health

These cabbages are purple due to the presence of more than 36 types of anthocyanins which are flavonoid antioxidants. In addition to the color, these anthocyanins are also known for supporting the health of an individual’s heart. Moreover, eating high anthocyanin food can also help in reducing your blood pressure levels and lower the risk of acquiring any heart disease.

benefits of purple cabbage for men
benefits of purple cabbage for men

5. Increases the strength of your bones

Due to the presence of vitamins C and Kalong with calcium, manganese, and zinc, it helps in benefitting your bones and increases their strength. It is also rich in vitamin K1, which is especially rich in leafy greens and healthy vegetables.

Vitamins K1 and K2 also help in maintaining the strength of your bones and improving the quality. Although purple cabbage contains a high amount of vitamins that are necessary to maintain and improve your bone health, more research is still required in this area.

6. Helps in preventing certain cancers

Due to the high content of sulforaphane and anthocyanins in purple cabbage, it is known for protecting against certain types of cancers. Sulforaphane and anthocyanins are known to possess some cancer-fighting properties. According to research conducted by some health experts, it was revealed that eating green leafy vegetables such as cabbage can help reduce the risk of colon cancer by 20%. Not only colon cancer, but there is also a reduced risk of breast cancer which is linked to consuming high green and leafy vegetables.

There is also sufficient evidence supporting the fact that sulforaphane contains cancer-fighting cells which can prevent them from growing and spread in the body. Anthocyanins, which are available in red, blue, and purple fruits, also have a role to play in fighting cancer cells. Although anthocyanins and sulforaphane are proved to have anti-cancer effects in the body, more human research is required in this area.

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7. Helps in escalating the metabolic activities

As mentioned earlier, purple cabbage helps in reducing inflammation in the gut and also escalates metabolic activities to induce proper digestion. In addition to this, purple cabbage also helps in lowering intestinal mucositis, which is a medical condition where lesions often occur in the intestines. Intestinal mucositis generally occurs as a side effect of cancer treatment.

purple cabbage benefits
purple cabbage benefits

Moreover, purple cabbage also contains the right amount of fiber, which helps in cleaning your gut and helps in the digestion of food. Fiber helps in reducing the risk of constipation and as cabbage contains 70% of fiber which adds bulk to your stools, it aids in moving the food out of your body easily.

The remaining bacteria help in maintaining your gut clean through the production of short-chain fatty acids by the healthy bacteria. These short-chain fatty acids also aid in reducing Crohn’s disease and bowel syndrome. No matter how beneficial purple cabbage is for maintaining a healthy gut, the studies are still outdated and more research is still required in this area.  

8. Can be easily added to your diet

Purple cabbage is considered to be one of the most versatile vegetables which can be eaten raw, cooked and can also be used in a variety of dishes and mixed along with salads. For example, you can mix the leaves of purple cabbage with apples, vinegar, carrots, and beets, accompanied by red wine.

Apart from eating it in raw form, you can also eat them by roasting or in a sautéed form. If you are roasting it, then you can always accompany it with meats or beans. Not only that, it can be one of the best garnishes which can be used along with soups, salads, and various other dishes. So, long story short, as there are a plethora of purple cabbage benefits and it is one of the versatile vegetables which can go along with any food dish, you cannot ask for a better healthier option.  

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