Taper Fade Haircut

Guide to Taper Fade Haircut: 5 Best Taper Fade Haircut Styles Included

Short hairstyles for men and men's haircuts as a whole may seem like an easy path to choose, but in reality, it is quite difficult. Despite the fact that short haircuts for men lack length, there are a plethora of styles to pick from. However, when it comes to short hairstyles, a taper fade is one of the most popular options for guys.

Men throughout the world love fade haircuts because they mix style and manageability in a single style.

However, some men do not like the way the fade looks. The taper fade haircut is the best option for getting the same look but not showing as much skin around the head. A taper fade is a mix of a taper haircut and a fade haircut.

In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding taper fade haircuts, explaining what taper fade is and listing down 5 taper fade styles.

What is a Taper Fade Haircut?

Taper means to get smaller toward one end or, as in the case of haircuts, to get shorter as you move in a direction. Taper fades are great for people who like to keep some length on top of their head but can not stand having long hair on both sides of their head.

Difference Between Taper Fade and Fade

The fundamental difference between a fade haircut and a taper fade haircut is that with a fade, the hair all around the headline will be trimmed at the same level, but a taper fade, normally, just concerns the hair on the sides of the head, above the ears.

Another great thing about this haircut is that you can choose whether you want to cut your hair to the skin level. You can also decide how long you want the hair on top to be.

Unlike the classic taper haircut, which keeps the hair at a lesser length along the sides, the taper fade keeps the hair at a similar length all the way to the ears. The fade will be more gradual as you got closer to the ears and neckline.

Most Preferred Taper Fade Haircuts

The taper fade haircut has a variety of styles, and your facial shape and hair type may decide which one is ideal for you. Here is a list of some of the most popular taper fade hairstyles from which you can choose.

1. Low Taper Fade Haircut

A low taper fade haircut is best for men who do not want to change too much about their hair but just want it to look clean. A low fade starts at the top of your head and fades down. It is called a "low fade." As the hair grows shorter, it meets the upper part of your jawline, where your beard or stubble would start to grow.

Low Taper Fade Haircut

This taper fade hairstyle keeps the hairline and neck in check. It will follow the hairline all the way down to the nape of your neck. A low taper fade can look great if you have medium or long hair because it does not have as much contrast as a mid or high taper fade. This makes the tapering effect even more noticeable.

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2. Mid Taper Fade Haircut

There are a lot of men out there who prefer a mid-taper fade haircut over a high-taper fade because it offers both the style benefits of a fade without having to show off a lot of skin. Hair will progressively get shorter as it flows down toward your cheekbones with a mid-taper fade, which begins about halfway up the sides of the head. 

Mid Taper Fade Haircut

The mid-taper fade is a good choice for people who want to lose some weight from their hair. This is especially good for people with thick hair. The mid-taper fade works well with styles like pompadours and quiffs that are a little longer on top. It can be a good choice for men with curly hair or even those with less intense waves.

3. High Taper Fade Haircut

High Taper Fade Haircut

In this haircut, the fade extends even farther up the head and touches down on the crown. The high taper fade is a terrific place to experiment with longer hairstyles like pompadours and afros, but it also works well with short haircuts like crew cuts and the Caesar haircut.

4. Caesar Taper Fade Haircut

Caesar Taper Fade Haircut

The caesar taper fade haircut is a very fashionable option that you can try out to get a new look. As you might expect, the caesar fade takes the caesar haircut and adds a fade to it. To get an effective and authentic caesar haircut, you will want to brush and style your hair forward, which will result in a short fringe. Instead of spiking it up or parting it to the side, you should brush and style your hair forward. To make the hair on the top move forward, you can add a taper fade. For the caesar, it is recommended to get a mid-to high-fade to make the hair on the top move forward. This hairstyle is best for men with thick hair.

5. Bald Taper Fade Haircut

How can someone with no hair get the taper fade haircut? Well, when we say "bald," what we really mean is that they have very short hair. Men with a military-style buzz cut, or even a butch cut, will have very little hair on top of their heads, so a high taper fade will help to distinguish between the short and no hairs on the head sides. In addition, this will give you a high and tight finish that can look really cool. 

Bald Taper Fade Haircut

A bald fade also lets you show off your personality through your clothes. However, you should keep in mind that because you will not have any hair covering your head, you will not be able to hide scars or other things that you do not want people to see.

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So this is all you need to know about the taper fade haircut. So select the best taper fade haircut that suits you and your style and get it done from the best hair salon near you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size is a taper fade?

A. The size of the hair can range between 2 to 4 inches in a taper fade hairstyle. The longer hair than this size will make it difficult to achieve a clean look.

Q. What are some alternatives to taper fade?

A. Some of the best alternatives for taper fade haircuts are:

  • Short french crop
  • Wavy quiff
  • Spiky quiff
  • Messy long fringe