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How To Rock A Messy Hair Look? Best Messy Hairstyles To Go For

Gone are the days when men’s messy hair was only associated with the ‘coming straight out of bed’ look. There has been a great shift from clean, slick hairstyles at the beginning of the 20th Century to messy fringes towards its end. Messy hair is the new sexy hair these days, and women are 10/10 raving on them. Apart from being fashionable and easy, messy hairstyles are available for almost all lengths of hair, and a huge variety of them. Celebrities have walked on that red carpet wearing messy hairstyles, and boy, have they rocked it. If you’re looking for effortless cool styling of your hair, we’d suggest you go for messy hairstyles. Even short hair can be perfectly arranged into messy hairstyles, with the right products.

The Messy Hairstyle Guide

Here is a list of some popular and handsome messy hairstyles that you can try depending on the length of your hair. Have a look!

1. Messy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Men with short hair are mostly baffled with what hairstyle to wear, considering the limited options they have. But, as we said, messy hairstyles are for everyone, and here’s your list of hairstyles that you can try and rock in your short hair:

  • Short messy hair with bangs

Short, messy, and fringey just cannot go wrong together! Pair your short, layered hair with bangs, and rock the look.

  • Short spiky hair

A high fade or an undercut on the sides couples with short spiky hair can be your hairstyle if you are looking for something stylish, yet something that wouldn’t take too long to set up. For styling spiky hair, it’s quite easy if you use hair wax or a strong pomade, on damp hair. You can also use a matte product for textured, natural-looking spikes. These products will ensure that you do not have to spend too long only on setting your hair.

messy hairstyle
messy hairstyle
  • Messy crop top

Want to go for something that can easily be styled into messy as well as slick and refined? Well, we would suggest you go for a messy crop top. While a crop top looks extremely dapper with messy hair, it can be refined into a slick hairstyle within minutes, using the right hair product. Keeping the hair of the crop a bit longer is generally advisable because they bring out the best of the look.  A crop top fade or a two-length crop top are also good options you can choose from.

  • Fringes

A short, messy hair fringe looks the best on curly hair, and also, a well-groomed beard is just a cherry on the cake. Got curly hair, and frustrated with managing them? Short, messy fringes can be your hairstyle. You can go for an undercut or a skin fade on the sides while keeping the front hair a little longer.

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2. Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

It is always easier to style medium length hair, with a great variety of styles available. Have a look at what you can try according to the trend.

  • Medium hair with bangs

You really do not have to think a lot before going for bangs, it just looks good on everybody. Keep the length of hair on your head’s top medium, and get some bangs in the front hair.

  • Johnny Depp messy hair

You sure would’ve heard Johnny Depp’s name quite frequently in the news these days, but today we are here to talk about his stylish messy hairstyle. When he’s not in his classy, shoulder-length, pirate-y look, this is the look you’re gonna find him in- messy top with medium length hair and an undercut on the sides. Like it? Go for it!

messy hair
messy hair
  • Unkempt hair

When Robert Pattinson rocked the ‘Edward Cullen’ look in Twilight, women around the world fell in love with him. We believe his messy, unkempt and incredibly sexy hair was definitely one factor contributing to it, don’t you?

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messy hairstyle guide
messy hairstyle guide
  • Messy faux hawk

The faux hawk also called the ‘Fohawk’ has been one trendy hairstyle among men in recent years. You can also pair it with a good beard style for a better look. An undercut, shaved sides, or a fade haircut, all work well with the Fohawk.

  • Slick back

For a classy, retro look, you can go for slicked back messy hair. Slicked back hair looks good with both, regular clean hair, or messy brushed back hair. You can work this well with wax as well. Also, this hairstyle is surely one of the most easily styled ones, so you need not even worry about the amount of time it’ll take you to style it.

  • Quiff

Scruffy, dishevelled, elegant and natural-looking, quaff hairstyles are an all-in-one pack that you just wouldn’t want to give up. Keeping the front hair, you can style your messy hair into several quiff hairstyles as per your choice.

messy hairstyle
messy hairstyle

3. Messy Hairstyles for Long Hair

We all know women love long hair, and we also know this is a good motivation for you to keep them. Grow your hair to at least 6 inches, style them with lightweight hair products into any and every hairstyle you like, from a messy bun to a ponytail. 

  • Spiky hipster hairstyle

Grow your hair long enough, get a spiky hipster hairstyle, pair it with a full beard and moustache, and voila, you’re ready with your ultra-cool look!

  • Daario Naharis messy hairstyle
messy hair
messy hair

Our Game of Thrones gang, where are you at? Those long spectacular hair locks of Daario Naharis aren’t something you can miss. Pair the hairstyle with a beard and rock the look.

  • Long fringes

Mixed with an undercut, fringes can go well with all lengths of hair, including long.

How to Style my Messy Hair?

Firstly, you’ll need the right hair products according to your hair texture and your hairstyle. Second, the best time to style messy hair is right after a warm shower, when your hair is just towel-dried and damp. Apply your product from root to tip through your fingers, and use your fingers or a comb to style your hair. Ensure that you leave some strands flowing, to achieve the messy look. Finally, tease and tousle your hair by running your fingers through it to achieve your perfect messy look!

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