hair-related misconceptions

Debunk 10 Common Hair-Related Misconceptions!

In this technologically advanced age, it has become difficult to differentiate between what’s true and what’s fake. People have been falsifying the facts and believing some futile misconceptions, especially when it comes to your skin and hair care. There are some common hair-related misconceptions which are more often than not, believed by the mass and are led to some disastrous consequences. 

10 Common Hair-Related Misconceptions

To save your hair from permanent damage, here is a list of wrong assumptions related to hair that we debunk.

1. Hair Gel and Hair Loss

More often than not, people believe that hair gel can cause hair loss. However, this couldn’t be more wrong as hair gel causes your hair to turn dry and make it thinner, but in no way does it cause hair loss.

2. Men and Conditioner

Men believe that their hair does not need any sort of conditioner. This is one of the most common hair-related misconceptions men have. You can pay a visit to any salon and you will know that every stylist will ask you to use a hair conditioner or will use one on you.

Hair conditioner helps in conditioning your hair and strengthens your hair follicles. This in turn helps in reducing any kind of hair damage and ameliorates the quality of your hair.

3. Stress and Hair Colour

People believe that stress can grizzle your hair, that is, turn them grey. However, the greyness of the hair is caused by the inability of your hair follicles to produce color. Stress has no role to play here. Be that as it may, stress can cause hair loss but it certainly does not cause greyness of your hair.

4. Split Ends can be Fixed

Split ends cannot be cured naturally, no matter how many heavy stylers or shampoos you can use. You can reduce the process by oiling your hair and conditioning it, but to cure split ends you will have to cut them out.

5. Dry Shampoo is Good for your Hair

hair-related misconceptions
hair-related misconceptions

People often resort to dry shampoos when they don’t have time to wash their hair. However, dry shampoos can cause extreme dryness in your hair as it quickly absorbs the oil. In addition to this, it can also gather dirt and grime in your hair which can degrade the quality of your hair.

6. Switching Shampoos can Improve the Quality of your Hair

People believe that if one uses only a certain type of shampoo for a longer period their hair gets used to it and does not show any effect. However, this couldn’t be more wrong as switching up shampoos could make things worse.

Switching shampoos can cause fluctuations in your pH balance which is very necessary for moisturizing and nurtured hair. When this pH balance is ruined, you might find extreme dryness, hair breakage, and even a dearth of any moisture in your hair.

7. Flakes and Dandruff

More often than not, when people find flakes on their hair they instantly assume that they have dandruff. The truth is, the flakes are often the cause of dry scalp which are in extreme need of exfoliation and moisture.

8. Do not Pluck Grey Hair, it will Grow

This is often considered as an old aphorism where people believe that if you pluck a grey hair, you are welcoming more of the kind on your head. The science behind this is that when you are plucking grey hair, you are just plucking it from the scalp level and not the entire hair root. So, when the entire hair root is not out, the grey hair is bound to grow. In addition to this, with the advancement of age, grizzling is bound to increase. Therefore, you cannot start plucking each hair by its root. The only thing that you can do is to embrace the grey and allow it to just be there.

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9. Wearing Hats and Baldness

Although bizarre, people believe that wearing hats can make one go bald. This couldn’t be more wrong unless you are wearing your hat so tight that you are technically cutting off the air circulation to the follicles, which is almost impossible.

Be that as it may, if you continue to wear hats every day and all the time, you might experience some serious damage and breakage due to the continuous pressure laid on your hair follicles. So, before buying any cap or hat, remember to allow some hair follicles to breathe and get some fresh air.  

10. Hair Cut and Hair Growth

hair-related misconceptions men have
hair-related misconceptions men have

More often than not, people believe that the more you cut your hair, the more it will grow. No matter how good your hair looks after a fresh cut, it does not mean that it will grow faster. The growth of your hair depends upon your genes and other lifestyle factors such as diet, environment, etc.  

This is because your hair strands do not grow on their own as they are neither alive nor dead. They are provided with the impetus by your hair follicles to grow. Therefore, no activity can stimulate your hair strands to grow. Your focus should be on the hair follicles and how to nurture them.

Be that as it may if you are facing the problem of hair thinning you can use certain hair styling products or even do some DIY hair masks to treat this problem. These are some of the common hair-related misconceptions which needed to be debunked for nurturing and moisturizing your hair better than before. As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to fact-check whatever information you read on the internet from a credible source. In this fast-paced world, you cannot afford to make decisions on false information.

Save your hair from falling victims to false information and protect it by using the right information in the right manner. Accepting anything posted on the internet blindly can cause great hair damage and sometimes even permanent. Your hair gives you confidence, and you do not want to ruin that just because you accepted some bluff on the internet without re-checking it from a credible site or authority. So that’s it for the hair-related misconceptions that men generally have.

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