Best Trimmers In India

Groom Your Beard: 5 Best Trimmers In India For Men

More often than not, men fall short of grooming their beards and neglect them due to their busy hectic lives. However, nothing is more important than grooming your mane unless you want to rock a hippie bohemian look with an unkempt and disheveled beard.  

With a clean and groomed beard, you can certainly impress whomever you talk to and even emanate confidence. For this, you need to look for the best trimmer in India. We have made your work easier and listed the top 5 best trimmers in india which can help you groom your beard and keep your face clean and sharp.

However, before you begin reading the litany of best trimmer for men in India, you need to keep certain factors in mind. You need to be sure which trimmer you are most comfortable with. Is it a cordless or wired trimmer? Both have their pros and cons, therefore it is a must which is most comfortable at the moment for you.

Next, you need to keep in mind the desired length of your beard. If you want to keep long and thick, you might need a different trimmer for that one. In addition to this, you also need to keep in mind the money you are ready to spend on the best beard trimmer. You need to be prudent as well as careful while buying any trimmer as they can be quite expensive at times.

5 Best Trimmers In India For Men

So, before any further adieus, let’s check out the best trimmer for men in India.

1. Havells Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmers In India
Best Trimmers In India

Havells is one of the most classic brands for grooming products for men. Therefore, a beard trimmer from Havells is naturally one of the best. The BT6153C version of the Havells beard trimmer has been used up to 10mm and it is available in corded as well as cordless forms.

The blades used in this trimmer are made from stainless steel which he;p in giving you an immaculate trim. Not only that, but it is available with two years of warranty and one can use the trimmer for 50 minutes without any wire.

2. Syska Beard Trimmer

Syska, being one of the sought brands in India, has the best beard trimmer for men in India. The HT300 version of the trimmer has stainless steel blades, similar to the Havells brand.

In addition to this, they are available with 20 length settings, which make sure a smooth and sharp trimming. What’s more interesting, the built-in adjustable comb which can help you shave and trim your beard in the best possible way especially when you have a long busy day planned ahead of you.

However, the fact that you need to charge this beard trimmer for 8 hours to use it for half an hour might sound problematic and imprudent to some people, accompanied by its price.

3. Philips Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmers In India
Best Trimmers In India

Out of the lot, Philips beard trimmer can be considered as one of the best beard trimmers in India for men. The sharp stainless steel blades help you to give a smooth and sharp shave, which would never make you pay a visit to the salon. These stainless steel blades are self-sharpening which makes your work extremely easier and effective.

In addition to this, it is extremely skin-friendly and the DuraPower technology allows the trimmer to have a long battery life, longer than all the other trimmers. In addition to this, these trimmers are available in an ergonomic design which helps one to have a firm hold. They come with two years of warranty.

However, while using a Philips QT4001/15 which is one of the best trimmers in india, you need to make sure that you are rinsing off the detachable head with water.

4. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

The ER-207-WK-44B of Panasonic is considered to be the best trimmer, especially, if you want the strong and versatile ones which can be used with and without the cords. What’s interesting about these Panasonic trimmers are the blades in which they come in. They use the Japanese blade technology attached to the stainless steel blades.

Not only that, its ergonomic S-design helps in ensuring a firm grip to whosoever is using it. It is available in 12 length settings, a floating wide blade cutter, and a head which helps in trimming your beard immaculately.

Similar to the previous one, make sure that you are washing the detachable head with water every time you use it. However, keep in mind that the head can be washed, not the body. Available within the range of 2000 INR, you can never regret buying such a versatile beard trimmer.  

5. Braun Grooming Trimmer

Best Trimmers In India
Best Trimmers In India

Using a Braun MGK3020 6-in-one multi grooming trimmer will help you achieve the salon results at home without any efforts or extraordinary time required. This 6-in-one multi-grooming trimmer can help you trim your beard, maintain it, design it and even help you have an edgy look.

It has separate built-in combs which help you in trimming the hairs of your nose and ears and not just your beard hair growth. It has also had a complete washable head which should be rinsed with water every time you use it.

More often than not, a lot of blades of other trimmers lose their sharpness and edge after a significant period. However, in the case of a Philips beard trimmer, you do not have to worry about its edge as it will remain sharp as long as you use it.

As it is available in different combs, make sure you are using the right one as per your choice and preference of your beard. The 1 to 2mm comb is generally used to maintain a stubble whereas a 4 to 9mm comb is used to trim the short beard.

Be that as it may, it is a bit expensive, however, rest assured, it is a non-regrettable long-term investment.

These are some of the best trimmers in India for men which could help you trim your beard effectively and maintain an edgy and debonair look at the same time. However, while you are buying, make sure you keep the other factors in mind as mentioned at the beginning of the article.  

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