Guide on Ways to Wear Black Suit

Get The Men In Black Look: Detailed Guide On Wearing Black Suit!

More often than not, you will find a majority of men wearing suits with shades which fall between grey, charcoal grey or navy blue. The black suit has almost been obliterated from men’s wardrobe, thanks to all the hotel managers and barmen who are found in black suits.

However, black suits are one of the most staple formal wear for men which, if properly worn, can make you suave as fire. The only way to rock this look is to get the basics of wearing a black suit clear. So, if you have a black suit present in your wardrobe which you have not worn since you bought it, don’t throw it. You might realize how debonair a black suit can make you look after reading this article.

When to Wear A Black Suit?

After realizing that black suits have been frequently worn by hotel managers, most of the time we abstain ourselves from wearing it in a meeting or a conference. Eventually, we get used to other suits and forget about the black ones. So, when do you actually wear a black suit?

You can reserve your black suits for office parties, cocktail parties with your friends and family and even beach parties can be a perfect occasion for you. Apart from these occasions, you can wear a black suit when the situation or a dress code of a party demands you to do so.

How to Wear A Black Suit?

Here are some effective tips to wear a black suit. 

1. Black Suit and Shirt

More often than not, the safest and most basic yet stylish shirt that could match with black is a white shirt. No matter where you go, white shirt paired with a black suit will never betray you unless you stain your white shirt with food or dirt.

Black Suit and Shirt
Black Suit and Shirt

However, you can always think out of the box and play with some colours. Choose an off-white, grey or darkish blue shirt and pair it with your black suit. These colours would work wonders if you style them properly and give you the look of a rich ‘British guy’.

Moreover, if you choose to play with colours and the style of the shirt, you might want to give your face another look in the mirror. Because the style of the shirt you choose will highly rely on the shape of your face. The universal shirt style which works on everybody is the shirt with a spread collar. 

2. Black Suit and Tie

If you are wearing a white shirt underneath a black suit, the most basic option for you is a black tie. But then again, it looks quite regular. So, to avoid that, try ties in burgundy or dark purplish shades, preferably with prints and patterns for a formal look.

Black Suit and Tie
Black Suit and Tie

For a smart-casual look, you can avoid wearing a tie altogether or if you want to wear a tie then you can try different stylish tie knots which can help you give a more chic look.  

3. Black Suit and Shoes

When it comes to solid colours like white or black, you cannot play with shoes of different colours. You have to stick to some staple colours and perhaps experiment with different brands of shoes. The most infallible option to pair with a black suit is black shoes.

 Black Suit and Shoes
 Black Suit and Shoes

If you want to try with different brands of shoes, go for Oxfords or Derby shoes as they are most versatile out of the lot. You can wear them in informal as well as casual settings, which helps you in saving a lot of money and space.

For a more casual look, you can for white sneakers. However, white sneakers require great maintenance, so make sure they are perfectly clean and tidy when you wear them. Grubby and dirty shoes leave an indelible negative impression of you in the minds of people.

Different Ways to Style your Black Suit 

Here are some different ways to style your black suit

1. The Simple Yet Stylish Black and White

One of the most basic ways to style your black suits which require minimal efforts is to style a classic white shirt with a black blazer and you’re done. You don’t have to add extra accessories or style your hair differently for this one. Your black and white suit and your personality are enough. Just include these basic accessories: a pocket square, watch (not the sports one), and your tie knot. Pair your shoes with attire according to the occasion. 

2. Go Monochrome

Monochrome is the impeccable Tarantino-approved look, which can make you look the hottest man alive. It looks classy, on fleek and more importantly one-who-owns-Lamborghini expensive.  Going monochrome basically means wearing clothes of the same colour. So when you go monochrome with black suits, make sure that you stick with all black with accessories as well. For a more casual look, wear a roll neck or a crew neck underneath the blazer paired with black sneakers.

3. Printed Shirt

Now, wearing a printed shirt underneath a black blazer might seem a little hippy or formal-bohemian to you, but when you combine the right colours with the black suit, you will get the perfect a la mode look.  To successfully achieve this look, make sure the prints have a speck of black colour in the background which perfectly mixes with your black suit. Now after pairing your printed shirt with your suit, remember to keep your suit unbuttoned and do not tuck-in your shit. Show off your prints to the world.

One more thing: don’t wear a tie with a shirt. You’ll ruin the entire look of your attire if you wear a tie. So you don’t want everyone’s eyeballs turning in your direction for all the negative reasons.  

4. Patterns

Adding patterns to your black is a little risky but when it is subtle then everything will work wonderfully for you. If you want to ace a patterned suit, then make sure it has subtle patterns like checks, stripes or other geometric designs which add a little life to the suit.

Wearing a patterned black suit takes you on a retro ride where such suits were commonly worn, especially in the 90s. Wearing black can make you look slim and fit. So this is the perfect chance for you to show off your gym body and impress other people.

Such kinds of suits are out of the ordinary so don’t be self-conscious. Just feel confident in your clothes and you will eventually be praised for your fashion sense.

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