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Bumble Vs Tinder: Which Is The Better App To Find A Date?

Online dating to some frequently seems like a task controlled by men for a multitude of reasons, maybe because in the past, cultures have validated the belief that men are the first movers in a relationship. But much has evolved with dating platforms. We will look at two of the most popular dating applications, Bumble and Tinder and see how they function and whom they suit the most. Keep reading to find out which one emerges as the winner in the Bumble vs Tinder debate. Bumble and Tinder are the most popular dating platform in the market currently. 

There are certainly those who prefer just one of them and have considered switching between whereas many people use them simultaneously. There are enormous and noticeable differences between Bumble and Tinder, both helpful and unpleasant. But we all know it would not necessarily lead to most meaningful encounters with a dating app every time you put yourself out. If you live the lifestyle of the dating app, we are sure you know both these apps have their advantages and shortcomings. So we decided to compare these two and find out which one is best suited to your needs. Perhaps one more than the other might appeal to you.

Bumble Vs Tinder
Bumble Vs Tinder

Bumble Vs Tinder

Here’s our take on the Bumble v Tinder battle:

1. First Move

The concept of both platforms is that individuals you do and do not like or are interested in, are swiped right and left respectively. You like that person right, for a possible match; left, if you’re not interested and want to pass. 

You would then start a dialogue after a match has been made. The distinction between Bumble and Tinder is that Bumble needs women to start the conversation whereas Tinder permits any individual to take the first step. This might not feel like a big improvement, but considering the user experience of the two apps, men’s and women’s perspectives and requirements are clearly different. Some men find it better to avoid the pressure of initiating the conversation.

2. Intention

There’s no denying the fact that Tinder is more of a hookup platform than a dating app.  Of course, some guys use this app for real dating, but since the guys are typically the first one to express what they wish so, often, the match results in just a physical encounter. 

However, it is usually not the case with Bumble. Naturally, it is not exactly correct to assume this, obviously people use Bumble too for hookups but it is still more of an actual dating app than Tinder. Normally you go to Bumble if you want to meet someone to chill and have fun and hang out and so often it turns into something real and substantial.

3. Male/Female Ratio

For an app that does not say that it is just about ‘hookups’ it is a very significant difference that there are twice as many guys as there are women who use Tinder. Thus naturally there are fewer choices for men since a much lower number of girls use the app. Bumble on the other hand has a 50/50 rate for men and women, perfect for a dating app. This ensures that guys and girls have equal chances to meet someone they desire. 

4. Actual Dating

For whatever reasons it might be, it does feel like people get more dates offered on Tinder than with Bumble. Maybe, because of no restriction on making the first move, people must be confident enough to initiate a conversation and if it goes right, only after a few texts they generally exchange their number. 

On this app people usually do not beat around the bush. Whereas, several Bumble users noticed that once they would match, the conversation would be decent and then the interaction would end suddenly or their match would not ask for a date. This is not the best aspect of Bumble when you consider that it is an app to actually date. It is to be considered that what even is the point of using a dating app, matching and making a successful conversation when you don’t even meet individually, ever.

5. Preferences

There is a wide range of men and women on Tinder. You will find individuals that are incredible career-oriented, and successful, but you will also find individuals with the exact reverse characteristics. It is a really diversified package to discover what it is you are looking for that takes a lot of digging. 

Essentially, you will be looking for a gem in Tinder’s ruff. Whereas, with a well paid career, great looks and nice personality, the men and women on Bumble are usually balanced. You are going to have trouble choosing somebody who is not the complete package. This is one of Bumble’s best features, but sometimes it can also be somewhat overwhelming.

6. Not Just Dating

Tinder used to have a Tinder Social function that encouraged you and your squad to meet another squad to hang out, do fun stuff, and maybe even meet people in the future with whom you would like to have a hangout. It was a nice add on to the platform, but it was recently deleted and now they are returning to the state of just dating/hookup. 

Bumble has this feature called BFF mode that allows you to swipe and discover fun people you would like to hang out with. Bumble is not only used for dating. You can also use this platform just to find someone to converse to and perhaps do stuff that you would like not to do by yourself. It is a nice feature that makes the focus of this app less on dating/hookups and more on interacting and having fun with new friends.

Evidently, both these apps offer some great features and definitely both Bumble and Tinder are worthy of your time and effort if you are looking to find someone to date however, the choice is clear with Bumble as it clearly wins if you are looking to make some new friends, Bumble has a further edge if you are looking for a meaningful and a serious relation. However, for people who would actually prefer hookups or guys who have the ability to initiate a decent conversation, Tinder emerges as the clear winner. Overall, both the apps have a lot to offer as it is dependent upon your preferences to decide which one of them is best suited for you, if not both.

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