How To Build Trust In A Relationship? 5 Ways To Work Towards It

Trust is one of the most important things that is required for a marriage, friendship, or any other sort of relationship to work. When you trust each other, no matter what happens, you will live a long, healthy, and happy life together.

But when there is a dearth of trust, the relationship would more or less cease to exist. It’s similar to dragging a huge boulder on your shoulder where you are constantly thinking about why you are carrying it in the first place.

Building trust in a relationship is essential because that can make you feel secure about the other person and the relationship. Trust can take a relationship a long way; from hard times to better, trust is one of the things needed to make a relationship work.

But the thing is, just as hard it is to build trust in a relationship, it is equally easy to break it in a moment. You may have seen, heard, read, or even experienced long-term relationships failing because the trust slowly evaporated.

If you were on the bad side of the good trust, you might feel not to trust somebody again or ever be in a relationship. But that’s the beauty of it. No matter how many times your trust was betrayed, it is essential to learn to trust again and build it in a relationship. It stupid to carry the burden of the past in the present. If you are one of them and you and your partner want to make this relationship work by building trust, here are some simple yet effective ways to do so.

5 Effective Ways To Build Trust In Relationship

Here are some of the best and effective ways to build trust in a relationship:

1. Pay attention to them

How hurt will you feel when you realize that your significant other is not paying attention while you are speaking about an impactful incident in your life? Pretty hurt, right? You might even feel ashamed of showing your vulnerable side to them who did not bother to even acknowledge it. So, the first thing that is required to build trust in a relationship is to listen to what the other person is saying.

Pay attention to the minute details and try to understand each other. Do not judge them. If they are sharing a dark part of their lives, the last thing they need is your judgment or criticism. You need to show verbally as well as non-verbally that you are listening to them. In doing so, you indicate that you care about them. Once they know about it, trusting becomes an easy process.  

Ways To Build Trust In Relationship
Ways To Build Trust In Relationship

2. Let them know that you are by their side

When life is giving you a hard time, how nice would it make you feel when someone just drops a message saying that they’re there for you. These are not easy times and it would not hurt you to just dial your partner’s number if they are going through something difficult and tell them that you have got their back covered and you will always be there for them.

When you say so, the listener feels relieved and realizes that they have got emotional support to rely on and that’s you. When that happens, trust becomes manifold in the relationship and your bond gets stronger than ever.

3. Be committed

If you think listening to your partner and being by their side for one time will help you build long-term trust, then you are wrong. A house is not built just on one brick, nor is the fabric made of one thread. It takes a million bricks to make a house and an equal number of threads to make a beautiful gown.

The same goes for a relationship. You have to be consistent in your efforts to build trust. Without it, you will only go so far. It might seem hard work to you and even a bit stressful, but when you and your partner are willing to invest an equal amount of effort and time together, it will all work just fine.

If you have promised something to your partner, make sure that you fulfill it. Not just once or twice, but every time. It does not work just one, but it’s both ways. You can also show commitment when you are honest with your partner and tell them when they have hurt you. They deserve to know what’s going on.

4. Give quality time to each other

Spending quality time with your partner means spending some time talking to them, listening to them, and understanding them, without any sort of interruption. Phones are also included in interruption. There are various ways of spending quality time with each other. You can read books together, listen to each other’s playlists, or dance together.

Be that as it may, if you want to eliminate trust issues in the relationship, then you have to sit down and talk. That is one of the best ways of spending time with each other. That way, you learn a lot about each other and you are not afraid to put forth your wants and needs. Sometimes, spending quality time also makes one open up and be more emotionally available to each other.

Ways To Build Trust In Relationship
Ways To Build Trust In Relationship

5. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side

The relationship will not work when one or both partners will wall themselves up in a cocoon with the fear of getting hurt. It is a bit difficult to open up about yourself at first and share some awkward moments. But once you start the conversation, you will realize that you are not the only one whose life is sorta messed up, awkward or unpredictable.

Sharing certain moments that you did not share with anybody is a sort of comfort that you give each other. So, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, because that’s one of the most courageous steps that you will take in a relationship.

These are some of the simple yet effective ways to build trust in the relationship. However, before you begin investing in a relationship, remember that first, you need to trust yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, how can you expect someone to trust you? It’s as simple as that.

So, trust yourself and trust each other.

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