List of Best Exercises That Won't Scare You

Are You Afraid To Hit The Gym? 5 Great Exercises That Won't Scare You Away

Being fearful of hitting the gym and doing all those intricate workout sessions that have heavy names is quite common and natural. But at the end of the day, these exercises ensure your health and your body stays in shape. This article is about 5 Great Exercises That Wont Scare You Away.

Be that as it may, if you are still worrying over hitting the gym and not sure whether you should pick up the weights or not, then here are some of the great exercises that won’t scare you away. You have to find certain alternatives to stay healthy because it’s a lifestyle choice that is necessary for peace of mind and body. Here are some of the greatest alternatives.

5 Great Exercises That Won't Scare you Away from Being Fit

Here is the list of great exercises that won't scare you:

1. Cycling

This is one of the most common and easiest exercises that you can do no matter what. You can take your bicycles and do a round of your city. Once you get into the routine of cycling, you will see the benefits of it on your body only in a short amount of time. In addition, as you are cycling outdoors, you will get plenty of opportunities to explore and maybe meet new people who share similar health concerns. 

Exercises That Won't Scare You Away
Exercises That Won't Scare You Away

If you are suffering from blood pressure or have a problem with your knee joints, then cycling is probably one of the best exercises you can do. You can make your routine more exciting by finding a cycling buddy and who knows, you might strengthen the bond with that person. 

If not, then you can also reach out to a cycling club. Almost every city has a cycling club that will share your enthusiasm for cycling. So, what are you waiting for? Get moving and you will realise how fun this exercise is. 

2. Dancing

Now, who doesn’t love dancing, like come on? Apart from dancing being an artistic way of expressing your state of mind, it’s also a great exercise to lose belly fat and relieve yourself from all the negative emotions that you have encumbered till now. Don’t believe it, just try it right now!

Who cares if you don’t know how to dance? Just close the door and put on your headphones and play some great exercise songs or any energetic songs you like and just ‘shut up and dance!’ 

When you dance, your body releases ‘the feel-good hormones’ which instantly elevate your mood. Not only that, your heart rate is increased and blood flows all over your body which gives you the flushed look on your face. Dancing is only one of the exercises where you can envelop yourself in music in a manner that you forget your surroundings. Just put on your headphones and you will never know that 30 minutes have already passed.  If you find yourself not sufficiently motivated to dance at your own will, you can sign yourself up at an official dance class such as Zumba. 

3. Swimming

Again, swimming is one of the greatest exercises that will not scare you away, unless you have aquaphobia which is fear of water. 


If you don’t have aquaphobia, then consider yourself lucky, because you don’t have to find other alternatives to lose that fat. You just have to find a pool and hit it! It is not only essential to losing the stubborn weight from your body, but it also helps in strengthening your heart, your joints and refreshing your mind. 

4. Chair Yoga

If you have a traditional job where you have to sit in front of a laptop for the entire day, then you will be grateful for this point. Although chair yoga seems a bit funny and bizarre at some point, it is extremely helpful to people who are facing flexibility and different body health issues. 

Chair yoga will help you to release all the tension which must have culminated in your body throughout the day especially when you have been sitting for the majority party. It will not only ensure proper circulation in your body but also strengthen and loosen your muscles. Like other yoga poses, chair yoga will also help you attain balance of your body and mind. If you continue to practice it daily for just 15-20 minutes, you will certainly observe the benefits of it within no time. 

5. Walking

One of the most common but effective exercises that will ensure prolonged health of your body and mind. However, don’t confuse walking for attaining a healthy body with your normal walking. The latter is what you do every day; going to your school, college or office, moving from one place to another at your house, etc. 


The former, on the other hand, is often synonymous with brisk walking where you have to increase the pace of your normal walk and maybe even lengthen your stride without taking any pauses in-between. Out of all the exercises, walking is one of the least fearful and the most enjoyable, especially if you are walking outdoors with your buddies. The most preferable way would be to wake up early in the morning and take an hour-long walk in your city. 

This would be a good way to start your day. If you are not a morning person, you can also walk in the evening, whatever floats your boat! The important part is walking and that should not be avoided. These are some of the great exercises that won’t scare you away like those exercises that your gym trainer asked you to do in the gym. However, you will only reap its benefits if you maintain consistency and commitment towards maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

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