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Has Your Love Life Fizzled: 5 Pandemic Dating Tips

In a world with social distancing as a compulsory norm and where sharing space and air with people is potentially dangerous, one thing that is bound to be affected, is dating and relationships. The absence of human touch and physical intimacy is without a doubt, one of the most important things in a romantic relationship, and to remain connected to someone without these things can be a real task. 

Well, the results however weave a different story. Statistics show that dating in pandemic has grown to great extents and the use of dating apps has risen in great numbers. Experts suggest that loneliness, leading to fearfulness, could be one major reason behind this surge and more people resorting to apps like Tinder and Bumble (Know how to build a fancy dating app bio). Or maybe it’s the realization that you were never able to try out these things while you were so busy in the pre-pandemic period. 

Although being physically present for and with each other is great, the pandemic has taught us how little things can also give us happiness, even though it might be really small things like playing a game online with each other, doing an activity while you can see each other virtually, waking up to their sweet voice on a video call, and much more.  

Dating in Pandemic Tips

If you’re wishing to resort to the option of dating during this pandemic, we have some great tips for you that can be a game-changer and help you build a charm over others. So, let’s have a look!

1. Make it clear what you want from a relationship to yourself as well as to the person you’re approaching

Expressing to others what you are looking for can be quite helpful and can help you spare wasted dating effort. To be honest, people are already quite stressed in their lives, and more so in the pandemic, so we wouldn’t necessarily suggest you be indirect or a bit fishy. 

Also, it’s easier to find a partner that way. If you want something casual and are not looking for a serious relationship, for example, it is best to inform the concerned person without taking things ahead. 

2. Have a good number of meetings

People suggest that video dating has been quite helpful for them in understanding the other person better, taking their own time to do so. you can skip the traveling times and the dressing up, which used to take up a lot of time in the ‘pre-pandemic era’. Turn on your phones, dial their number, and just talk, while both of you are sitting in a comfortable position at your homes. 

Pandemic Dating Tips
Pandemic Dating Tips

It is quite natural that meeting like this must not seem to you a great idea right now, but this can be the time where you can get to know each other well and of course, meet up and do whatever you like once the virus is out of the air, or we’re all vaccinated.

3. Pay heed to their green flags

You would have heard so many people talk about what are the red flags in a relationship, and when is the time that you need to exit from this. However, we believe as much as you know about red flags, it is equally important to pay attention to their green flags as well. After all, it’s so easy to pick up on someone’s faults, why not appreciate them for their admirable qualities, instead? 

If they do little things to make you laugh, or make efforts to know you and understand you better, make sure that they are there for you whenever you feel low or are not in a good position. During this pandemic, when every other person is suffering from feelings of loneliness, insecurity, despair, sadness, let us take the time to notice these green flags in people, bring a smile on their faces, and give them the appreciation they deserve!

4. Be patient and easy on yourself

This pandemic has taught so much to us, we hope that one of these is the realization that you are the first person you need to be happy with. It is not the time to constantly judge yourself, or train yourself to be a certain way, or be whatever the other person wants you to be.

It is the era to feel comfortable in your skin, to love yourself, to understand that being yourself is the greatest asset in life. Anybody who wants to get to know you as a person must be seeing the real you, and not some designed, fabricated self. 

5. Mutual check-in

Feelings, behavior, beliefs can change over time, maybe more quickly in an online setup. You must enforce some mutual check-in system that ensures that the two of you are on the same page and feeling the same about each other.

Pandemic Dating Tips
Pandemic Dating Tips

This is easier when you’re able to build up good and easy communication with the other person so that there is an easy flow of talks in the form of feelings and anything that you dislike, etc. this is probably one of the most important parts of a relationship: good communication. 

Apart from these, some things that have become pertinent today in the era of COVID-19 must be duly complied with, like:

  1. If you plan to meet in person, you may plan a date owing to the lifting up of most restrictions now. However, it is better to take all the necessary precautions from your end. Choose a place where you can socially distance, someplace that is well ventilated, etc.
  2. Choose a journey to and fro that will avoid a lot of crowded locations and use safer means of transportation.
  3. Go for a test as soon as you or they sense any symptoms of being affected by the virus.

We know you’re all hoping to get back to your pre-COVID routines asap, and so are we. We hope this ends for good. However, we must always remember the things it has made us realize and taught us. Here’s to hoping you’re enjoying dating during the pandemic!

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