Best Alternatives to the Mustache Wax

Best Alternatives To The Mustache Wax Preferred By Popular Celebs

Who doesn't know about famous personalities, Salvador Dalí, Freddie Mercury, and Charlie Chaplin, who created a style statement with their perfect mustache styling? Don't you think they had alternatives to the mustache wax that we know today? In addition to having success in their careers in common, we agree that all the three bet on growing a mustache. Style statement? Hallmark? or simply because they did not have a thick beard, the reason why they chose to wear the mustache we will never know.

But what we can tell you is that three personalities always wore the mustache as worthy representatives of the Hall of Fame of the mustachioed men - if there was one.

Now, if you like them and have decided to wear them and have already searched for things you must know before growing a mustache, it will be vital that you do not forget to provide the necessary care. In addition to the daily trimming, you will also need to style it to shape it with the hairstyle

If you are one of those lucky few in whom the mustache maintains its shape naturally, we envy you, but if not, we will tell you how to use mustache wax and some great alternatives to mustache wax. Here are all the essentials that you should not overlook when the wax and the mustache come into contact.

Choosing Alternatives to the Mustache Wax

Before you get your choice of alternative wax, it is important you know about the basics of the wax for your mustache. We consider that the essential aspects when choosing mustache wax are three:

  • Ingredients
  • Smell
  • Fixation

The ingredients must be of natural origin. Being a product that is so close to direct contact with the mouth, you do not want to put a product full of chemicals. The infallible components are beeswax, coconut, or shea butter. Consider that it will also be close to your nose; hence its aroma must be pleasant.

Finally, the fixation, there are two types: soft and strong. The difference is that the former includes natural oils in its composition, making it lighter. For its part, the fort provides a greater fixation throughout the day for those well-dense mustaches. 

The Best Alternatives to Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is a must-have tool to help hydrate the mustache and create the perfect style for your face. Also, don't forget to look for the best mustache styles to elevate your fashion sense. Whether you're running out of your best mustache wax or just looking for a few alternatives, a few products work exceptionally well.

1. Lip balm

One of the best alternatives to the mustache wax is lip balm. Many naturally made lip balms are made from beeswax. When you apply the lip balm to your mustache, the beeswax provides a solid hold for better control over the shape of your mustache.

Mustache Wax
Mustache Wax

Also, many lip balms contain nourishing ingredients like base oils, butter, etc. These ingredients will also help keep the protection of the skin under the mustache nice and supple to prevent dryness.

2. Hair wax

Hair wax is a product that contains either beeswax or carnauba wax. Just like mustache wax, the wax in this styling product is added for styling abilities. However, hair wax has a much softer and lighter hold, unlike mustache wax. Consider this alternative if you are only looking to deal with poorly groomed mustaches and not create a handlebar mustache for the whole day.

3. Hair spray

Hair sprays come in many different forms, from sea salt hairspray to traditional chemical-based hairspray. Sea salt sprays provide extra light hold and are primarily used to add texture to hair. Using sea salt spray as an alternative to mustache wax probably won't give the best results.

On the other hand, hairspray can replace mustache wax in the short term. Hair spray is based on artificial polymers. While it's not recommended that you use them, primarily due to the distance between your mouth and your mustache, hairspray can help you maintain your favorite style for the day - a good alternative if you have it rarely used.

4. Pomade

Ointments vary a lot from brand to brand, and some are oil-based, while others are water or wax-based. If possible, use a water-based or wax-based ointment to give results similar to mustache wax. An oily ointment is excellent for revitalizing facial hair and skin, but it doesn't provide as firm a hold.

5. Beard balm

Beard balm is the best replacement for mustache wax in the beard care world. It often contains the same ingredients (wax, butter, base oil, essential oil) and gives similar results. The only difference is that the beard balm is mainly designed to maintain the beard and style it.

The hold of most beard balms is light to medium at best and is only meant to tame whiskers. In short, don't expect a handlebar-shaped mustache to last past lunchtime if you use a beard balm.

6. Hair gel

Like hair spray, hair gel relies on chemical ingredients (vinyl monomers) as its primary fixing agent, and you should therefore use it with care to replace mustache wax. However, some hair gels can provide an extra strong hold that rivals some of today's best performing mustache waxes. If using hair gel, use only a small amount, as over-application can cause unsightly chipping of the product.

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7. Beeswax

The main styling ingredient in most mustache waxes is beeswax. By heating it with a hairdryer or massaging it into your hands, it should eventually turn into a liquid, which will make it easy to apply to your mustache hairs. You can find beeswax in common household products, including balms, ointments, candles, and other topical skin solutions.

8. DIY

Consider making your wax if you are looking for an alternative to mustache wax just because of economic considerations. Since mustache wax only consists of four ingredients, it's super easy (and affordable) to make at home. 

Finding a mustache wax is pretty easy. You can search for mustache wax near me and get a list of stores where the product is available, and Walmart is a store where you can shop for mustache waxes.

Less is more

As with all grooming products: applying a small amount will suffice; the same rule applies for these items since if you take too much wax, the only thing you will get is to end up with a greasy mustache, and we don't want that. And last but not least, the best alternatives to the mustache wax mentioned above can be of great use depending on your needs. Choose yours today!