Blue Frozen Margarita recipe

Take A Trip To Blue Planet With Blue Frozen Margarita (With Recipe)

Cocktails have been famous among drink lovers for ages now, however, they have gained a lot of popularity recently. They add the perfect spark to your parties with their deliciously simple and refreshing taste and appeal. Talking about cocktails, it would be unfair to leave out our favorite margaritas. Margarita and frozen drinks are one of the best combinations we’ve given to ourselves. The Blue Frozen Margarita is a regular tasting, frozen lime margarita. 

This is definitely one recipe that you need to try real soon if you haven’t already. If you have been tired of your boring cocktails and drinks, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something new, and why not a Blue Frozen Margarita? Apart from the delicious taste, you can even get high on that color 😛Honestly, there is no such time as a bad time for this frozen margarita. This simple, easy, festive recipe is all you need to live that party mood. 

Blue Frozen Margarita Recipe

Wondering about what can be the ingredients required for the Blue Frozen Margarita Cocktail recipe? Worry no more!

  • 60 mL silver tequila (2 oz)
  • 30 mL lime juice (1 oz)
  • 30 mL Blue Curacao (1 oz)
  • 15 mL of syrup (1/2 oz)
  • 1 Lime Wheel
  • Kosher salt
  • 1 cup crushed ice

About the ingredients:

1. Blue Curacao

Curacao is a Caribbean liqueur prepared from the dried peels of a citrus fruit named Laraha. This has a lot of appeal among people who make and love cocktails and drinks since it is a special ingredient in most of them. Although a lot of brands sell some of the greatest Blue curacao, you can also make it on your own! Yes, you heard it right. Though the entire recipe might be a little hectic, it’s doable and we have for you here simple instructions that will help you. So, have a look.

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Ingredients required: 

  • 1-liter vodka,
  • 1-liter gin,
  • zest of 12 oranges,
  • 4 tablespoons dried orange peel,
  • 32 cloves,
  • 8 cups sugar,
  • 6 cups water,
  • blue food coloring.


  • Mix the vodka, orange zest, gin, and dried orange peels in a container and leave it for 20 days.
  • After 20 days, add 32 cloves to it and let it rest for one more day.
  • Strain all the liquid from the container.
  • Add the 8 cups of sugar and 6 cups of water that you have taken, after straining the liquid from the container. Stir the mixture until the sugar gets dissolved.
  • Add a few drops of blue coloring from the top till the point your desired color is reached.

2. Kosher salt

Kosher salt is preferred over normal salt in a lot of recipes, mainly because it brings out all the flavors of the ingredients of the recipe you’re using it in. it is a flat grained, coarse salt without the presence of any additives. Using Kosher salt in place of normal salt does not make the food taste salty, instead, it adds to the flavor of the recipe. Also, it is free of iodine which saves it from the bitter taste that iodine might add, as In the case of normal salt.

3. Silver tequila

With tequila shots literally being the life of parties today, tequila has managed to become one of the most popular drinks of all time. Tequilas are prepared when the juice of the blue Agave plant goes through distillation. The quality and popularity of tequila are generally marked through the number of years it is aged; the greater the number of years, the better and more refined the tequila. 

Silver tequila, also known as white or platinum tequila, is one of the finest tequilas. It is generally aged in stainless steel containers for around a few weeks and is directly bottled after the distillation process. To be honest, this one requires the least amount of effort from the side of the distiller. Silver tequila is a popular ingredient for many recipes as well, just like our Blue Frozen Margarita Cocktail. The agave’s bright essence is a beautiful addition to the Blue Frozen Margarita, and also other cocktails, like the Tequila Sunrise.

How To Make The Blue Frozen Margarita Cocktail?

Take a martini glass and chill it beforehand by keeping it in a refrigerator for best results. Wet the edges of the glass and its rim using a lime wedge.

Blue Frozen Margarita
Blue Frozen Margarita
  • Spread the Kosher salt on a flat surface like a plate, and take the martini glass and dip its rim in the Kosher salt.
  • Blend the tequila, lime juice, blue curacao, and crushed ice in a blender until the mixture becomes frothy.
  • Fill the salt-rimmed cocktail glass with a slush.
  • Slide the lime wheel on the rim of the serving cocktail glass and your Blue Frozen Margarita is ready!

We hope our recipe helps you prepare the perfect Blue Frozen Margarita Cocktail, and is loved by everybody you serve it to.

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