12 sipping rum

12 Best Sipping Rum You Need In Your Liquor Cabinet Today!

If you are someone who enjoys an occasional drink now and then, it is quite likely that either you or at least one of your friends is a huge fan of rum. Not only the sweet taste and fragrance of the drink is what attracts people, but it is also its versatility that you can enjoy it with. One of the most common cocktails is rum-and-coke. But if you are a bigger fan of this drink, you probably just love sipping rum. Rum is relatively smooth and quite pleasant even when taken neat. 

Rum is made from molasses, the by-product from sugarcane after making sugar. The liquid is then aged and fermented in oak barrels, and that’s how it acquires its classic brown color. However, there are other variants which include lighter rum and also white rum. The color occurs due to the differences in the ageing process of the initial liquid.

Even though the drink is very popular in India, most of its production takes place in Latin America and the Caribbean, the erstwhile colonial sugarcane plantation hubs. Rum is oddly enough, even linked to pirates. Some claim that rum holds the potential to become the new liquor that would appeal to sippers worldwide. So if you are looking for the best sipping rum to drink, here is a list of some sipping rum you can go for!

12 Best Sipping Rum

Here is the list of 12  best sipping rum to have fun:

1. Old Monk

Let’s get our favorite on the top of this list, and out of the way. Not only is the Old Monk a lot of Indians’ first alcoholic drink, but it is also their first sipping rum, and also the best sipping rum for them. Due to this familiarity and its role into your coming of age celebrations or rather, an initiation by your friends, the Old Monk becomes has a sentimental value to it. It’s vanilla flavor, being light on the pocket and maintaining its great taste for all these years, are reasons why it is everyone’s favorite. 

2. Contessa


Another one of the best sipping rum to drink, and more popular among the armed forces, this rum is aged and fermented for twelve years. This rum, like the Old Monk, is more on the affordable side and is also loved by a lot of people.

3. Bacardi

One of the more global and older brands, Bacardi has many drinks under its name. One of them is the highly popular rums which come in different varieties; among which are the classics like white rum, spiced rum and dark or gold rum. 

4. McDowell’s No. 1

McDowell’s No. 1
McDowell’s No. 1

Overtaking Bacardi in 2015 as the best selling rum worldwide, the McDowell’s No. 1 receives equal love in India too. Being much cheaper than Bacardi, and a taste as good as any good rum in the market, the McDowell’s No. 1 easily had the chances of becoming the best seller. The good taste of both its variants – Celebration (dark rum) and Caribbean (white rum) – make this one of the most affordable and best-sipping rums to drink.

5. Khukri Rum

A little more exotic to the Indian market, the Khukri Rum is actually very popular in its native country. It accounts for eighty per cent of Nepal’s alcohol market, as claimed by its producer. Such popularity of the drink does make you wonder how great it would be if it occupies such an intimidating share of the total market. It’s available in three varieties – Classic Khukri Rum, Coronation Khukri and the Khukri Spice Rum.

6. Ron Zacapa

Made in the highlands of Guatemala, Ron Zavala has its own unique taste and fineness. Rums fermented and aged anywhere from six to twenty-three years are mixed together in one bottle of this brilliant sipping rum. The taste is a mix of certain spices, vanilla, dried fruits, and of course oak.

7. Richland 

Being a Single Estate distillery, this brand of rum attaches an authenticity to itself. With its balanced sweet and dry taste, and a mix of flavors of caramel, sugarcane syrup, butterscotch and almonds, makes it a good sipping rum and one of the best-tasting rums as well.

8. Diplomatica

Origins tracing back to Venezuela, the Diplomatica one of the more flavored rum. It is sweet with a bit of spice that comes up when you sip it. This dark golden rum has its fermentation process of twelve years. Other than its taste and smoothness, the Diplomatica is recognized for its ethical practices which involve is awareness of environment where is recycles it residual water into being used for sugarcane farms.

9. Santa Teresa

Another Venezuelan on the list. This old generational rum brand from 1796, with its relatively strong flavors, makes it a great combination with food. Its strong flavor is also a reason why certain drinkers love Saint Teresa as the best sipping rum to drink too.  

10. Don Papa

A very new name in terms of liquor brands, it was established in the Philippines only in 2012. But despite this, it has garnered a reputation of being the best sipping rum in the short span of time. Don Papa is an age for seven years in oak barrels before it is bottled. A Ten Year variant is also available as a limited edition bottle.

11. Flor de Caña

This eighteen-year ferment from Nicaragua has a rich, smooth and balanced taste. This is another generational brand which has perfected its taste over all these years and is also known for its production completely based on renewable energy.

12. Appleton Estate

One of the more expensive rums, this brand dates back to 1749 Jamaica. One of its variants is fifty years old, which is beloved to be the oldest rum in the world. Moreover, its tastes can be credited to the First Lady Master Blender Joy Spence. It is dark amber in color, and the fine taste is a combination of some sweetness and spices. Recommended for a celebratory event. This was a list of some of the best sipping rums to drink including those easily available in any alcohol shop in India and some more exotic ones which might be very easily available. Here are some more curated lists you can look in. 

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