Best Curly Hairstyles for Men

7 Best Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

The hairstyle a man wears and how well it fits his face shape and size is one of the most important aspects of his grooming. In this post, we'll simply look at a few hairstyles for guys with curly hair, as well as how you may curl your own.

Curly hairstyles men are quite attractive and trendy, and there are many various haircuts you can make with them to catch your beloved's attention (don't sue us on this). Although a decent haircut will enhance your overall appearance, you must look good to feel confident about yourself without worrying about all the insecurities you have regarding your hair.

We understand how curly hair can be messy and difficult to maintain sometimes and takes a lot of your time, but we also know that good things take time, and once you jump into the endless possibilities of how your curly hair can be made, you'll be amazed. Some of the best men's haircuts are only possible with curls.

Curly Hairstyles for Men

"Curly hairs are better than straight hairs" let's not jump into this debate for now, but we can prove how curly can be styled best. Here is the list of hairstyles for men with curly hair; take your pick.

1. Curly Hair with Short Sides

Short sides with curly hair on top may be an excellent method to draw attention to your curls' texture and style. Short sides and back haircuts are clean and fresh, reducing the need to control unruly hair while allowing males to style various fashionable hairstyles.

Curly Hair with Short Sides

The short sides can be styled tight, loose, sloppy, or neatly, while the top can be short, medium, or long curly hair. The outcome might be a curly hair fade or undercut with volume, movement, and flow for an attractive look.

2. Cropped Curly Hair

Cropped Curly Hair

Cropped and curly hair is another fantastic choice for curly hairstyles for men. Cropped short curly haircuts are one of the wavy hair guys' rocks that allows you to show off your hair structure. If you want to show off your curls, go for a cut-short curls hairdo. These haircuts draw attention to the top of your head while yet allowing your tight curls to stand out.

You may get the sides faded and match the appearance with a surgical line on the side to give a bit of elegance.

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3. Taper Haircuts for Curls

All types of tapers may be used to improve long curly hairstyles. This cut appears moderate and smooth because of the gradual transition from shorter hair and back to long hair on top. For more contrast, you might go for a taper fade or undercut on the sides and a line up along the hairline.

Taper Haircuts for Curls

As opposed to an edgy fade, the taper leaves more length on the sides and back. How you style your curls depends on whether you want a short, medium, or long tapered cut. For a nice blowout, medium and long curly hair should be brushed back.

4. Fringe Haircut for Curly Hairs

Men with curly hair may obtain a dramatic and crisp style by opting for a fringe haircut. With various hair textures, the fringe haircut appears heavier, but it may be made to look lighter with the appropriate styling. Apply some styling product and lightly rub the curls using your hands to give your hairdo a breezy and relaxed sensation. A taper fade will look fantastic with this 'do.

5. Curly Hair With an Undercut

The adaptability of the curly undercut is stunning. The curly hair undercut is a pleasing choice that utilizes high contrast for a manly style, and it's part of the trendy short sides, long top trend.

Curly Hair With an Undercut

The curly hair undercut provides males with a distinctive and elegant style when arranging curls. The undercut, unlike the fade, is yet another trim that does not taper, and it begins higher on the sides and back for a short, edgy look that draws emphasis to your curly curls.

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6. Slicked Back Curly Hairs

The curly slicked back hairstyle is a neat and controlled technique to shape curly or wavy hair. Slicked back hair is the best method to control your waves and create a stylish style for work and formal gatherings when coupled with an undercut or fade on the sides.

Slicked Back Curly Hairs

To make your curls simpler to manage, ask your barber to bleach the sides, thin your hair out on top, and add some layers. The benefit of curly slicked back hair is that it adds volume and dimension to the brushed back hairstyle rather than being flat and lifeless.

7. Long Curly Hairs

This is one of the greatest men's haircuts, and it's also one of our favorites due to its distinctiveness and the fact that not everyone is fortunate enough to have it. If you have a lot of hair volume and growth, you should certainly check this out.

Long Curly Hairs

Long curly hairs not only seem seductive and appealing, but they also appear stylish even if they aren't properly trimmed; their funkiness defines their style.

To create these shiny long hairstyles, simply grow your hair and let the curls and waves flow naturally by moisturizing your scalp and hair. A good shampoo and conditioner can help.

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How to make curls from straight hairs

So, what do you do if your hair isn't curly? You can always make your straight hair wavy if you want to. To do this, apply a sea salt spray first for beachy and soft curls and natural waves in your hair, and then use a blow dryer while scrunching up your hairs and forming curls with your hand to make those curls genuine and long-lasting.

Wait for them to dry and fix after the individual curling and scrunching process once you've achieved the desired style. After that, complete with additional hair treatments like cream or gel for a finished look, and you've got your curly hair. You may now style them using the hairstyles listed above.


If you've ever been unsure about what hairstyles you can obtain with curly hair, this collection of men's curly hairstyles can assist you in making a decision. However, a haircut is heavily influenced by the size and form of your face. It is recommended to seek advice from a trustworthy barber before attempting a new style, as you don't want to tamper with your hair and ruin your overall appearance. We wish you a good hair day.

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