beard mistakes men should stop

5 Beard Mistakes Men Should Stop Doing Right Now!

Rocking a beard is a dream of many men, however, when it comes to growing and styling one, it takes real effort and patience to maintain it properly. Just one thing to go haywire, and you will soon pay a visit to the salon for chopping it off. 

So, make sure that your wish to grow and style a beard is strong enough to subjugate the inevitable mistakes that you are bound to make in the future. However, you can make this growing process much easier by avoiding some of the common beard mistakes men are prone to make. 

5 Beard Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some beard mistakes that men should avoid making. 

1. Not brushing your beard

Now, this might seem one of the most obvious things which can be overlooked. However, unfortunately, this is also one of the common mistakes that a majority of people make. If you decide to grow a beard on your face and down to the neck, make sure that you brush it regularly without fail. Brushing your beard will ensure the quality of your beard hair and keep it soft and ‘beardruff’ free. It will also up your beard look and keep the dirt at bay. Do not forget to use beard oil. 

Another biggest mistake that men make while grooming their beards is using the wrong brush. Avoid using plastic combs because they can cause more breakage and make your hair brittle. You can use wooden brushes because they help in naturally spreading oil all over your facial hair. 

2. Washing your beard daily

It is understandable to wash your beard daily considering the pollutants that get easily accumulated. However, it is not advisable to wash your beard daily. Hydration is a necessity for the beard to grow but washing it often can cause dryness and breakage in your hair. When you wash your beard hair daily, you strip off the natural oils and sebum from your face which worsens the quality of your hair. 

The natural oils of your face help in enriching and nourishing the quality of your beard, making each hair stronger and preventing dryness. Therefore, you must set a schedule for washing your beard and stay committed to it. However, make sure that while washing your beard, you don’t use scalp hair shampoo. That might deteriorate the condition of your hair and strip off all the natural oils. 

Beard Mistakes To Avoid
Beard Mistakes To Avoid

Invest in a good beard hair shampoo and wash it only a couple of times a week. A good beard hair shampoo will help you preserve the natural oils of your face and prevent dryness or breakage. 

3. Trimming the neckline too high

Have you ever noticed the beard of George Lucas? It looks natural and weird for some reason, right? Well, one of the major reasons it looks so weird is that he trimmed his neckline too high and his cheek line too low. Normally, beards are not supposed to be that high.

Under normal circumstances, you need to keep the beard not more than two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Make sure that you shave your beard to maintain the right kind of balance. There should be a curved line so that your face looks natural. 

4. Being a stern believer in almost all the age-old beard myths

If you’ve fallen prey to any one of these beard myths ever in your life, chances are that you’re not gaining success while grooming your beard or you’ve entirely stopped growing one. 

‘Having a beard will make it harder for you to land a job’

‘Shaving your beard will make your facial hair grow faster and thicker’

‘Beards men make men attractive’

Falling a victim to any of these myths is probably one of the gravest beard mistakes men make in their lives. These can hinder your motivation and even reduce the process significantly. 

Therefore, it is necessary to beware of these myths and know that these are myths. They lack the element of truth in them and hence are not to be trusted at all. 

If you style and groom your beard properly, you will certainly be able to pull it off and instantly make you more likeable and wise. In addition, there is certainly no evidence whatsoever confirming the statement that shaving ameliorates the rate of beard growth. 

And when it comes to the last statement, women are highly attracted to men who have to know how to style and groom their beards. 

5. Applying oil solely to your beard

Applying beard oil on your beard for accelerating facial hair growth is necessary. However, applying the oil only to your facial hair will not produce any results. 

The reason is that your face naturally produces oils that help in the process of beard growth. However, if your face lacks a sufficient amount of oil, the quality of your beard will turn out to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to apply beard oil to your face first, massage it and then apply it to your beard. 

These are some of the common beard mistakes men are prone to make. However, how to fix beard mistakes like these? One of the best ways to fix them is to give some time and patience for your beard to grow properly. The beard growth rate of every man is different, therefore, it is solely based upon your personal choice, whether you want a patchy beard or you want to opt for a full mane. 

Another thing that you have to keep in mind while growing your beard is to make sure that you trim it regularly. No matter how caught up you are in the hustle and bustle of your life, do not forget to trim your beard. It is one of the ways of showing that you are concerned about your beard. Trim it and groom it the way you want it to be. 

Don’t be such a lazy ass who ignores all the red flags and whines in the end. 

Remember, you’ve been warned!

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