different ways to fold a pocket square

How To Fold A Pocket Square? 5 Suave Ways Reveled

Pocket squares are some of the most elegant and regal things that elevate your outfit no matter what. They are best suited for formal occasions, wedding festivities, and other events where you have to portray the best side of yourself. However, you have to be extra conscientious while folding a pocket square. A little carelessness and you will probably ruin the whole look. This article is about How To Fold A Pocket Square? This article will teach you some of the most exciting pocket folds with lucid instructions. You just cannot go wrong with these!

How to Fold a Pocket Square in Different Ways

When it comes to folding your pocket squares, it can take multitudinous attempts before you get it done elegantly and crisply. So, if you do not get it right on your first try, don’t sink your heart in your boots. Instead, search other sites or even watch a YouTube video. You will get this!

1. The classic three-point fold 

Pocket Square
Pocket Square
  1. Start with laying the pocket square flat and unfolded.
  2. Then, take one corner of it and fold it diagonally in a way that it is left of the other
  3. Now, fold the bottom left corner also diagonally at such an angle that you have three points side-by-side to each other.
  4. You can fold the bottom right corner inwards so that it matches the width of your pocket.
  5. With the major part completed, you can tuck the fold into the pocket, in a way that the three points of the pocket squares are visible to you and others.

2. The Poof

The poof or the puff folds are generally not the formal occasion type. Instead, they are more of a smart casual type which certainly seems suave as fire. While folding this pocket square, you will realize that it is one of the easiest to do. 

Here’s how you fold a pocket square puff

  1. Start with pinching the pocket square at the center and do not worry about the edges and corners of it. Let them just hang down. Do make sure that the pocket square is hanging evenly all around.
  2. Now, gently tug on the dangling edges and shape them into a loose tube.
  3. Once you have successfully done it, fold all the dangling edges behind the tube so that the pocket square is short enough to fit in your pocket.
  4. Once you achieve the desired shape of the pocket square, tuck it inside your pocket, so the rounded top is visible.

3. One point fold square pocket square

You can try the one-point fold pocket square in business as well as casual occasions as it exudes relaxed as well as chic vibes.

It is easier and simpler than a three-point pocket square fold. Here’s how you can do the one-point fold square pocket square:

  1. Lay your pocket square fully unfolded and flat.
  2. Now, fold the pocket square diagonally down to the middle so that you get a triangle.
  3. At the base of the triangle, take one folded corner and fold it inside. Repeat the same thing for the other corner so that the pocket square looks like an envelope in the end.
  4. Make sure that each fold you have done is of the same size.
  5. Now, you can tuck the base in your pocket in such a way that only that one triangular point is visible to you and others.

4. The presidential fold

Pocket Square
Pocket Square

The presidential fold, also known as the square fold, strictly adheres to formal occasions where you have to maintain maximum courtliness.

This is one of the most basic and crisp folds that you will get right in one or two attempts only. Here’s how you can do a presidential fold:

  1. As with almost all the pocket squares, begin the presidential fold by laying your pocket square flat and unfolded.
  2. Know the width of your square pocket and fold the pocket square accordingly.
  3. Now, fold it upwards from the bottom to get a rectangular shape that is following the width of your pocket.
  4. You can tuck the bottom fold in your pocket so that only a single strip running across the top of the pocket is visible to an onlooker.

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5. The Cagney Fold

Pocket Square
Pocket Square

A Cagney Fold or a four-point pocket square fold is a bit complicated and intricate fold which is often mastered by pocket square virtuosos. If you are tired of the conventional pocket square folds and want to try your hands on something new, this might be your golden ticket. 

Here’s how you can master a four-point pocket square fold:

  1. Start with laying your pocket square unfolded and flat.
  2. Now, fold the pocket square to make a half triangle.
  3. At the base of the triangle, take the right corner and fold it to create a second tip which is a little left to the main tip.
  4. Repeat the same process with the left corner as well. If you are going right, you will have three tips by now.
  5. Now, fold the excess right side inwards so that it matches the width of your pocket square.
  6. Do the same with the excess left side.
  7. At last, fold the bottom corner inwards to get the fourth tip at the center.
  8. Now, tuck the pocket square in your pocket very carefully so that you can view all four tips.

These are some of the different ways to fold a pocket square and elevate your formal outfit. If you are still uncertain about how to fold a pocket square meticulously, then check out some of the guided YouTube videos to get it right. 

If your pocket folds are not done diligently, it will not give a clean and chic look which will end up disconcerting your entire outfit rather than enhancing it. So, make sure that whichever pocket fold you choose to do for your events, you do it right, no matter how many tries you have to give. 

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