Audience's Reaction to Anek's Trailer

Audience's Reaction to Anek's Trailer Starrer Ayushmann Khurrana

The action film Anek, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and directed by Anubhav Sinha, is a new genre for the actor. After months of anticipation, the much-awaited trailer for Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming role as an undercover agent has finally been released. The 37-year-old actor who portrays Joshua will be shown in the context of Northeast India's geopolitical situation.

Since the trailer was released, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers. It has also been praised for bringing attention to the country's discrimination and the necessity of awakening a sense of unity among people of all backgrounds. In this article, we have presented you with all the details regarding the movie Anek's trailer and the reaction of the audience and film critics after watching the trailer. So let's see what people think of this mind-blowing trailer. 

About the Movie Anek

The story of a man named Joshua is told in the Hindi socio-political crime thriller Anek. A geopolitical backdrop of Northeast India serves as the setting for the film. For Ayushmann Khurrana and director Anubhav Sinha, this is their second collaboration following "Article 15". Only the first look at the film has been made public so far.

The movie's storyline is still hidden behind the curtains. It's rare for an actor to come across a story that pushes him out of his comfort zone," the brilliant Ayushmann Khurrana said when asked about the main character. 

This is one of the most difficult roles Ayushmann Khurrana has played till now. In addition, this is Ayushmann's first action film, so we'll get to see a different side of the actor.

Take on Language Discrimination in Anek's Trailer

Ayushmann plays an undercover cop named Joshua in this action thriller who is sent to North-East India to neutralise a threat presented by separatists. However, one scene in the trailer seems to hint at the filmmakers' position on the 'Hindi as the national language' debate.

Language Discrimination in Anek's Trailer
Language Discrimination in Anek's Trailer

In the trailer, Joshua's character, Ayushmann, asks a man from Telangana why he thought he was from the North. His precise Hindi is to blame for this, the man responds. After that, Joshua asks, "So Hindi determines who is from the North and the South?" The man from Telangana replied No, to which Ayushmann said, "So, it's not even about Hindi!".

Ayushmann has previously stated that Anek's goal is to ask audiences, "What does it mean to be Indian?" in addition to invoking patriotism.

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Constitutional View on Language

There is no mention of a national language in the Indian Constitution. It does, however, mention that Hindi and English are the two official languages of India. An Indian politician, Siddaramaiah, also stated, "Hindi was never and will never be our national language. Every Indian has a responsibility to respect the variety of Indian languages. In the eyes of its people, every language has a rich history of being proud of.

Audience Reaction to Anek's Trailer

Netizens took to Twitter as soon as the trailer was released and shared their thoughts. One of the fans tweeted that "#AyushmannKhurrana takes a bow. A lot of actors in Bollywood lack the guts that you possess. Filmmakers deserve praise as well. Making a film like this when everyone is trying to dismantle India's unity is commendable."

Audience Reaction to Anek's Trailer
Audience Reaction to Anek's Trailer

The trailer has received a lot of positive feedback from social media users. "Just watched the #anek trailer and will definitely watch this movie," one Twitter user wrote. One more Twitter user commented: "I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it! As an Indian, this was exactly the kind of film I wanted to see. Powerful acting by Ayushmann Khurrana in #Anek, directed by @AnubhavSinha."

According to one of the Twitter users, the trailer for the film does not disappoint. He commented that "It is an awesome trailer with some powerful dialogue and a story to be seen and learned. A new @ayushmannk Sir's film promises not to let us down." Another great tweet that got a lot of retweets was "EPIC! Along with @anubhavsinha, who has had a dream run as a director with #Mulk, #Thappad, and now #Anek, @ayushmannk is back with a bang and probably with the best performance of his career. At first glance, it appears to be a resounding success at BO.

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Thoughts of Director Anubhav Sinha and Ayushmann Khurrana for the Movie

After the trailer release, Ayushmann Khurrana said that "Anek celebrates the spirit of being an Indian. With this film, Anubhav sir is pushing the boundaries of storytelling and establishing new standards. Physical and mental challenges were thrust upon me by my portrayal of Joshua. I did my best to bring to life everything Anubhav had in mind for the film with the help of proper training and guidance."

Thoughts of Director Anubhav Sinha
Thoughts of Director Anubhav Sinha

Anubhav Sinha, the film director, said, "My most difficult film to date has been Anek. As a result, it's based on a subject that hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have. It serves as a reminder that despite our differences in customs, languages, and cultures, India can still rise above and succeed as a nation. We persevered in the face of numerous obstacles, including shooting in treacherous terrain and filming during a pandemic. This film has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am overjoyed about it."

Release Date of Anek

The amazing movie was previously scheduled to release in the year 2021. The film's principal photography began in January 2021 and was completed in March of that year. The release was set up for 17 September 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the initial release date was delayed. Anek's producers decided to release the film in theatres on May 13 this year because the current economic climate has improved and box office receipts around the world have increased.

Release Date of Anek
Release Date of Anek

The superstar will soon appear at the big cinema with this amazing movie, assuming the situation with Covid doesn't worsen. One person can make a big difference, said Ayushmann Khurrana on his social media handles and wrote, "Time to unite as Ek! Jeetega Kaun? Hindustan! #Anek IN CINEMAS 13.05.2022."

Cast of Anek

Ayushmann Khurrana and Abhinay Raj Singh play the two major roles in the upcoming movie Anek are the stars in this Anubhav Sinha-directed film. The focus of the film will be on these two individuals. Anubhav Sinha, Bhushan Kumar and T-Series, and Benaras Mediaworks are the film's producers. The film's cinematographer and director of photography is Ewan Mulligan.

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We can clearly see that people are excited about the upcoming movie Anek and it will surely make its mark at the box office. So book your tickets as soon as they are available and enjoy this amazing movie.