Amazing Romantic Getaways in the World

Want To Go On A Vacation With Your Bae? 8 Amazing Romantic Getaways All Around The Globe!

Going on a Vacay with your bae is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond and get to know each other. With such romantic getaways, you can choose to experience exciting adventures or just chill and take a break from your busy life.

Although going on exotic romantic getaways is next to impossible due to the pandemic, you can at least plan for the future or just build castles in the air. What’s wrong with that, eh? So, here are 5 amazing romantic getaways for couples who dare to dream during this time. 😉

8 Exotic Romantic Getaways in the World

Below are the romantic getaways to go on a vacation with your bae:

1. Yaron Island, Japan

Many people often don’t consider Japan as one of the romantic places, which is a huge mistake. Yaron Island, also known as the ‘pearl of the orient’ is a coral-surrounded island in Japan. Make sure that you plan your visit in spring and summer as you can see the sandbar during that time only.

Exotic Romantic Getaways
Exotic Romantic Getaways

You can choose certain locally run resorts and enjoy this worth-watching site. However, you will have to make reservations early as the accommodation on the island is scarce.

2. Languedoc Roussillon, France

Where there is France, there is romance! If possible, you can book a private chateau in this wine region and sip lots of wine with your bae. If you want to have an extraordinary romantic experience in this extraordinarily romantic place, you can book your castle on Airbnb. 

You can ramble through the markets of the place and have a perfect date night at the end of the day which can be organized by the hotel in which you are staying.  

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora island is also one of the most popular romantic getaways for couples. One of the major reasons for its popularity is due to its overwater bungalows which help you enjoy the view of crystal clear water and its ecological life.

Besides chilling under the cabana, you can also book a spa treatment, go on water adventures and click Instagram-worthy photos to improve your feed. There are a plethora of resorts that you can book in French Polynesia with extraordinary amenities. You can also take their help to plan a romantic night for your partner.

If you are seriously planning to go there in the future, then you can also visit Matira Beach and get an experience of some of the exciting adventures there.

4. Maldives

You cannot just leave our Maldives from your potential romantic getaways, can you? It is made for couples old and new. You will find a plethora of overwater bungalows and beaches with more than 1000 coral islands. You will never get tired of enjoying the beauty, that is the Maldives.

There are a variety of resorts from eco-friendly themes to bohemian style. Choose whichever suits you and your partner the best. Staying in the Maldives will be the best time of your life, so don’t forget to get the maximum out of it.

5. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful cerulean freshwater lakes which is in Nevada. You can organize some exciting adventures such as skiing in the Squaw Valley or even just grab a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is nothing better than curling up in the bed with a glass of Napa red after an exciting adventurous day with your bae. There are a plethora of resorts and hotels in Nevada that can provide you with all the high-end amenities and luxury that you need. There are plenty of activities that you can do there; ranging from wine tasting to gambling a bit in some of the best casinos.  

6. Florence, Italy

Those who have watched ‘Inferno’ featuring Tom Hanks are fully aware of the unmistakable romance and art of this place. The epicenter of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is the perfect getaway for couples who want to seek art. And nothing is more romantic than art. What could be more romantic than rambling through the streets of Italy, gazing at the huge piazzas and statues which catch your breath away? Italy is one of the places where you fall in love all over again with yourself, with the place, and with your partner. So, if you are looking to rekindle that spark, this is the best option for you.

What are you waiting for? Michelangelo’s David is practically calling out to you. Pro tip: If you are seriously interested in a romantic getaway in Italy, make sure that you reserve your stay on the outskirts of Florence, somewhere near Tuscany.

7. Jeju Island, South Korea

If your partner is a Kdrama fan, then surprise her with a romantic getaway to Jeju Island, \which is also known as the ‘Hawaii Of Korea’. This island is a concoction of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful landscape, and a unique culture that is worthy to be explored. It is one of the most popular destinations for couples in Korea as well. So, you can enjoy, relax, have some adventure, and have perfect insight into the life of South Korea.

8. Turkey

More often than not, people do not consider Turkey as one of their romantic destinations. However, you will be surprised and amazed at its beauty and the exhilarating adventures that you can do there with your partner. From hot air ballooning to sleeping in a cave curled up with the love of your life is a feeling that you can never experience anyplace else. This is the perfect destination for planning your honeymoon and strengthening the bond between you two.

You can also get an insight into Turkish life by getting a rub down in a ‘Hammam’ which is a traditional Turkish bathhouse. You can also enjoy a couples massage which is also very romantic.

These are some of the amazing romantic getaways for couples who are looking forward to spending their whole life with each other, getting to know each other, and just trying to find solace in each other from the hustle and bustle of life.

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