colorado bulldog

Colorado Bulldog Drink & 3 Other Cocktails Drinks You Need To Try In 2022!

If you’re an amateur in the world of drinks, then let us warn you. This article isn’t what you might be looking for. No, the Colorado bulldog isn’t an exotic dog breed. Let us take you by surprise: the Colorado bulldog is actually a twist to the famous alcoholic drink, a White Russian.

Well, if you are a cocktail connoisseur, then you definitely know what a Colorado bulldog drink is. When it comes to cocktails like these, especially alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol, most people know what the White Russian is. The White Russian is the iconic drink that The Dude from The Big Lebowski was constantly sipping! Here’s everything you need to know about the variant of the White Russian: the Colorado bulldog! 

What is the White Russian? 

The White Russian is the perfect sweet after-supper drink. The composition of the white Russian drink is simple: you take the ice in a glass, use Vodka as the base and layer it with a generous amount of Kahlua and heavy cream. The White Russian is often called the “delicious alternative to adult milkshakes”.

White Russian
White Russian

You may have heard about the beverage “float”, where you take ice cream and top it up with Coke. Well, the white Russian and the Colorado bulldog are all adult variants of it that use alcohol. A better variant to the classic White Russian is the Colorado bulldog drink. Here’s why.

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What is the Colorado Bulldog? 

In a non-professional sense, the Colorado bulldog is basically the white Russian but with a twist of coke in it. The recipe of the Colorado bulldog isn’t much different from that of the white Russian. The Colorado bulldog is a mystery as it’s origins are unknown. Nobody really knows how it got its name but, its roots have been traced back to Russia. However, no one can say why a drink that was born in Russia has the word “Colorado” attached to it. Anyway, keeping the name and origin of the Colorado bulldog aside, let’s see how you can make the perfect Colorado bulldog. Follow this recipe for the best Colorado bulldog drink you’ve ever had in your life!

Colorado Bulldog Recipe


  1. One part absolut Vodka
  2. One part Kahlua
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Ice cubes
  5. One part cream

The combination of Kahlua, cream, Coca-cola, and Absolut vodka gives the Colorado bulldog a sweet and refreshing taste. It has the perfect blend of sweetness from the cream mixed with the perfect amount of heart-burn from the Absolut vodka. The recipe of the Colorado bulldog is also quite simple and can be mixed in under 4 minutes. First, you have to shake the vodka with ice and cream. Now, you have to strain the mixture into a short glass with more ice. Remember to not fill the glass to the brim. After you’ve poured the drink, just top it up with some good old Coke. That’s it, the best Colorado bulldog drink you will ever taste in your life is ready! 

How is the Colorado Bulldog Different from White Russian? 

The Colorado bulldog drink is just like the white Russian, but only better. It has got the same ingredients, that is, the coffee liqueur Kahlua, the cream and the vodka. But, the Colorado bulldog has sweetness and the effervescence of the Coca-cola hat gives it a distinct taste. The Colorado bulldog makes look exactly like the white Russian, but don’t be misled as the Colorado bulldog recipe is bubbly. 

colorado bulldog
colorado bulldog

Therefore, if you like the taste of the white Russian, but would prefer something a little mellow, the Colorado bulldog is your ideal drink!

Drinks Similar to the Colorado Bulldog

If you liked the Colorado bulldog, here are some other recipes that you might like to try:

1. Kahlua Collins

The Kahlua Collins is a refreshing brunch-appropriate taste that has the iconic taste of coffee combined with a fresh twist of citrusy lemon. You just need to fill a tall glass with some ice, pour one part of Kahlua with ¾ fresh parts of lemon and simple syrup according to your taste. 

Kahlua Collins
Kahlua Collins

Now, top off the drink with 2 parts soda water and garnish it with a cherry, a slice of lemon, and some mint leaves. 

2. Spiked Horchata

Everyone likes a good horchata! If you want to experiment with the horchata and want new flavors, try this one. You will need one part Kahlua, one part espresso and olmeca, one and a half part almond milk and some agave syrup. 

Spiked Horchata
Spiked Horchata

One you have all the ingredients, fill a shaker with ice and pour in all the ingredients. Now shake the ingredients until cold and strain into a highball glass filled with ice. You can garnish the drink with cinnamon.

3. Irish Espresso Martini

If you love coffee and alcohol, you can’t miss the Irish espresso martini. Fill a shaker with ice, one part whiskey, one part Kahlua and one part espresso coffee. Now shake the ingredients until you get a thick foam. Next, strain it into a glass and garnish with cocoa powder or coffee beans. 

Irish Espresso Martini
Irish Espresso Martini

Now is the best time to try the Colorado bulldog recipe! Go get your ingredients and make yourself the best Colorado bulldog you’ve ever tasted. 

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