Aryan Khan

Is The Bollywood Prince Aryan Khan Being Framed In The NCB Raid Or Is It A Genuine Case?

Unless you are off the grid or living under a rock, you have definitely heard about the NCB raid that led to the Aryan Khan arrest. If not, we have got you covered with the latest news. Here’s everything you need to know about Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan’s involvement in the NCB raid on the Mumbai cruise. Can Bollywood privileges save you from an NCB Mumbai drug bust? Let’s find out in today’s article!

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Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan

What We Know About Aryan Khan’s Involvement in The NCB Raid Case?

On Sunday morning (October 3rd), Twitter and media reports were overflowing with news and rumors speculating Bollywood legend Shahrukh Khan’s eldest son. Apparently, 23-year-old Aryan Khan was detained by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday night. 

This event was following a successful raid of a Mumbai passenger cruise ship where a party onboard was busted after information that drugs were being used was confirmed. According to specific details of the case, the NCB Mumbai officials conducted a general raid on the Cordelia cruise which was bound from Mumbai to Goa on October 2nd. During the operation, all official procedures were followed. 

These protocols demanded that all suspects had to be searched for various drugs. After the search by NCB, it was discovered that the suspects were found with numerous drugs such as Ecstacy, Charas, MDMA, Cocaine, and MD (Mephedrone). The authorized statement by the NCB officials on Sunday morning confirmed this. 

These reports have also revealed that during the bust, Aryan Khan’s phone was investigated. What came after was shocking. Sources of the NCB have informed that there were plenty of chats on Aryan’s phone that alluded that Aryan regularly purchased and consumed drugs. 

In fact, shocking incriminating material has been found on Aryan’s phone that ties him with regular drug abuse. On the basis of this information, Aryan Khan could be charged and arrested under the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. 

Who Else is Involved Along With Aryan Khan in the NCB raid on Mumbai cruise?

Where exactly does Aryan Khan stand now? According to NCB officials, he is supposed to be detained in NCB custody until October 7, but there is a huge possibility that an extension until October 11 may be passed. 

Was Aryan Khan the only one detained by NCB? No. On the Cordelia cruise, Aryan Khan wasn’t the only one who was searched and arrested by the NCB. There were others, including Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha, Ismeet Singh, Nupur Sarika, Gomit Chopra, Vikrant Chokkher, and Mohak Jaswal. In total, 12 people including Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan have been arrested in the NCB raid. 

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Sources have confirmed that the NCB had no prior knowledge about this, and neither did they suspect the involvement of high-profile Bollywood elites. The information that reached NCB only specified a regular party on the cruise ship where drugs would be consumed. The team that raided the cruise ship was disguised as regular passengers and wasn’t aware of the guests on the ship. 

Reports confirmed that the NCB had a solid case. The drug bust goes beyond the Aryan Khan arrest and involvement of high-profile elites. In a report by NDTV, NCB officials confirmed that they received information about an international cartel that was associated with the substance abuse network rampant in Mumbai. 

The drug bust on Saturday night was the result of a meticulous investigation that went on for more than two weeks. In the process, the officials are acting in an impartial manner and there is no personal vendetta against any Bollywood celebrity. 

Some popular figures such as Shashi Tharoor and Susanne Khan have called the Aryan Khan arrest a witch-hunt. However, NCB’s Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede publicly refuted such claims in a statement. He confirmed that no one was being targeted specifically. More than 300 people were arrested in the last 10 months, and the 12 Bollywood celebrities just happen to be among them. 

Is Aryan Khan Getting Special Treatment in Jail?

Being a Bollywood star kid may come with a lot of privileges, but special treatment after being detained is not one of them. As per multiple media reports, Aryan has not been getting any special privileges. Only a change of clothes was provided by his family. 

Aryan has been eating regular food that is provided in the NCB mess. Getting food from outside requires permission from the court, and Aryan hasn’t been granted any such permission. It has been rumored that Shahrukh Khan’s wife and Aryan’s mom, Gauri Khan approached the NCB guesthouse with packets of food from McDonald’s, but wasn’t allowed to meet or give it to her son. She was turned away. 

The 12 detained persons will have to be produced before court after the legal formalities are over. Lastly, as far as the star family is concerned, neither Shahrukh Khan nor anyone from his family has officially issued a statement. They are staying quiet amidst all this chaos.