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What You Should Know Before Getting Brazilian Wax?

Male waxing is not a new concept and it dates more than a couple of decades back. became more widespread in the 1990s, following the increased prevalence of female pubic hair shaping or removal, usually called bikini waxing, although the count of such waxers previously and presently unknown. 

Throughout the modelling and bodybuilding cultures, male waxing is common. The type of pubic hair removal that includes removing all pubic hair is referred to as the sphinx wax. The male procedure is primarily complete removal, also called manzilian, a contraction of “male Brazilian” unlike many grooming options for female pubic hair removal. 

Nevertheless, waxing salons usually provide variants on total hair removal around the genital region and sometimes incorporate other areas of the body in varieties of services provided to their client base. BSC or “the back, sack and crack” where the backside, the testicles, and the perianal area between the buttocks are waxed is a common combination. It is possible to remove hair from the penis, as well.

You must be at least keen to know about what exactly happens when a man ends up getting Brazilian wax since you have landed on this page. Fantastic for you. When the possibility of a hairless testicle is on the table, such curiosity is a stable place to proceed. And now that a reasonably common element of the proverbial men’s grooming solution is body hair grooming, you have the opportunity (and indeed the prerogative) to trim off as much as you wish. Getting rid of all hair from the testicles, perineum, and anal regions require a full Brazilian male wax. Usually, the outcomes run for only 4 or 6 weeks, so that provides you with an indication of what the investment return is. 

It is not something you do by yourself. The cost of a Brazilian wax for men in India is around 1500 to 3500 rupees, which is definitely something.  However, you do not want to take this chance into your own hands if waxing is the path you want to take. This is a delicate area, and a method that is best left to the professionals, so do not go into it assuming it is something you should just practice and perform yourself overnight. This is a risky business and should be undertaken only after gaining some experience and knowledge.

The Brazilian wax is sort of like every other body wax procedure, other than the area that is being waxed and the yoga poses you have to get into: a patch of wax is spread over your skin, and then it is immediately pulled off, together with your hair. It’s either a strip of wax (a hot wax that allows a strip of cloth to be put on top), a hard wax (a thick wax that plasticizes as it cools and extracts hair without a strip) or a mixture of both would be used by the esthetician. Though hard wax is more prevalent in use as it is somewhat less painful for Brazilian waxes, strip wax is best for gripping finer and thinner hairs that are left behind by the hard wax. 

Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Wax

There is no easy way to say this, but it hurts pretty bad the first time you have the process done; however, it tends to get easier to handle with the subsequent strips. Even so, the pain is bearable and is definitely not the worst that you would have felt. Not only is it a delicate area to work with, but certain skin is finer and much more sensitive making waxing more painful.

A great advantage of waxing rather than shaving is medical benefits. In simple terms, waxing is an exfoliation of the skin that, in fact, allows the development of collagen. The synthesis of collagen is believed to slow down the ageing process and improve skin regeneration and provide a healthy and more youthful glow to your skin. If you are concerned about fine lines and age marks, transitioning to waxing will have a positive side effect of enhancing the skin like a hair removal procedure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a Brazilian wax means that your penis and testicles will be touched by an esthetician, potentially for a prolonged period and move and grab those parts and pull and pin them down and so forth. It is a non-negotiable arrangement. 

You will definitely be asked to remove your clothes and lie down as well as move around a little so that the specialist could get the task completed. Also, please note that it is a profession, they are not impressed or feel it is amusing, they are just intending to get the hair and in the most painless, viable way they can so you kind of have to get used to that. Further, estheticians are professional and well trained so there is no need to feel embarrassed or shy.

What You Should Know Before Getting Brazilian Wax?

If you are considering male Brazilian wax as a grooming option then these tips would be of much help throughout the process:

1. Pre-Trimming

It is ideally best to trim a bit of your pubic hair if it’s been a while you did it last. This would boost your confidence and further reduce the pain that you would have suffered otherwise. However, keep in mind that you do not cut the hair too short as it takes about a fourth of an inch of hair growth for the wax to take effect. You risk getting in your own way if you cut things too fine.

2. Take a shower

It’s best to take a shower before the waxing session and while you’re at it scrub yourself. This makes the process hygienic and opens up the pores of your skin and assists in the waxing process.

Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Wax

3. Aftermath

After you’re all waxed up and adapt to your hairless body, apply some baby powder on the waxed areas if the clinic does not. Avoid swimming or sunbathing immediately after the process as it can cause pain and irritation. Wait for a day or two until you can show off that completely hairless body.

Although make things clear: while the male Brazilian wax seems frightening, it is also nothing different from the routine carried by the courageous ladies who descend on waxing studios as they remove their hair from their nether sections. That is all you should know about Brazilian wax for men. Hope you make a deliberate decision before getting it done.

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