Indian Stand-up Comedians

12 Hilarious Indian Stand-up Comedians Will Make Your Day!

Standup Comedy has grown big time in the previous few years. With Youtube acquiring prominence an entirely different age of comedians has arisen. The achievement of these standup comedians comes from their capacity to interact with their crowd through their remarkable content. Keep reading to find out about the best stand-up comedians in India. 

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12 Hilarious Indian Stand-Up Comedians

We have compiled the rundown of the best Indian stand up comedians: 

1. Abhishek Upamanyu 

Upamanyu’s USP is his unwavering quality. He is a local of Delhi however is at present gotten comfortable in Mumbai to seek after the stand-up game. This permits him to draw out the truth of voyaging and living in both cities utilizing clever analogies and poker faces. 

A significant number of his jokes stimulate the entertaining bones of our enormous populace in India. He discusses normal subjects like Breakups, regarding older folks and separation in India making it entertaining and enlightening simultaneously. 

2. Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan rose to notoriety in the wake of winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand-up Comedian in 2012. He acquired ubiquity in the wake of working intimately with AIB’s news show-On Air with AIB. Zakir’s USP is his language, keeping points light, and charming personality. 

Indian Stand-up Comedians
Zakir Khan

He has his show on Amazon prime named ‘Haq Se Single’ and his YouTube channel has an incredible 1.3 million endorsers! He is one of the top standup comedians. 

3. Biswa Kalyan Rath 

The IIT graduate Biswa developed acclaim after his show on YouTube called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ (which you should look at, aside from his stand-up!). In the wake of leaving his corporate job at Oracle, Biswa took to stand-up and regularly discusses the IIT and work-life issues. 

He has done different individual shows, for example, ‘Biswa Mast Aadmi’ just as facilitated and showed up at different AIB shows. 

4. Rahul Subramanian 

Subramanian rose to distinction after being important for a hit YouTube parody channel-Random Chikibum. He showed up in numerous AIB shows as a supporting entertainer before he got his show on Amazon Prime Special ‘Kal Main Udega’. 

He clarifies the illogicality that relates to our general public in the most entertaining way that is available. His conveyance style punches sluggishly and sullenly and captures everyone’s attention. 

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5. Kanan Gill 

Indian Stand-up Comedians
Kanan Gill

Kanan and Biswa(above referenced) did ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ together and post that Kanan got colossal love from the Indian crowd. Toward the start of his stand-up profession, he contributed extraordinarily to a Comedy Central sketch program titled The Living Room.  

6. Amit Tandon 

An MBA degree holder, Amit Tandon is also known as The Married Guy began satire simply as an interest yet his observational comedy which is an impression of contemporary style caused him to interface with the crowds. His viral clips have crossed a challenging 100 million views. 

He is one of the three Indian comedians on Netflix. The super hit satire occasion arrangement “Comedians of the World” made him capture everyone’s attention on the worldwide stage as he overwhelmed the stage. With relatable silly jokes and a super relative style of account, Amit Tandon is without a doubt going to remain for long. 

7. Anubhav Singh Bassi 

From being a legal counselor, a UPSC competitor, to opening a food business with companions to in the end winding up in front of an audience as a stand-up comedian, Anubhav Singh Bassi’s venture has been comparable to that of a crazy ride. Indeed, his humor topic continually spins around his vocation decisions. 

His first video ‘Undermining’ YouTube turned into a web sensation and afterward there was no looking back. He with his basic method of portrayal and topics dependent on regular daily existence has gotten a moment hit among the crowds and individuals are continually searching forward for additional from this skilled man. 

9. Vir Das  

Indian Stand-up Comedians
Vir Das

Probably one of the best Indian stand-up comedians, his person not just showed India what being a ‘funny bone’ implied, however, he additionally trained the metropolitan Indian how chuckling on oneself was the best type of satire that one could become hopelessly enamored with. 

Before Vir became famous in the parody world, it was all oldies and the youthful were confined to chuckling at the jokes of that one person in the group, who told the most clever wisecracks. Vir got the crude, youthful, and restless brand that satire required, and the younger audience went insanely wild. Vir, similar to his name, is exceptionally valiant in picking topics numerous comedians actually would be extremely cautious in picking. 

His demonstrations range on subjects like legislative issues, films, VIPs – and not the neglect, the pearls he conveys with the relatable discussions about “working class”. Adding to these, he has additionally acted in films like Delhi Belly and Go Goa Gone! 

10. Kunal Kamra 

In 2013 he started tweeting his jokes. With a positive reaction, he began his YouTube talk show called ‘Shut up Ya Kunal’. This drove him to turn into a broadly well-known Indian standup comedian and online media star. As of late, he has been in information for his altercations with a renowned airline. 

11. Vipul Goel 

Indian Stand-up Comedians
Vipul Goel

Alumni of IIT Bombay, Vipul Goel is a pioneer of clean parody with his content dependent on basic subjects which he forms into his way and describes in his style that draws out the cleverness. His observational comedy, improvisational satire, and parodies are consistently on point. Truth be told, because of the observational parody he is frequently called ‘Indian Seinfeld’. 

12. Karunesh Talwar 

Known for his uncommon, profoundly thought pessimistic jokes which conflict with the acknowledged standards. His stand-ups are for the most part conversed with the general population, with a couple of punches so relatable, you’d stop the video to enjoy a generous chuckle. 

Can never consider giggling while you watch, since chances are you’d miss some clever jokes. Quite possibly the most momentous accomplishments of this person are that he is a functioning member in different open-mic rivalries. 

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