Style A Linen Shirt

A Man's Guide To Style A Linen Shirt

When the weather’s great and cloudy it’s not just about your shirt tan and a pardon to wear shorts to work, it’s also the most perfect season for the natural fiber known as linen. For the unacquainted, linen is a profoundly breathable fabric that is delicate, naturally folded, and light, making it the ideal layer for spring and summer styling. 

Today we’re taking a look at how you can style a linen shirt. Ready to learn how to wear a linen shirt with style? Get ready with the sunscreen and tune in up. Contrary to what you might have presumed, linen shorts with the proper knowledge of how to style a linen shirt could add a lot of versatility and class to your wardrobe.

How to Style a Linen Shirt? 

Here is how you can style a linen shirt. 

1. Linen shirt with shorts 

A classic companion of the linen shirt is the shorts, however, these should be pleasantly fitted shorts that are cut simply above the knee for a sharper look. With regards to linen shirt decisions, there are a lot in collar style, tones, and patterns. The main thing however is the fit. 

Style A Linen Shirt
Style A Linen Shirt

A proper linen shirt ought to be a little breathable and windy however never baggy. As with any great shirt, you don’t want the sleeves to stretch out past your wrists or the shirt to look free else you’ll look more like a father of seven children. Cool shading combos you can attempt incorporate pastel shorts with a white linen shirt, navy shorts with a blue linen shirt, or any great contrasting tones. 

2. Linen shirt with jeans 

This is a great way to style a linen shirt as jeans go with almost anything and the linen shirt is no different. Pair a slim fit or a skinny fit pair of jeans with a long sleeve linen button up and you have an end of the week warrior’s outfit. Both black or indigo denim can work in these cases since there’s a contrast between the two pieces. 

An extra dash of style can be added by moving up those sleeves to simply beneath the elbow and tossing on a pair of casual shoes (lace-ups and white sneakers work best here). Basic, classy, and certainly summer-ready. Simply recollect what we said about linen shirt fitment, keep it close to the body, and never baggy. 

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3. Linen shirt with chinos 

Taking linen into the smart-casual domain is the chino combo. For a genuinely trendy summer stylish appearance, this is the look you’ll want to pull off. It’s easy to put together, insanely cool and has the versatility of layering for extra style focuses. 

Lighter chino colors work best with linen shirts since it’s getting late of the year so think khaki, cream, sand, or pastel variants. The linen shirt meanwhile can be worn with the sleeves moved up or down. 

Style A Linen Shirt
Style A Linen Shirt

Great shading contrast is ideally the key here and men shouldn’t stress a lot over the un-pressed look of the linen shirt since it’s part of the charm and adds to the linen shirt-chino combo. The linen shirt doesn’t have to work as a solitary layer, however. Men can wear a fitted tee underneath so the look is ready for the cooler summer evenings. 

4. Linen shirt with a jacket 

Linen shirts go with almost any sort of jacket (save for a tuxedo jacket perhaps) so the lone standard you’ll have to follow here is if the linen shirt is tucked. While generally worn untucked in casual scenarios, you don’t want to style an excessively long linen shirt. 

On the off chance that all things considered, the shirt size isn’t right for you there’s no need to worry, just wear a jacket and tuck the shirt in. Past that linen shirts are the ideal company for plane jackets, field jackets, cardigans, and most different types of jackets including the blazer which we’ll talk about beneath. 

5. Linen shirt with trousers 

And you thought linen was only for cruisey laid-back lads. As we move into a more cleaned area the linen shirt can sparkle with an ideal pair of tailored pants. The general guideline is to hold the sleeves down however on the off chance that it’s a casual workplace or the weather heats up, there’s nothing amiss with rolling those sleeves up. 

Another golden rule you should abide by is the shirt fold. As with any shirt in any formal situation, the linen shirt should be tucked nicely into the pants. Try not to stress a lot over the supervisor complaining about the wrinkles, simply reveal to him it’s meant to resemble that before taking his espresso. As we referenced, shading contrast among pants and shirt is the key to styling the combo well. For the best look, pair this with shoes or loafers without socks. 

6. Linen shirt with a suit 

Finally, we get to the full suit combo. This isn’t the linen suit that we’ve already talked about, this is the linen shirt worn under the suit. As you can probably guess, linen shirts can give a great contrasting surface regardless of whether they’re the same tone as the pants. It’s harder to pull off however unquestionably doable with a suit. 

Simply make sure to keep the overall fit and the shirt wrapped up. With regards to shirt and suit pairings, treat it like you would any dress shirt in a suit. Keep either the shirt or the suit sober, not both. For example, a navy suit with a white linen shirt or a navy linen shirt with a gray suit. Pull off these styles and you have the full sartorial range of this awesome and frequently neglected fabric.

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